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League of Legends played a crucial role in shaping a relatively new genre of the game when it first launched. In the years since the LoL has become increasingly complicated with many different concepts to understand that extend beyond your own role. Long gone are the days where a simple understanding of both micro and macro elements will suffice. Players hoping to better themselves are always looking for an advantage that will help them improve their in-game knowledge.

It can be a daunting task for newcomers to dive head first into learning the game. For both newcomers and those who want to climb the ranked ladder, League of Legends apps can prove to be a valuable tool in learning about specific concepts such as correct itemization and overall improvement as well. League of Legends Twitch and other useful apps all implement a useful service that should be utilized if you are trying to figure out the exact reasons why you may be failing.

What is League of Legends Twitch?

  • Strongly linked to e-sports
  • Free to download
  • Streaming available on almost any device

The gaming industry has changed significantly over the past decade. During the 2000s, YouTube played an important role in providing exposure to obscure games. When Twitch became popular, it allowed people all across the world access to games in a live format, something that was previously only available at important tradeshows like E3. With e-sports rising at the same time, both of them were able to thrive off each other. Twitch is a large contributing factor as to why e-sports are as popular as they are today because it allowed people to follow them both free of charge and anywhere they wanted. E-sports, unlike traditional sports, were not locked away behind a cable subscription, and this proved to be a huge boon for its success.

With League of Legends specifically, Twitch is incredibly valuable not only for the aforementioned reasons but also because it provides access to both streamers and professional games. Common advice given to players looking to improve and escape their current rank is watching those who are better than you, namely the professionals. As a low-level player, you may not understand the correct opening to take Baron, but the professional teams certainly do. Twitch is the avenue by which high-level League of Legends games can be watched, and as both a means of improvement and entertainment, Twitch is the most valuable app associated with League of Legends.

How can I get an advantage over my opponents?

  • LoL Wiz
  • Easy to understand and condensed information
  • Approved by Riot Games

Every advantage is important when it comes to eventually blowing up the nexus. An advantage in one lane can later be used to obtain an advantage in another lane. It then becomes very important to create these openings on your own and the easiest way to do that is to understand your opponents and the conditions needed to win lane and eventually the game. It can prove difficult for players to exactly understand what the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy champions are as rune pages and Summoner Spells can have variance.

LoL Wiz is the perfect app to help a player to better understand his or her opponents. It provides easy to understand and condensed information pertaining to runes, Summoner Spells, and past performance on a specific champion. You will not have to dig through menus to find the information you need and in being readily available, it is not problematic to consume. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, LoL Wiz is approved by Riot Games. It does not give an unfair advantage because it does not affect gameplay and it will not result in account termination like using many other apps do.

How do I learn about my weaknesses and champion matchups?

  • LoL Sumo
  • Provides optimal builds against specific opponents
  • Analyzes target game statistics

Fixing weaknesses is the most straightforward way of climbing the ranked ladder and increasing one’s overall skill. Without an outside perspective, it is difficult for any person to realize his or her own weaknesses. LoL Sumo succeeds because it tackles this difficulty by providing a detailed look at statistics in a specific game.

It will take a look at things such as creep score, wards placed, KDA ratio, and damage to champions and tell you where you rank in each of these statistics. This analysis can go a long way in shoring up your weaknesses and allows any player to focus on certain points of improvement. Furthermore, LoL Sumo provides optimal builds for specific lane matchups, which is incredibly useful given how variable the meta currently is with so many different picks being used across the board.

How can I better understand how to play like a professional?

  • Legendary Builds
  • Gives information about pro builds at different stages of the game
  • Allows anyone to follow professional players live

Bridging the gap between the level of understanding of professional players compared to the majority of the player base has always proved to be a daunting task. Legendary Builds attempts to rectify this issue by giving players the itemization of pros. Perhaps you are unsure about the correct build path of the most recently reworked champion. This will be no issue as Legendary Builds will show you not only the items purchased at the beginning of the game but at each step along the way as well. Once you have chosen a specific build, you will also be able to see the skill order associated with it.

The biggest feature that bridges the gap between your normal player and a pro is the ghost feature. A ghost of a professional player will be attached to the mini-app which will show you the player’s current CS as well as the amount of gold the player has. Legendary Builds is arguably the most useful app when it comes to itemization and if that is your focus, attention should be paid here.

How can I watch myself and learn from my mistakes?

  • Replay HUD
  • Easy to use
  • Quick clips that highlight mistakes

The number one way to improve at League of Legends is analyzing your own play. While there is a replay feature within the LoL client, it can be tedious if you are looking for specific moments of the game to study. Replay HUD solves that issue by being easy to use app that lets you view twenty-second intervals.

By pressing SHIFT + F9, you can view the last twenty seconds of a game, which is incredibly useful in order to understand why a team fight went well or why it went poorly. You never have to worry about activating the app itself because it simply runs quietly in the background. Instant analysis can often times be more effective than long-term analysis, and Replay HUD makes immediately learning from mistakes a distinct possibility.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends is a game that is best understood and played when supplemented by other materials. League of Legends Twitch and apps will undoubtedly help all players improve their ability and learn about the more intricate systems such as itemizations and statistics. These specific apps all tackle a different area of need and while Twitch may be used primarily for entertainment, watching those better than yourself is a direct step towards escaping your current rank. If you are a newcomer or someone who is unfamiliar with the complexities of the game, these apps will help you improve and by doing so, you can reach a certain level of confidence and carry it into other areas of your life.

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