Black Desert Online Dark Knight Guide for Beginners

Black Desert Online Dark Knight Guide
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Black Desert Online has different character classes, including the Dark Knight. Dark Knights belong to the Vedir, a faction of goddess Sylvia’s children who are followers of the moon. The class comes in handy in combat situations and is also effective in PVP and PVE play. They can wield magic with the help of their controlling magical glove and elemental swords. Dark knights tend to be weaker and demand ultimate precision which can be challenging to new players. The following tips will help new players to have a better grasp of the Black Desert Dark Knight class.

What is the Dark Knight’s Play Style?

Kriegsmesser is the primary weapon used by the Dark Knight in BDO. It is a two-sided weapon that comes with good to high damage as well as excellent crowd control skills. The Dark Knights have an ornamental knot, which is their secondary weapon. They also have the Vediant as their awakening weapon at the 56th level which gives them the ability to use magic and the two swords. The Vediant also enable them to easily juggle between ranged and close attacks after. Besides dark magic, the dark knight class also utilizes the melee range to destroy enemies. Unlike other classes, dark knights are swift because of their high mobility but their defenses are weaker.

The downside of this class is, dark knights are very vulnerable in a one on one situation and might be killed if struck with CC.  On the other side, they are vicious in 5v5 situations due to their speed, high burst, and AoE damage. They have a vital role in Siege and Node Wars as they flank enemy lines and keep an eye on the backline. The Dark Knight class is easy to master and play as well. Nonetheless, if you want to be the best then you will have to work on front guard super armor as well as your iframes. Another trick is to watch your positioning.

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How can the Dark Knight survive a one-on-one confrontation?

Generally, Dark Knights are poor at one on one matchups where their opponents bear similar gear or skill set. However, you should be smart by avoiding close range confrontation. Leverage on range skills of the dark knight. You can use your super armor in conjunction with the iframes to stay unharmed when you face tough opponents such as Warrior and Valkyrie.

Easiest Matchups 


The dark knight is very strong if matched against Wizard. In PVP, you are likely to encounter the wizard as one of the main targets. The contest should be easier if you have a dark knight due to the impeccable mobility and range that they possess.


Once again mobility and range of the black night come in handy when tackling the witch that you will come across in most PVP situations. Witches are considered to be stronger to wizards. You might find them hard to knock down due to their long range knock up and block abilities. Their weakness lies in their strength and you should fight them by getting closer. Use the awakening skills of the black knight to corner them by attacking from behind. Witch has a lot of CC and you will have to keep your Frontal Guard and Super Armor intact.

How about the hardest match ups?

1. Valkyrie

Valkyries keep up their Super Armor and Frontal Block all the time during a confrontation. This makes it hard for you to strike and that is why Valkyrie is a hard match up. They are also difficult to kite and will keep the pressure on you with swift dashes. Nevertheless, they can still be knocked out if you manage to strike through the gaps in their super armor.

2. Maehwa

This is another hard match up for Dark Knight. Maehwa’s awakening skills have higher mobility as well as Frontal Block and Super Armor. They also have the dreaded CC that can kill you. Therefore, you have to be cautious, keep your distance and utilize more of your awakening skills. The Super Armor will efficiently protect you from the devastating strikes for Maehwa.

3. Warrior

Just like Valkyrie, Warriors always keep up their frontal block and super armor. It becomes difficult to put them down.  Warriors are slightly easier to tackle considering the fact that they do not have much CC. To conquer Warrior, you should use full AP builds which penetrate the frontal block and Damage Reduction easily.

4. Striker and Mystic

The main reason why Mystic and Striker will be your hardest match ups lies in their Evasion, Damage Reduction as well as Magic capabilities. It will be harder to kill them even if you manage to lock them down. Hey also have an upper hand in terms of skills that will keep the pressure on you. The only way for you to win such a confrontation is to attack them from a mid to long range position and poking them continuously.

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What’s the deal with awakening Skills? 

Upon awakening, the Dark Knights are able to unlock and can equip the Vediant which grants them full access to the power of the dark spirit. Dark Knights are also able to summon the Vediant’s Phantom Blade and the Vediant’s Kriegsmesser using infinite power of the dark spirit. Besides that, they become masters of close combat with the two swords after awakening. Through dissolving spirits and Phantom Blades they gain energy that enables them to maneuver easily thus, perfecting ranged attacks. Below is a list of some of the best awakening skills:

1. Spirit Blaze

The spirit blaze spreads the resultant energy of the spirit after an attack with Kriegsmesser of Vediant. The Kriegsmesser is then charged with dark energy from the spirit preparing it for a frontal strike.

2. Touch of Exploitation

The explosion uses the magic attack to absorb energy after slashing the head of the target enemy.

3. Shattering Darkness

It helps the Dark Knight to dodge backward and also summons Phantom Blades to nail the area of engagement.

4. The seed of Catastrophe

It effectively knocks out targets that are far away which is an attack ahead.

5. Overlord

It can be used to perform a destructive move as it triggers the instant release of caged.

6. Spirit Legacy

This skill reduced the mobility of the target.


Having perfect knowledge of every class or character in BDO will enhance your experience and make the game more fun. Things should be much clearer after going through this Black Dessert Online Dark Knight Guide.

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