Black Desert Online Beer: A Brewing Guide

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Playing the Black Desert Online game involves a lot of strategic planning. You are going to require foot soldiers as you progress through the different stages. Workers need to replenish their stamina from time to time. This is where beer comes in. Beer is one of the worker foods in BDO and it is a mildly alcoholic drink that is brewed using cereals. Therefore, it is important to understand the Black Desert Online Beer crafting procedure if you plan to establish a strong worker empire. Making your own beer is cheap and effective. Crafting beer involves several steps including collecting raw materials, purchasing a residence and installing utensils before you get down to cooking the actual product. You also need to familiarize with the recipe as well as the ideal quantities of material necessary to yield a single batch of beer. In this guide, I am going to take you through everything you need to know about crafting beer in Black Desert Online.

Why do I need to craft beer?                            

It is vital to have a good number of workers if you intend to grow big in BDO. However, the workers run on a limited amount of stamina. Thus, they will stop working if they are not given food.  Beer is one of the worker foods that you can use to restore your workers’ energy and keep them toiling. Unlike other worker foods, beer is easier to make. It is also a cheaper and a reliable option compared to buying food from the market.

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What do I need to craft beer?

Before you swing into action, you need to gather sufficient rain. Besides that, you will have to buy a residence in-town where you will store the rain. The same residence will house ingredients and utensils that you ought to buy too. Eventually, you will have to install the cooking utensils in order to start cooking beer.

  1. Gathering Grain
  2. Get a residence
  3. Buying cooking utensils
  4. Gathering rain

1. Gathering Rain

You are bound to waste a lot of time trying to gather grain by yourself. It will be faster and efficient if you sought the help of a few workers. I would advise you to gather grain early on in the game specifically at Toscani Farm which you will encounter on the early stages of the game. The firm features two corn nodes that will provide sufficient grain for a long while. With the help of a few workers in Velia, you will gather enough grain from the two nodes. Thereafter you can get more nodes at Northern Wheat Plantation for wheat and barley or at Bartali farm for potatoes.

2. Get a residence

You need a residence for your grain and utensils. Basically, the beer making process is anchored on the residence. You have to find a residence after gathering adequate materials for making at least one batch of beer. You can get any residence from the Black Desert depending on your contribution points or preference.

3. Buying cooking utensils

Cooking utensils are also vital in the beer making process. Nonetheless, you need to have your residence to buy or install the cooking utensils. There are different cooking utensils including the Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil which offers 500 durability points and the Basic Cooking Utensil that provides 100 durability points. AFK cooking should be done with Balenos Utensil. The other types of utensils come with increased durability but reduced cooking time and you might incur a penalty for surpassing the cooking time. Furthermore, you can buy the utensils from Tavern vendors. After buying the utensils, you need to place them in your residence.

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How about the appropriate beer crafting procedure?

Crafting beer requires maximum precision in terms of materials used. Below are the quantities you need for each material to produce a single batch of beer:

  • 5 grains – potato, oat, wheat, corn or barley
  • 2 leavening agent – 20 silver per piece
  • 1 sugar – for 20 silver
  • 6 mineral water – for 30 silver per piece

To start cooking, you should first get the utensils activated. This can be achieved by hitting R. Remember to stick to the amounts above since the batch will go bad if you fail to use the correct quantity. When you are ready to go you can decide to produce one batch or make the process continuous. If you desire to craft beer continuously, click on “Continuous Production” and max thereafter. This will go on till your raw materials get exhausted. Ideally, your inventory should contain 500 sugars, 3000 water, and 1000 leavening agents to successfully craft 500 batches of beer. The beer output per batch increases as your cooking skills become advanced. At a higher level in terms of cooking skills, you will be capable of producing a blue beer version that increases energy by 50%. In addition to that, you will also access more dishes with extra rewards like silver or contribution points.

Brewing Tips

As you advance, your cooking skills will improve not to mention the experience. This will open you up to a variety of beers for the same recipe as well as Cool Draft Beer which has more energy. Here are more tips that you should know to improve your beer crafting experience:

  1. Using Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes will enhance your beer crafting speed. BDO features different clothes for crafting beer. Each cloth bears a different level of experience. This includes the Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes and the Canape costume set. The Canape costume set increases the cooking experience by 15% and cuts down on the cooking time by 2 seconds. It is sold for2900 pearls. On the flip side, the Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes enhances the cooking experience by 30%.
  2. Note that you cannot use beer on your workers if the beer is stored in the warehouse. It only works when the beer is in your inventory.


With this Black Desert Online Beer brewing guide, you no longer have to worry about your workers running out of energy. Sufficient beer transforms into adequate stamina and continuous work by your foot soldiers. All you need is to find starved or idle workers and feed them with the beer. Monitor your beer making materials. Most importantly, do not stray from using the right recipe when crafting the beer.

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