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Black Desert Online Crafting Guide for Beginners

Black Desert Online Crafting
By | September 10th, 2018 | Categories: Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a truly fascinating game packed with interesting challenges not to mention handsome rewards and unprecedented surprises. However, the game can become a hard nut to crack in the event that you are not very familiar with how to go about it. Black Desert is believed to have one of the most in-depth and sophisticated crafting systems that you ought to be familiarized with as a new player. The following is a detailed guide on the basics of Black Desert Online Crafting for Beginners.

What are nodes?

Nodes and node networks are an essential part of crafting since they allow you to gather resources. Node types include herbs, meat, water, ore, hide, sup and lumber. Investing Contribution Points or CPs allows you to extract resources from a node. After the investment is underway, you can proceed to gather the resources through a worker.

How do I get tools and inventory for crafting?

Tools come in handy during gathering. Without the proper tools such as the scythe, you will only run into less valuable things such as weeds. Thus, tools will not just help you to earn more silver; they will also help to reserve your energy. Remember, any time you do some gathering, energy is used up. Therefore, you need to undertake more gathering, you have to get more tools. Tools are found at the material vendor in Olivia during adventures and can be crafted in the crafting stations later in the game as well. Additionally, they break and might need to be fixed.

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What skills are required for crafting?

There is a lot that you need to learn about crafting to get a more enjoyable experience while playing the game. This includes knowledge about the skills that you need for crafting. Gathering and farming are perhaps the most important skills although there are also other skills such as cooking and alchemy. Below is a detailed breakdown of these skills:


Gathering resources is the first step towards crafting. The game is basically anchored on gathering. It features six gathering professions. To begin gathering, you have to first purchase some special instruments or tools. Every instrument is unique to its profession. Besides, the instruments are prone to mechanical damage and may break after a certain durability scale after which you will have to buy others. The main recourses or nodes that are gathered in the game are herbs, meat, water, ore, hide, sup and lumber. The resources can only be gathered using specialized tools as mentioned above. A golden tip in gathering would be to increase your gathering rank by leveling other skills up. This, in turn, increases your efficiency and speed in gathering. Another advantage that comes with increasing your gathering rank is reduced cost per action and the ability to use gathering tools of a higher level.


Farming is another major life skill that is often utilized in Black Desert Online. The downside of farming is that it consumes a lot of energy. Moreover, it is one the most daunting skills, demanding a lot of time and attention. However, your energy consumption will be less intensive as you progress to a higher level. Farming essentially involves gathering and pruning plants, which result in sharp or hard crystal shards as the by-products. Crystal shards can be sold or utilized in enchanting progression. Additionally, you can get most of the alchemy or cooking ingredients from farming. Once you get to a higher level, you can get workers to help you out.

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How do I gain more energy?

Talking is very essential in Black Desert Online. Besides helping you to unlock new quests, talking to someone new will also earn you an extra point on your energy reserve. You should make a point of talking to everyone upon arrival at a new location. Talking to NPC’s is the only guarantee for unlocking new quests. You can locate the NPC’s that you have not interacted with by using the mini-map. For your crafting process to be flawless you require several skills such as farming and gathering, which are anchored upon energy. It is therefore imperative for you to watch your energy level and ensure that you take advantage of every opportunity to replenish it.

How do I hire your workers?

The game does not allow you to craft any piece of gear by yourself. There are other things that will require an extra hand in order to accomplish like gathering raw materials. This is where workers come in. Workers are simply NPCs that are hired to handle manual labor. There are three types of workers that you can hire:

  • Human: balanced in terms of speed and stamina
  • Goblin: fast but with the lowest stamina
  • Giant: slow but possess the highest stamina

Human workers are the best although the performance of the other two improves as you play the game for a longer duration. The key aspect that you should consider while hiring is to go for a worker that covers all the major node types which are ore, timber, and grains. This will guarantee you a workforce fast and efficient hence, provide a better return on investment. Hiring is done by talking to the Work Supervisor NPC. You will incur a cost of 5 energy each time you hire a worker. However, before hiring, you must have a free bed in your house where the worker will be accommodated. Your number of workers will depend on the number of beds secured in your house. You will also need to buy a license from a special trader. After these two conditions are met then you will be able to send your worker to do some gathering on your nodes or farm.

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What are workshops and houses used for?


You will be handling most of the crafting as the player in the game. However, some of the crafting might be done in the workshops by your workers. Black Desert Online features different types of workshops. Workers in the different workshops provide different trade items or products that are unique to that workshop. However, before you can process any product – which is done by one of your workers – you must have enough lodging to accommodate the worker and also invest in the property. Lodgings can be bought using the housing system. This is why it is wise for you to hire your worker in the same area that you are crafting in.  The same applies to the workshops and raw materials. By doing so, one worker will handle gathering of raw materials while another does the processing.


A house is a basic necessity if you need to hire workers to help in crafting. The house accommodates the workers as well as the crafting stations or workshops. You will also use your house as a storage facility for your resources. Special tools that are required for alchemy and cooking are stored in the house as well. The main cities and towns within the game contain houses which can be bought using CP. All you have to do is to check the map, click on a city that you would like to craft in, look at the available houses, find out the cost in silver or CP and check when it will be ready. Keep in mind that every property has specific craft items that it can produce. The property will also indicate the resources you need to gather to craft a trade crate or item.


You will need to spend some quality time to grasp the whole concept of the crafting system in Black Desert Online Crafting and get to higher levels. Just focus on getting more contribution points, gathering more resources and leveling up your skills. Let us hope things will be clearer and easier for you from now on. Enjoy!

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