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The 10 Awesome Minecraft Skins of 2018

When it comes to Minecraft, arguably one of the most essential aspects of this addicting game is the seemingly endless customization options that it offers. And if skins are your thing, then you absolutely have to check our 10 Awesome Minecraft Skins of 2018 list! I'm sure that [...]

by Simon Slavchev|20 Jun 2018||Others

HCT Summer Championship 2018: What to Expect From the Hottest Hearthstone Tournament

Summertime is officially here and what does that mean? Apart from beaches, sand, and water, it means that the HCT Summer Championship is knocking on the door! That's arguably one of the greatest and most important Hearthstone tournaments every year. This year's installment makes no exception and everyone [...]

by Simon Slavchev|12 Jun 2018||Others

WoW Celestial Tournament: The Ultimate Guide

Let's face it, in recent years pet battles have been an invaluable part of World of Warcraft's vast universe. They're rather fun, exciting and players love them - maybe that explains the high demand for the WoW Celestial Tournament. The fact that this quest remains so popular among [...]

by Simon Slavchev|07 Jun 2018||WOW

The 10 Best Addons for WoW to Make Your Life Easier

World of Warcraft and addons go hand in hand. No matter how much the game and its UI have improved over the last 10+ years, certain extra goodies can definitely make your life easier and that's why we've created the ultimate list of the Best Addons for WoW. [...]

by Simon Slavchev|31 May 2018||WOW

The 5 Best Raids to Solo for Gold in WoW

There's no doubt that World of Warcraft has changed so much over the last couple of years, that it's virtually a different game now. However, one thing that remains unchanged is soloing old dungeons for profit and that's why today we're focusing on the Best Raids to Solo [...]

by Simon Slavchev|17 May 2018||WOW

The Best WoW Professions for Gold That You Don’t Want to Miss

Contrary to popular belief, amassing gold in World of Warcraft isn't rocket science. Arguably one of the best ways for increasing your gold-earning potential is by utilizing the Best WoW Professions for Gold. Profiting from professions is even more impressive if you're not keen on engaging in monotonous [...]

by Simon Slavchev|09 May 2018||WOW

How to Upgrade Gear in WoW Fast & Easy

Let's face it, World of Warcraft has always revolved around epics and legendaries. Subsequently, many players are wondering How to Upgrade Gear in WoW and what's the quickest and most efficient way to do that? Well, since we've officially entered into the four-digit (1000) realms for gear level, [...]

by Simon Slavchev|29 Apr 2018||WOW

What Can We Expect of WoW Battle for Azeroth New Races?

Back in November last year, Blizzard announced the new World of Warcraft expansion along with some additional and very intriguing piece of information. Subsequently, the WoW Battle for Azeroth New Races (a.k.a. Allied Races) were introduced. This is arguably the most appealing thing about the upcoming expansion and [...]

by Simon Slavchev|15 Apr 2018||WOW

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