Four Must-Have Black Desert Treasure Items

BDO Treasures
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BDO Treasure Items

Black Desert Online players rely heavily on consumable items such as food that give buffs, buff potions or recovery potions, and other items used for traveling. These items are essential for farming and traversing the vast landscape of Black Desert. Some of the more popular items are HP potions, MP potions, compasses, and traveler’s maps.

These consumables are some of the most used items in the game and for good reasons. HP potions are used to recover lost health during PvP and PvE scenarios while MP potions are used to regenerate MP or SP points to enable usage of character skills. Ancient Explorer’s Compass is used to navigate through areas that restrict the usage of minimaps such as the desert and great ocean. The traveler’s map is used to instantly travel or teleport towards the nearest safe zone or city.

Using and acquiring these consumable items can be quite a hassle. These items are exhaustible or can be depleted, so players will have to keep replacing them once they run out of stock. Fortunately, Black Desert has four treasure items that adventurers can collect in order to replace these consumable items with permanent ones. These treasure items are very handy since players do not need to refill them or replace them. These treasures are very hard to find, so it is always best to consult a guide.

Loot, Buffs, and Pets

Before players start grinding hundreds of hours trying to acquire these items, adventurers should keep in mind that there are certain consumables and items that they can get in order to increase their chances of looting the required components. Here are some things players can do before they start grinding:

  • Playing in Arsha or Olvia Server – both Arsha and Olvia servers have bonus drop rates in their respective servers. These bonus rates can help increase the chances of acquiring special loots. Unfortunately, only returning players and new players can access Olvia server, and Arsha is a PvP server, so players will have to be prepared to fight for their grinding spots.
  • Item Drop Rate Pets – Some pets have special passives that provide item drop rates for their owners. Pets like Arctic Foxes can help increase the chances of obtaining the components.
  • Using Item Drop Buffs – There are multiple buffs and consumables in the game that can increase the loot chance of items. Buffs from Item Collection Increase Scroll, GM’s Blessings, Blessing of Kamasylve, and Guild Buffs can provide additional bonuses for increased drops.
  • Knowledge and Node Investments – Adventurers have a chance of increasing their knowledge of enemies by defeating them. Once their knowledge of the specific mobs reaches S, they gain a % bonus chance on item drops from those monsters. Players can also invest in Nodes where the mobs are located to receive another bonus chance from looting in that area.

Archeologist’s Map

This treasure item is the permanent counterpart of the Traveler’s map. The permanent map enables players to go to the nearest city or safe zone then return to the area where they teleported from. This feature has a six-hour cooldown which is similar to the consumable map. The Archeologist’s Map is harder to acquire since adventurers will need eight components to craft the item while Travel’s Maps can just be bought from the marketplace or looted from mobs.

How to Get the Map Components?

The Archeologist’s Map will require four map pieces, one Blood Ruby, one Ocean Sapphire, one Gold Topaz, and one Forest Emerald. The four precious stones can be easily bought from the marketplace. The four map pieces will present a big challenge since they can only be looted from certain monsters from specific mob zones. Even then the loot chances for these pieces are very low.

The first and second map pieces can be acquired by farming in the Road Sulfur Mine just northeast of Valencia City. The components are specifically dropped by mobs called Lava Tukar and Lava Devourer. Each has a loot chance of 0.003% and 0.002% respectively.

The next two pieces can be looted from the Pila Ku Jail zone. The area is located southeast of Valencia City and northeast of  Muiquun. The third and fourth map pieces can be acquired from the Iron Fist Warder and Sordid Deportee mobs. These enemies have 0.0025% and 0.005% of dropping the map pieces respectively.

Once adventurers acquire all the necessary components, they will have to craft the permanent map via the character’s inventory. These components need to be placed in a specific arrangement for players to combine them. If adventurers are having a hard time identifying their map pieces, they can go to the Caphras Cave and exchange the Map of Unknown pieces for Identified Map Pieces.

Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass

This treasure item is the permanent counterpart of the Ancient Explorer’s compass which expires within three days after being crafted. The main difference other than the items’ permanence is that the permanent compass can summon other players to the user’s position. This is quite helpful for guildmates trying to enter areas with randomized portals like Aakman or Hystria.

How to Get the Upgraded Compass Parts?

There are three compass parts that players need to acquire on top of getting a Bloody Ruby, an Ocean Sapphire, and a Gold Topaz. The parts can be obtained from Aakman and Hystria which have high AP requirements. Players will have to be properly geared before trying to enter the mob zones. Having insufficient DP will result in a quick death while having AP lower than 250 will take forever to kill a mob.

The first and second compass parts can be acquired from the Hystria Ruins. Hystria can be accessed by entering a random spawning portal in the Valencia Desert. The first piece can be acquired from a Tukar Balten or an Elten with a 0.0005% chance of being dropped. The second compass piece can be looted from Vodkhans with a 0.005% chance of being dropped.

The last compass piece can be looted from the Aakman Temple. Aakman can be accessed through random spawning portal devices in the vicinity of the Valencia Desert. The third component can be acquired from Aakman Elite Guardians with a 0.005% chance of being dropped.

Like the Archeologist’s Map, players will have to arrange the components in a certain order before they can combine them. Adventurers can take the compass pieces to Ain Greid in the Ancient fissure to have them appraised. This will help players in identifying the proper order of arrangement.

