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12 Anime Minecraft Skins that You Have to Get at All Costs

Anime Minecraft Skins
By | July 3rd, 2018 | Categories: Others

Let’s face it, the customization factor of Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most appealing aspects of the game. And if whether you’re a fan of Dragonballz, Fullmetal, Naruto or anime in general, then you’ll probably be interested in the top 12 Anime Minecraft Skins list that we’ve prepared for you!

Being able to highlight your favorite anime characters by actually using them as your very own Minecraft skins will definitely optimize your gameplay. Sure, they might not help you to mine diamonds faster, but they’ll most definitely make you feel unique.

And if you’re a true anime fan, then you’d absolutely want to get your hands on these 12 beauties…

Anime Minecraft Skins

(12) Anime School Girl

There’s no denying that anime and school girls go hand in hand. The primary audience for this type of animation are teenagers, which might explain this phenomenon.

And thanks to the super cool skin, you’ll have the chance to play disguised as a girl in a typical anime school uniform!

(11) Meliodas

If you fancy Nanatsu no Taizai even remotely, then rejoice – Meliodas is available as a Minecraft skin.

The thematic skin of this 3000+-year-old demon in its human form somehow reminds me of Legolas, but it’s still pretty neat nonetheless.

(10) Kirito

Kirito or Kirigaya Kazuto as his actual name comes straight from the world of Sword Art Online and appears as authentic as he can be.

With the typical for Kirito all-black look, this skin will help you to represent your favorite anime character.

(9) Kaneki

Kaneki Ken is arguably one of the most profound protagonists in the popular Tokyo Ghoul anime series. And if you happen to be a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, then I’ve got some good news for you!

You can now play Minecraft as Kaneki, thanks to this superb skin. He’s got white hair, black outfit, and that red left eye so it’s quite distinctive.

(8) Death the Kid

Death the Kid or simply Kid, is the second son of Death himself, courtesy of the Soul Eater manga series. That’s most definitely one of the most recognizable anime characters.

Seriously, that hairstyle is totally one-of-a-kind! And its Minecraft skin is just as unique, implementing the same dark outfit and that distinctive hairstyle with the three white stripes on the left side of Death the Kid’s hair.

(7) Saitama

The name Saitama is synonymous with One-Punch Man. That’s the primary hero in the One-Punch Man series and he’s actually the most badass character there at the moment.

Maybe that’s why he’s given then “Caped Baldy” title and now you can mine diamonds as Saitama himself!

(6) Rize Kamishiro

Rize, the foster daughter of Matasaka Kamishiro, is one of the most mysterious characters in the Tokyo Ghoul anime series and one of the most infamous ghouls and villains in this anime in general.

Now you can give more oomph to your mining endeavors by opting for the brilliant Rize Kamashiro skin. With the distinguishable long purple hair, purple boots, and huge red eyes, anime fans will instantly recognize the character that you’re playing with!

(5) Cygnus Hyoga

The Bronze Saint of Cygnus, Hyoga is one of the coolest characters in the Saint Seiya series, mainly because of his fascinating ice powers.

Logically, the thematic Hyoga Minecraft skin is quite similar to its anime counterpart. With the typical blond hair, blue eyes (albeit blocky), crown and white/silver clothing, it’s hard to mistake this skin for anything else!

(4) Vegeta

There’s no denying that when you hear the words Dragon Ball Z, one of the first things that come to mind is the Saiyan Prince – Vegeta. And while Vegeta’s obsessed with defeating Goku, someone was apparently obsessed with creating a Vegeta Minecraft skin and voila – there he is.

You can show your appreciation of Vegeta by spotting your very own and unique Vegeta skin to make mining a much more exciting activity.

(3) Goku

And of course, after listing Vegeta it’d only make sense to continue with none other than Son Goku himself. The most recognizable Sayian and unarguably the most popular Dragon Ball character of all times, it’s not very surprising that Goku has his own Minecraft skin.

Whether you’re a Goku or Dagon Ball fan, you’ll most certainly want to show off by playing your favorite game with your favorite anime character.

(2) Kakashi Hatake

Part of the Konohagakure’s Hatake clan, Kakashi is one of the most popular characters of the ultra-popular Naruto franchize.

As for Kakashi’s Minecraft skin, it’s safe to say that it’s as relevant as it gets. Sporting the green vest, black mask and that very distinctive bandana that cover’s Kakashi’s left eye, this skin will definitely make you feel badass, the Naruto way!

(1) Naruto Uzumaki

The adolescent ninja named Naruto is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan and one of the most recognizable (if not the most recognizable) anima characters across the globe.

Now all of you Minecraft and Naruto fans can rejoice because your most beloved anime hero now has his own Minecraft skin. And the good news is that it totally looks like Naruto:

  • Headband – check
  • Blond hair – check
  • Blue eyes – check
  • Black and orange clothing – check

Quite literally, you’ll truly stand out if you use the stunning Naruto skin!


Okay, there might be hundreds if not thousands of anime Minecraft skins out there, but these 12 are the most fascinating and captivating ones. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as Kakashi for instance?

What’s your favorite anime Minecraft skin btw? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

Also, don’t forget to check our brilliant Minecraft marketplace, which is full of very affordable items, mods, stages and more. That’s your go-to place for optimizing your mining efforts and beyond!

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