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Top 5 Most Expensive BoE Items In WoW

Let's keep it real here - the economy inside World of Warcraft has gone through some rough periods. With the constantly increasing inflation and everything currently in Legion, we have a plethora of expensive items to choose from. Ever since vanilla, we kind of got used to prices going [...]

by Simon Slavchev|09 Nov 2017|  0 |WOW

WoW Legacy Servers Officially Announced by Blizzard!

It's happening guys, it finally is! Mark the date - 03/11/2017, because this is the day that saw Blizz officially revealing classic legacy servers for World of Warcraft. Something that the old school WoW community has been anticipating ever since the launch of The Burning Crusade (yeah, we [...]

by Simon Slavchev|07 Nov 2017|  1 |WOW

WoW Vanilla Server Elysium is Dead: What is Light’s Hope?

It was the 16th of October 2017. Nothing unusual about a regular Monday, except for one thing - the Elysium vanilla World of Warcraft servers shut down. They were toast, all of a sudden and without any announcements prior to this event. The WoW Vanilla Server Elysium died. [...]

by Simon Slavchev|31 Oct 2017|  1 |WOW

Blizzcon 2017 Overview: What’s All the Buzz About?

One of the most exciting things that happen every autumn is, without a shadow of a doubt - Blizzcon. You can just feel the hype leading up to Blizzcon 2017 building as November draws near. Next Friday marks the eleventh Blizzcon event since it was launched back in 2005 [...]

by Simon Slavchev|30 Oct 2017|  0 |WOW

Blizzcon 2017 Hype: Warcraft 4 and New WoW Expansion?

You can't possibly separate Blizzcon from World of Warcraft (WoW) or vice versa. I'm sorry guys, but you can't - it's just not humanly possible. As November is fast approaching, the hype is building up for Blizzcon 2017! Ever since WoW came out back in late 2004, the [...]

by Simon Slavchev|30 Oct 2017|  0 |WOW

What’s the Best Vanilla WoW Server?

Honestly, this has to be the most sought-after question regarding the original state of World of Warcraft (WoW). What is the best Vanilla WoW Server that captures the essence of the original game and where can I find this elusive server? I know, you just had a surge of [...]

by Simon Slavchev|29 Oct 2017|  0 |WOW

Why Are World of Warcraft DPS Rankings Popular?

Why Are World of Warcraft DPS Rankings Popular? Do you happen to be an avid raider? Is hardcore raiding second nature to you? If your answer is a rock-solid yes, then World of Warcraft DPS Rankings should become your next best friend. The chances are that, if you are [...]

by Simon Slavchev|13 Oct 2017|  0 |WOW

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