Picking the Right Fit: Black Desert Online Best Classes

Black Desert Online Best Classes
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Black Desert Online is a free-to-play MMORPG which has become extremely popular and has established itself as one of the most played MMO games in the past couple of years. This guide on Black Desert Online Best Classes is aimed to help players by providing an overview on classes to better determine which one fits you the best, according to its role, your playstyle, and game interests.

Before we go any farther, let us establish one truth that was equally valid 15 years ago as it is today – the best class for a specific MMO is not the one that does the most damage or is most versatile or easiest to handle. The best class is the one that you are having the most fun playing it! If you, for example, “roll” a warrior just because you will get more invites to raids or farm gear quicker, but you enjoy playing a DPS PvP class instead, then you are doing things wrong.

The following tip comes from personal experience as well; if you do not firmly decide on which class you will be pursuing long-term, you may end up having ten or more different characters leveled up with different gear scores, but all of them far away from their peak efficiency. By all means, test as many classes as you like, but once you decide on the final one it would be best to stick with your choice!

11 Classes


Berserker is a melee class armed with an axe for “straight up and personal” type of gameplay and is as such a very good choice for beginners. This class is able to deal tremendous amounts of damage and stand firm against a large number of opponents. Berserker is especially effective against groups, in PvE and Siege, but may not be the best choice for PvP due to its slow mobility. Overall, it is an easy class to play and especially good class for newer players to get into the game.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight is a hybrid class with melee and mid-range capabilities, able to perform in a wide variety of roles. It uses a two-handed sword as their primary weapon and has a high mobility and AoE but does not really excel in PvP due to their low defenses.  They are an excellent choice for Siege and especially PvE since they can grind very well due to their speed. They are not hard to pick up but require a good sense of positioning and kiting to be used to their fullest potential.


The typical caster known from all MMO games, the Wizard comes with a lot of AoE spells, snares and stuns. This class favors aggressive playstyle and has a large number of support skills that makes it desirable in PvP combat.  However, when being played 1on1 they show their relative weaknesses and can be easily killed. While they are easy to level and are not so reliant on their gear score they really can’t stand their ground in small-scale PvP due to their low mobility and long casting timers.

Overall, a wizard is a good class option for someone wanting to play with their friends and make a difference to their group!


The Witch is the female version of the Wizard in BDO. Both classes have mostly the same abilities and profile, although the Wizard has the grab and is dealing more damage whereas the witch has a block and usually benefits from defensive playstyle. Once again, Witches will benefit from strong, big groups in PvP and they will do same in return, but when it comes to a one-on-one PvP the chances are – overall – that the other classes will take the day.

It can be said that Witch is one of the more popular classes and that newer players will not be wrong for picking it, especially if playing with friends.


Just like the Japanese model of female Ninja, the Kunoichi class is fast, agile and deadly, with a large arsenal of tools at her disposal to take down the enemies around her. On the other hand, she is also quite squishy, and her playstyle does not allow for many mistakes. She will be a good choice for a lot of different occasions and will stand her ground both in PvE and PvP due to a very decent amount of damage and good dodge abilities. Overall, as long as the Kunoichi keeps within her confines, she is a very solid class to play with but will demand quite some precision and attention from newer players.


Ninja is the male counterpart to Kunoichi (kunoichi in Japanese, in fact, means “female ninja”) and, accordingly, is something of a mirror class to her. They are both extremely deadly when it comes to PvP, especially in one-on-one situations. Ninja has a greater mobility which brings PvP into the preferred focus for this class. Ninja can be a bit hard to get used to and to play for beginners, especially since he has very light armor and isn’t too forgiving when exposed to hurt. Even though Ninja may be a better choice, in the end, we like Kunoichi more – because of the attitude, of course!


Rangers are pretty much exactly what one may expect from the long-range DPS class we are all used to in various MMORPG titles. These are the classes that are being played the most but can be a huge problem for beginners since their mechanics are not that simple. Ranger can be efficient both in PvE and PvP and is considered somewhat of a generally balanced class for more or less all tasks, but they lack the most when it comes to PvE department.


This class prefers close or mid-range and can dish out a tremendous amount of damage. The problem with it, however, is very low of an amount of available health and poor defensive skills, which renders them a bit useless for tasks related to PvE or anything tanky. Finally, this is a very difficult class to learn and cannot be easily recommended to new beginners with little or no BDO experience.


If you have ever played World of Warcraft hunters, you would know that they have a Beastmaster specc (focus on pet doing the DPS) as well as survival specc (focus on melee combat). BDO Tamer is a weird hybrid of those two classes, a melee fighter who can use pets to fight along his side. It is a great choice for PvP (nope, sorry, nothing alike WoW hunter) but due to its low defense, it can be best used as support for larger groups. Many new players pick this class for its uniqueness and originality.


The warrior is pretty much one of the best classes in Black Desert Online, hands down. It is a powerful damage machine that can achieve amazing damage when played properly, but it lacks a tiny bit in the defense department. However, they can block almost any attack and are extremely good in solo PVP. It is no wonder that the warriors are one of the most desired classes across all MMORPG games have played to date, and this, of course, is true for Black Desert Online as well. As the class suggests, they are also quite good when it comes to active tanking and mitigating damage.


The female warrior, the Valkyrie is a power machine, one of the best and highly desirable classes in the entire game. Even though they are somewhat slower than the warriors, their defensive capabilities are amazing. But not only are they able to receive a great amount of damage, they are also able to dish out a lot of hurt as well. When they use their block ability they easily block out even more damage than any other class, including warriors.
Finally, it should be noted that Valkyrie is much better in group plays than they are as solo, and that they are very popular with the new players since they can be easily picked up and have amazing survivability.

It should be noted once again that one should focus on the classes that are the most fun to play, and not pay much attention to what others say when it comes to determining the best class. Because that one is, once again, the class you enjoy playing with the most!

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