Ornette’s Spirit Essence

This is treasure item is also known as the Infinite HP potion treasure. This special item provides players with a never-ending supply of health recovery points. The only drawback is that the potion has a weight of 50 LT which can be quite cumbersome. However, having this item saves players billions of silvers in the long run.

How to Get Ornette’s Spirit Essence?

Crafting the Infinite HP potion requires tons of components that can be gathered through different areas. This item needs a total of six components which are Sherekhan’s Panacea, Ron’s Tintinnabulum, Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak, Gayak’s Courage Stone, and Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone. The process of acquiring these items will be quite tedious as the zones they are located in are very far apart.

Sherekhan’s Panacea can be looted from grinding in the Sherekhan Necropolis located northwest of Duvencrune. The area has an AP requirement of 210. The component is a rare drop from Garud, Belcadas, Lateh (night mode), and Nybrica (night mode) mobs. It can also be crafted by combining 100 Dragon’s Fang and 1 Dragon’s Roar. Dragon’s Roar can be obtained by showing 100 Dragon’s Fang to the NPC Merindora.

Ron’s Tintinnabulum can be looted from farming in the Forest Ronaros nodes. The area is located northwest of Grana in the Kamasylvia Region. These mobs require 240 AP in order to farm them efficiently. The component can be looted from Forest Ronaros Guardians and Forest Ronaros Catchers. Alternatively, adventurers can craft the component using 100 Tranquil Tinniolum and 1 Forest’s Whisper. A Forest’s Whisper can be obtained by exchanging 100 Tranquil Tinniolum with Merindora.

Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak is dropped by mobs in the Blood Wolf Settlement Nodes located east of Duvencrune. The area has a recommended AP of 190 to farm efficiently. The component will be dropped by Kagtum Executioner and Kagtum Guard mobs. Alternatively, players can craft the component using 100 Blood Wolf’s Oath and 1 Crimson Breath of Resentment which can be obtained by exchanging 100 Blood Wolf’s Oath to Merindora.

After obtaining the first three components, adventurers will have to accept a quest from Merindora. The quests will allow players to unlock knowledge to exchange other items needed for the treasure item. To obtain Gayak’s Courage Stone, adventurers will simply head to Camira in the Sherekhan Necropolis Node and exchange 30 Garmoth Scales. Garmoth Scale can be acquired via the marketplace or by looting it from Drieghan mobs or from the World Boss Garmoth.

The last component can be acquired from Moyamo who is located at the Okiara River node. Players will have to exchange 300 Peridot Leaves for the Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone. Peridots can be acquired by completing daily missions through Kamasylvia. Once all components are obtained, players can now craft the infinite HP potion by arranging them in a certain order.

Odore’s Spirit Essence

This treasure item is considered the Infinite MP Potion. The item provides players with endless MP recovery. The only downside is that it is also 50 LT heavy, but having this item helps players avoid using millions of silvers to buy MP potions.

How to Get Odore’s Spirit Essence?

Similar to Ornette’s Spirit Essence, the Infinite MP potion needs five components which are: Valtarra’s Clairvoyance, Markthanan’s Gland, Narc’s Crimson Tear, Krogdalo’s Protection Stone, and Night Crow’s Dawn Stone. These items can be obtained from Kamasylvia and Drieghan.

The first component can be looted at the Navarn Steppe by skinning monsters with a tanning knife. Valtarra’s Clairvoyance can be acquired by skinning Ferrica, Ferrina, Belladonna Elephant, and Baby Belladonna Elephant mobs. Navarn Steppe is located north of Old Wisdom Tree. Adventurers also have the option to craft the component by combining 100 Valtarra’s Memory and 1 Valtarra’s Nail. Valtarra’s Memory can be obtained from the mobs in Navaran Steppe while Valtarra’ Nail can be obtained by exchanging 100 Valtarra’s Memory with Merindora.

The Markthanan’s Gland can be obtained by farming in the Tshira Ruins which is located east of Duvencrune. The component is specifically dropped by Leaf Keeper, Vine Keeper, and Grove Keepers. The area requires 140 AP to farm efficiently. Alternatively, adventurers can also craft the component by combining 100 Katzvariak’s Venom and 1 Markthanan’s Greed. Katzvariak’s Venom can be obtained from the Tshira mobs while the Markthanan’s Greed can be acquired by showing 100 Katzvariak’s Venom to Merindora.

The third component is obtained as a rare drop from mobs located at the Manshaum Forest located north of Old Wisdom Tree. Narc’s Crimson Tear is dropped specifically by Manshaum Shamans. Adventurers also have the option to craft the piece by combining 100 Narc’s Solace and 1 Narc’s Tear.  

The last two components can be obtained by exchanging items with Merindora. Adventurers will need 100 Rumbling Earth Shards and 100 Dragon Scale Fossils to obtain Krogdalo’s Protection Stone and Night Crow’s Dawn Stone. Earth Shards can be dropped by Kamasylvia mobs while Dragon Scale Fossils are dropped by Drieghan mobs. Both items can be bought from the marketplace.

The process of acquiring these treasure items is very tedious, but once players acquire them, the effort would be very worthwhile. These special items will present various advantages to players in the PvE scene and PvP battles. Start grinding now to get these items as soon as possible!

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