Black Desert Online Leveling Guide for 1-56

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As much a Black Desert Online is fun and rewarding, it can be frustrating to a new player. The game is very dense with so many tiny but essential aspects that you must first familiarize with to enjoy. Leveling is one of the most important aspects that you must learn when mastering the game. It can be done using two methods; either by questing or grinding. Levels become more complex as you progress. It is easy to get to level 56 as compared to getting to level 60. In this Black Desert Online Leveling Guide, we are going to delve into some of the leveling tips and recommendations for the same.

What is the fastest way of getting to level 56?

Every BDO expert will tell you that grinding is the fastest way to get your characters to level 56. The key target of any BDO player is to level as fast as possible and get to the awakening stage. However, the negative side of grinding is that you might miss some contribution points, energy points, spirit and bag space that is essential later in the game. Nonetheless, you can compensate for this if you go back, repeat the quests and get the missed objects. To avoid going back, you can buy a cheap starter horse or wagons which are more effective in grinding. They provide adequate storage space and you can loot on them.

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What are some essential leveling tips?

As much as grinding may seem straightforward, there are several tips that you should learn about leveling to do it effectively. Some of the tips are listed below:

  1. Run, run, run: running helps to increase your stamina. Avoid the horseback during the first levels of the game.
  2. Talk frequently: talking to NPCs will increase your knowledge and energy.
  3. Experience bonus should be used sparingly: this includes the server bonus, a daily XP boost that should be activated among other bonuses. All this help to combat experience.
  4. Utilize Olivia servers when necessary: they are accessible for 30 days and they provide 100% bonus in combat experience.
  5. Get some pets: not only are BDO pets cute, but they will also help in collecting loot as you progress through the levels. This is crucial for leveling. Having pets is time-saving as they collect loot from defeated enemies.
  6. Group up. utilize the skills of high-level friends or guild mates to progress to higher levels. Some friends can run you through level 1 to 50 at a fee.
  7. Black Spirit quests are vital: engaging in Black Spirit quests is essential in expanding inventory. Besides that, you will increase your energy and earn more contribution points.
  8. Develop life skills: BDO comes with several in-game life skills like cooking, hunting, and alchemy. Remember to level the skills while you progress as they will make it easier after you get to awakening.
  9. Work on increasing your AP: lover levels are not so technical. You can pass through easily with starter gear. However, things get complicated at level 50 and beyond. Enemies become tougher and more challenging. It becomes imperative for you to be at around 120 DP or 90AP by the time you get to level 50 for you to manage higher technical levels.

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Why follow the BDO questline?

Following the BDO questline will increase your Contribution points and Knowledge. The Black Spirit questline may take you to the best leveling spots as well. Questing is vital. It will come in handy; providing energy points, contribution points, garnering experience and getting adequate space for inventory. Most people will agree that it is not the fastest means in leveling but I would recommend you to follow the questline for your first character. Rewards from Black Spirit quests include XP, gear, potions, contribution points, and inventory space.

What areas do you target while leveling?

Levels 1-10

Having the bonus XP server makes the first levels of BDO easier. The importance of following the BDO tutorial goes without mentioning. Leveling is easier with the rewards that are earned from level one to ten. This includes a donkey mount as well as extra inventory space.

Forest of Seclusion (Level 11-13)

Most creatures bear inferior combat abilities and will not be so challenging. Mobs, for instance, are generally harmless unless provoked. The levels offer good XP.  You will have to return to Western Guard Camp when you reach level 13 for a Jarette Domongatt quest before proceeding.

Northern Heidel Quarry (Level 13-15)

Similarly, this stage should not be difficult. Enemies are easy to train and aggro. You will face Small Mine Imps who have a ranged attack. Violent Imps are usually equipped and may harm you with a debuff from a ranged spell. Nonetheless, you will earn more silver from slaying them.

Moretti Plantation (Level 15-18)

The levels here feature popular grinding spots that come with more enemies. You may have to face Violent Scarecrow Ghosts that spawn with the ability to drop Agerian Gloves. Mobs in this in this stage are quite damaging in case you lack proper gear.

Castle Ruins (Level 18-24)

Castle ruins offer plenty instant silver for starters as well as a huge amount of drops. The spot has a variety of grinding spots inside the castle, within the castle walls, and outside the castle. Besides that, the spot has outside enemies with range and melee abilities. The enemies will drop Agerian Helmets, Rusty Helmets, and Demihuman weapons.

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Bloody Monastery (Level 24-30)

The courtyard within the spot has a huge number of adversaries that can be eliminated by the boatload. Your character will be more skillful as you proceed. You can use the AoK attach to run through many enemies.

Khuruto Cave (Level 30-35)

The spot features a cave that is perfect for grinding. Efficient grinding at this stage will guarantee more silver and experience. You will brush shoulders with a Violent – who is highly damaging – within the cave.

Abandoned Land (Level 35-40)

Contrary to what the name suggests, the area is actually swarming with mobs. The mobs are infected humans that can be pulled together for a mass extermination in one strike. The area also features a violent and poles with ranged attack. The drops in the area can be traded for silver.

Marni Cave Path (Level 40-45)

Marni Cave Path is another popular grinding spot meaning space within the spot is limited. Some grinding space can be found at the hill’s edge although the large area is filed by half-petrified dwarves that are easy to kill. By getting to this stage, you will be edging towards the actual start of the game. You can get this far without following the Black Spirit questline if you are an expert.

Catfishman Camp (Level 45-50)

The levels feature high spawn rate and in large groups. It is also good for silver grinding.

Helms Post (Level 50-56)

Things become a little dense and more technical once you hit the 50th level. Enemies are stronger and may overwhelm you in combat if you lack the right gear. Enemies can knock you down. That is why you should have your AP at 90 by the time you get to this spot. This makes it easy to slay monsters. Nevertheless, it is the best stage to build your cash as it has Xiaoshan packs, Torn Pieces, and Broken Armor Debris.


Your progress to level 56 should not be long and daunting if you are familiar with how things work in BDO. It ought to be easy after garnering sufficient money and gear from the previous characters. However, you should take your time to understand the game in case you are playing with your first character. This Black Desert Online Leveling Guide will give you a proper grip of the game.

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