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The Best Guide for WoW Classic Servers

WOW Classic Servers
By | August 31st, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Now that World of Warcraft Classic is officially upon us, the hype about the “new” old game has become so tangible you can almost taste it. Driven by nostalgia and love for the original state of Blizzard‘s mega-successful title, fellow WoW lovers are now flocking to the classic realms. And that’s why we decided to create the best guide for WoW Classic servers right now!

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Yes, we want to help you out by sharing valuable info regarding the new genuine vanilla servers. We’ll give you the full list of available servers, the associated regions, how to pick the right server for you and more.

So make sure to read on!

How many and what realm types are available for classic servers?

There are 4 different realm types to choose from when playing WoW Classic. Here they are:

  • Normal – These are the regular servers where PvP is optional (you have to manually flag your character for PvP). This means hassle-free questing and exploring if you’re not PvP-flagged.
  • PvP – Player versus Player realms are all about being able to slay and be slain by enemy players at all times. And due to the nature of these realms, you may have toons only on one faction (i.e. Alliance).
  • RP – The emphasis in Roleplay servers is character immersion. PvP is optional here as well, meaning that opposing players cannot attack you unless you flag your toon for PvP combat.
  • RP-PvP – These are also Roleplay-oriented realms but with a PvP twist. This means that you’re always PvP flagged so Player versus Player altercations are bound to happen.

What servers are currently available for all the different regions?

There are currently 3 realm regions that have been confirmed and are available—North America, Oceanic, and Europe. Respectively, players will have to figure out which regions suit them (i.e. is closest to their location). This is important as playing on a server that’s close to where you live will give you a better ping.

Anyway, let’s now look at the full list of available regions and realms:

1. North America

Normal Servers (Name + Time Zone)

  • Atiesh (Pacific)
  • Myzrael (Pacific)
  • Mankrik (Eastern)
  • Pagle (Eastern)

PvP Servers (Name + Time Zone)

  • Fairbanks (Pacific)
  • Whitemane (Pacific)
  • Faerlina (Eastern)
  • Stalagg (Eastern)
  • Thalnos (Eastern)
  • Herrod (Eastern)

RP Servers (Name + Time Zone)

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers (Eastern)

RP-PvP Servers (Name + Time Zone)

  • Grobbulus (Pacific)

2. Europe

Normal Servers (Name + Language)

  • Pyrewood Village (English)
  • Mirage Raceway (English)
  • Хроми/Chromie (Russian)
  • Everlook (German)
  • Auberdine (French)

PvP Servers (Name + Language)

  • Gehennas (English)
  • Golemagg (English)
  • Shazzrah (English)
  • Пламегор/Flamegor (Russian)
  • Lucifron (German)
  • Sulfuron (French)

RP Servers (Name + Language)

  • Hydraxian Waterlords (English)

RP-PvP Servers (Name + Language)

  • Zandalar Tribe (English)

3. Oceanic

Normal Servers (Name + Time Zone)

  • Remulos (Australian Eastern Time)

PvP Servers (Name + Time Zone)

  • Arugal (Australian Eastern Time)

As you can see, there aren’t that many Classic realms after all. And on top of that, players within the Oceanic region don’t have any RP or RP-PvP servers. Sure, they can always hop on EU realms, but the latency would probably be far from optimal.

How to pick the right classic server for you?

Before choosing a realm, consider these aspects: What realm type do you prefer and do you want higher or lesser populated servers? By answering these two questions, you’ll be able to figure out which realm is optimal for you. Let’s dig deeper.

Consider your preferred realm type

As you already know, Classic realms are split into several different types. From Normal to PvP and even RP-PvP, there’s enough variety to choose from. Let’s see what each server type offers and who it may cater to:

  • Normal servers – These realms are more casual-friendly as there’s no risk of being ganked as PvP is completely optional.
  • PvP servers – Playing on PvP realms is probably for more hardcore players or those who’d like to experience both PvP and PvE in their entirety.
  • RP servers – The focus here is on completely immersing oneself into the WoW universe, without worrying about PvP (it’s optional).
  • RP-PvP servers – This RP variation is for those who’d like to immerse in the game more genuinely, both in PvE and PvP.

Of course, you can always try different realm types to see what it’s really like. But it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that the authentic World of Warcraft experience is mostly found in PvP realms.

Consider how populated you’d want your server to be

Server population is another crucial factor to take into account when choosing a realm. Now, both high and low populations have their pros and cons. So let’s examine each to help you make your mind on what realm to go for:

High Population Realms


  • Easier to find a group at all times
  • Superior economy
  • More social interaction (due to there being a higher number of players)


  • Lag
  • Large queues at peak hours

Low Population Realms


  • Lag-free
  • No queues when logging in


  • Worse economy
  • Harder to find people to group with
  • Fewer players to interact with as a whole

Which realms should you avoid due to streamers playing on them and why?

Apparently, Faerlina (NA, Pacific) and Golemagg (EU, English) are the realms preferred by most streamers at the moment. For instance, famous US streamers like Asmongold, Esfand, and Sodapoppin dwell within Faerlina, while their EU counterparts like Hydramist and moO_UK are on Golemagg.

And there are plenty of reasons to avoid these servers. In short, streamers tend to pull lots of players on the respected realms, making them quite overcrowded. They might also skew things like world events and world first boss kills.


We hope that you find the best guide for WoW Classic servers that we’ve made especially for you useful. Now, you know how many different realms and types there are across the different regions. You now have a better idea about the pro and cons of high vs low population realms and which might suit you better.

So, what’s your favorite Classic realm right now? And do you avoid the servers where streamers play or do you actually play there yourself? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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