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12 Fortnite Minecraft Skins That You Don’t Want to Miss

Fortnite Minecraft Skins
By | September 25th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite, Others

Minecraft and Fortnite are arguably two of the most popular and most played video games out there at the moment. And since Minecraft offers boatloads of neat skins, it’s no surprise that there are some relevant and super awesome Fortnite Minecraft Skins that are up for grabs.

Epic Game’s epic game (pun intended) took the gaming world by storm back in 2017 and ever since, Fortnite has become a favorite among gamers worldwide.

And due to the massive success of this co-op shooter-survival video game, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the most badass Fortnite skins that you can play within Minecraft, so don’t go anywhere!

What are the 12 coolest Fortnite Minecraft Skins at the moment

Honestly, who says that elements from Fortnite and Minecraft don’t mix well? Thanks to the highly-pixelated adventures and the massive customization options of Minecraft, you’re now able to enjoy your most beloved Fortnite characters in a brand new, more ‘square’ fashion.

12. Raptor

Raptor’s undoubtedly one of the most recognizable characters in Fortnite and it does look pretty neat in its Minecraft guise.

Of course, this Raider subclass from the highly successful Epic Game franchize is very distinctive and cool, even when this character is presented in a blocky and square way.

11. Rust Lord

While the Fortnite character Rust Lord could only be acquired as a reward from season 3 of the Battle Pass (tier 23), you can get your hands on it’s Minecraft counterpart without any trouble.

Oh, and to add more oomph to its cool-factor, this character is a tribute to the Star-Lord from the popular Guardians of the Galaxy film.

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10. Havoc

This is a Soldier character, courtesy of Fortnite Battle Royale and it has basically the same in-game model as Raptor. And I don’t know about you, but Havoc reminds me of one of the old school Terrorist skins in Counter-Strike – that makes it pretty cool in my opinion!

9. Dark Voyager

This has to be one of the most mysterious characters in Fortnite since there’s almost a complete lack of any particular info about it. All that we know about Dark Voyager is that he comes from the vast darkness of deep space.

Well, that and the super badass suit with that black helm make this Minecraft skin a must-have!

8. Tomatohead

The mighty Tomatohead character from the Pizza Pit set in Fortnite is one of the weirdest and at the same time coolest personas in the game.

Logically, the Tomatohead Minecraft skin has the same appearance (albeit blocky), with the thematic tomato-head and that distinctive mustache.

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7. Cuddle Team Leader

This is a special outfit that can be bought via the Fortnite item shop in order to play with it. Also, it’s kinda reminiscent of a good old Teddy bear, in pink.

However, the actual Minecraft Cuddle Team Leader skin is even funkier – it looks like an ultra pink bear or even a kitten!

6. Raven

Raven is one of the most interesting characters in Fortnite, mainly due to its appearance and voice – this class has his own unique voice, as opposed to the generic ‘soldier voice.’

The Minecraft variation of this Fortnite character is just as amazing, with those fabulous, glowing purple eyes and dark outfit.

5. Wukong

Wukong, the ‘monkey king’ now officially has his Minecraft skin. And as you might imagine, everything distinguishable about this berserker soldier hero has been transferred into the blocky world of Minecraft.

From the glowing eyes, interesting beard and the red and gold armor, the Wukong skin is bound to please all Wukong fans.

4. Rex

Jurassic Park fans, rejoice – the awesome Rex Fortnite outfit has its very own Minecraft skin now! Rex is a purchasable outfit in Fortnite that’s themed around dinosaurs – even the promotional content for Rex was kinda similar to one of the more popular scenes in Jurassic Park.

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3. Burnout

Burnout has been designed to please all bikers out there and anyone who’d like to take on the role of a stylish biker. The actual Fortnite outfit features a very badass protective black helmet with red stripes and a rather quirky red scarf.

Even better, the Minecraft Burnout skin is just as amazing. One thing though – the rather blocky nature of the game, means that the brilliant motorcycle helmet is square, but that’s not a bad thing per se.

2. Crackshot

If you fancy the two-act ballet called the Nutcracker, then the Crackshot skin is right up your street. Part of the Merry Christmas set in Fortnite, this outfit was introduced in late 2017 and is available via the item shop in Fortnite.

In Minecraft, the Crackshot skin is pretty similar to its Fortnite sibling, although it somehow reminds me of Super Mario from some angles – cool nonetheless!

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1. The Reaper

At number one we have a rather special and thematic Fortnite skin.

Did someone say, John Wick? I’m sure that Keanu Reeves would be delighted to find out that he has his own Fortnite ‘Hired Gun’ character.

All John Wick fans will be super happy to find out that there’s a Fortnite character themed around the main hero of the popular action movie – but even if you’re not a fan of John Wick, The Reaper is bloody awesome!

Oh, and even better – the Minecraft version of The Reaper is just as neat and fascinating.


So, there you have it folks – these are the 12 coolest Fortnite Minecraft Skins that you can get your hands on right now.

What’s your personal favorite out of our top 12 list btw? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!

Make sure to check out our Fortnite page for guides and tips.

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