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12 Sexy Minecraft Skins to Take Your Pixeled Adventures to a Whole New Level

Sexy Minecraft Skins
By | July 26th, 2018 | Categories: Others

One of the most fascinating aspects of everyone’s favorite pixel-galore game is undoubtedly the gazillion skins and variations of skins that you can use to spice up your gameplay. And what’s better than spicing things up with some Sexy Minecraft Skins?

Let’s face it, your crafting, mining and fighting abilities wouldn’t be the same if you’re using a generic skin for your blocky adventures. Since the sandbox legend that Minecraft is requires a good amount of creativity from you, it’d only be logical to look for ways to enhance your creativity.

And what could possibly boost your creative side you may wonder? That’s what:

What’s up with Sexy Minecraft Skins?

While words like sexy and Minecraft might not make much sense when put in the same sentence, these twelve super sensual and appealing Minecraft skins will help you to rediscover your blocky endeavors, especially when playing with other players.

12. Ender Girl

Did someone say enderman? Well, this is the ender girl and she’s most certainly miles ahead in terms of sexiness compared to its counterpart. There’s just something appealing about the fancy combo of pink and violet, don’t you agree?

11. Country Beauty

If you’ve ever wanted to play with a pretty attractive country girl skin, then this is your chance to do so. Sporting a very countryside-like shirt, distressed/ripped jeans and what appears to as boots (if you can even tell with these pixels), this one’s undeniably sexy.

Just don’t forget to add Cotton Eye Joe to your playlist so that you can be the most country-orientated player in Minecraft’s existence!

10. Sexy Ab Guy

Now, something for all you ladies out there. When it comes to masculine traits, there are only a few things that can match a well-developed upper body and above all, a super defined and ripped abdominal section.

Thankfully though, the Sexy Ab Guy’s got the lot and he’s the ideal Minecraft skin for both women and even men who’d like to play as a muscular and strong dude that wears a hat, for some reason.

9. Hot Girl

Okay, this one’s certainly leaning more towards the extreme side of the sexy spectrum. Why? Because the Hot Girl skin is basically a 100% nude female skin, minus the gender-specific attributes of course.

And while it may be the perfect choice for anyone looking to stand out (nude people always stand out from the crowd), it should be noted that the blocky nature of Minecraft makes this skin look like a T, with some pixeled hair thrown in the mix so that you know it’s a woman.

8. Pretty Pinky Blond Pig

I know what you’re thinking: “But, pigs can’t possibly be sexy!?”. However, in this case, they sure can be. I’m personally not sure where the “pig” comes from in this skin (perhaps a Miss Piggy cameo?), but it just screams femininity and sexiness.

Pink boots, short white skirt, long blond hair and a pink ribbon all make for a very distinctive and vibrant look, which will make you feel rather special and of course, sexy!

7. Cool Girl

Who doesn’t fancy cool girls? This Minecraft skin’s designed fairly well, with a neat black hat, the fashionable ombre hairstyle (or it’s blocky cousin even) and an appealing black and white shirt, it just screams sexy, cool and attractive!

6. Tomboy Girl

The whole Tomboy thing became rather popular in recent years and it even spawned a particular fashion trend. Essentially, it’s a style for ladies who’d like to mix things up by wearing clothes that were once considered strictly male, such as baggy shirts.

Regardless, the Tomboy Girl skin is far from wearing anything baggy as it’s concentrated on rough edges and square shapes because it’s Minecraft that we’re talking about here after all.

5. Cute Witch

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “witch”? Moles, grey hairs, wrinkled skin, broomsticks? Well, the Cute Witch Minecraft skin is neither of these, especially since it’s much more geared towards sexiness.

It’s got a greenish theme going, with stylish boots, a low-cut top and unfortunately, grey hair. Although it still looks quite appealing and with no visible signs of aging that are common among witches, it’s most definitely quite attractive to look at.

4. Ariana Liana

This one looks like it came out of every man’s wet dreams. And while it might not be Ariana Grande, this Minecraft skin has got all the right attributes to make it as visually appealing as possible, especially with that super neat ombre hairstyle that we’ve all come to like in recent years.

3. Bikini

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. In a nutshell, it’s a skin that represents a girl wearing a white bikini in a kind of mermaid-looking way. Sexy is written all over it!

2. SuperHero Girl

The SuperHero girl Minecraft skin is most certainly one of the sexiest ones out there. She’s wearing her hat backwards, has short pants, sports the ombre hairstyle and with the pretty cool blue and red theme in combination with a red S (Supergirl perhaps?) at the center of her shirt, this skin is oozing coolness and sexiness.

1. Playboy Bunny

Come on, how can the Playboy Bunny Minecraft skin not be the number 1 on this list? It’s everything that we’ve come to expect from Playboy bunnies really.

Blond hair, almost complete lack of clothes, bunny ears and a bunny tail – that’s the proper recipe for the ideal Playboy bunny. The only thing that I don’t quite get are the yellow eyes, perhaps she has to get tested for Hepatitis A or something.


Thanks to these awesome and super neat 12 Sexy Minecraft Skins, you can now wave goodbye to all the naysayers – who says that Minecraft can’t be sexy?

What’s your favorite sexy skin btw? Let us know in the comment section below!

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