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    Shield of Arrav OSRS Quest Guide

    Shield of Arrav OSRS Quest Guide

    The Shield of Arrav OSRS quest sees players learning of a stolen shield from the museum of Varrock. You will be tasked with tracking the shield down and returning […]

    Valorant Best Guns in Each Class

    Valorant Best Guns in Each Category

    To say that Valorant has made a huge impact on the gaming industry would be an understatement. Riot Games’ effort to replicate a title akin to the likes of […]

    byJack Hamnett|27 Jun 2020|Valorant

    FFXIV Gardening Guide

    FFXIV Gardening Guide

    If you choose to take up FFXIV gardening, you are sure to benefit from many advantages. In order to get the most out of these perks in FFXIV, you […]

    byJack Hamnett|24 Jun 2020|FFXIV

    RuneScape Clans

    Why You Should Join RuneScape Clans

    RuneScape clans are something that have been involved in the game ever since the title was released. Since then, thousands of clans have decided to join RuneScape, though at […]

    byJack Hamnett|23 Jun 2020|RuneScape

    RuneScape Slayer Guide 2020

    RuneScape Slayer Guide

    RuneScape Slayer tasks are something that play a major role in the game. There are seemingly endless things to do in games such as this, but the Slayer aspect […]

    byJack Hamnett|21 Jun 2020|RuneScape

    EverQuest 2 Classes and Subclasses

    EverQuest 2 Classes Guide – Find a Class to Match Your Playstyle

    EverQuest 2 classes are divided into a hierarchy of a total of 26 different classes. The four major classes in EverQuest 2 are Fighter, Mage, Priest and Scout. Eight […]

    byJack Hamnett|15 Jun 2020|EverQuest

    ESO Thieves Guild

    ESO Thieves Guild Guide

    There are a number of different aspects of Elder Scrolls Online that offers plentiful variety to those playing the game. One such feature is the ESO Thieves Guild, and […]

    byJack Hamnett|13 Jun 2020|ESO

    FFXIV Custom Deliveries Guide

    A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Deliveries in FFXIV

    There are a number of different aspects of FFXIV which have kept players coming back ever since launch. One such feature that we will be discussing surrounds the custom […]

    byJack Hamnett|11 Jun 2020|FFXIV

    GTARP Fivem Mods

    Crucial Fivem Mods for GTARP

    Whilst GTA Online has been a mainstay hit since its launch several years ago, there has been somewhat of a resurgence in popularity for the game on many of […]

    byJack Hamnett|09 Jun 2020|GTA V

    Sins of Father quest in OSRS

    Sins of the Father OSRS Quest Guide

    The Sins of the Father OSRS quest has recently been added to the game, and presents a lengthy and difficult adventure for those who choose to attempt it. Following […]

    LOL Wild Rift

    League of Legends Wild Rift – Everything We Know So Far

    Riot Games celebrated the latest anniversary of the immensely popular League of Legends by announcing Wild Rift, which would serve as a mobile and console version of the game. […]

    Throne of Miscellania OSRS Quest Guide

    The Throne of Miscellania OSRS Quest Guide

    The Throne of Miscellania OSRS quest is an adventure surrounding the Fremennik island, where King Vargas has had the misfortune of becoming a Yeti. Because of this, Vargas is […]

    Tai Bwo Wannai Trio OSRS Quest Guide

    Tai Bwo Wannai Trio OSRS Quest Guide

    The Tai Bwo Wannai Trio OSRS quest serves as a follow on from the short Jungle Potion quest. It expands the narrative in which the Tai Bwo Wannai chief […]

    ESO Vampirism Update

    ESO Vampirism Update – The Changes that Vampires Will Face in ESO

    An exciting new update is coming to Elder Scrolls Online, bringing a lot of changes to a specific aspect of the game. ESO Vampirism is going to be subjected […]

    byJack Hamnett|21 May 2020|ESO

    CoD Warzone Settings

    The Best CoD Warzone Settings for Console

    What we have seen so far since its release is that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has made a huge impact on the series. As it did with the […]