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    OSRS Farming Guide 2020

    OSRS Farming Guide 2020

    As the new year rolls around once more, we may be seeing fresh faces in the wide world of Runescape. If there are any old faces who want to […]

    byJack Hamnett|19 Jan 2020|RuneScape

    Runescape Auras

    The best Runescape Auras you should be collecting

    The items that you collect throughout your time in OSRS play a pivotal part of how you progress. The game plays host to many, many different items that will […]

    byJack Hamnett|15 Jan 2020|RuneScape

    Warframe Plastids Farming Guide 2020 Blog

    Warframe Plastids Farming Guide 2020

    If you are new to the popular online Multiplayer game Warframe, then you may have come across a term known as Plastids. They are used and collected as a […]

    byJack Hamnett|25 Dec 2019|Warframe

    OSRS Money Making Guide

    OSRS Money Making Guide – Best P2P Methods (Christmas 2019)

    It’s that special time of year again when festive cheer spreads throughout the world—and even spills over to the gaming world. As always, it even makes a stop in […]

    byJack Hamnett|16 Dec 2019|RuneScape

    Desert Treasure in OSRS Guide

    A Quick Guide to Desert Treasure in OSRS

    In your many journeys throughout Gielinor, you may well have heard of the most highly-regarded quests available to RuneScape players. In Desert Treasure OSRS, players will embark on an […]

    byJack Hamnett|08 Dec 2019|RuneScape

    OSRS Quest Helper

    OSRS Quest Helper: FAQs

    Coming into the world of Old School Runescape, you will soon notice that like other games in its mold, questing plays a significant role in the overall experience. With […]

    byJack Hamnett|26 Nov 2019|RuneScape

    Fortnite Beginners Guide

    Holding Down the Fort with a Fortnite Beginners Guide

    This year has seen a massive surge in popularity for the battle royale genre, particularly on the backs of titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and in this case, Fortnite. […]

    byJack Hamnett|27 Dec 2017|Fortnite

    Rocket League Christmas Event

    Rocket League Christmas Event 2017 with Frosty Fest

    It’s that wonderful time of the year once again, where video games embrace the festive holidays by bringing fans some festive treats. The indie smash hit Rocket League will […]

    Warframe Story

    The Warframe Story: A True Underdog

    Even outside of video gaming, everybody tends to love an underdog story. In this particular instance, the Warframe Story is most certainly one of those, as developers Digital Extremes […]

    byJack Hamnett|26 Nov 2017|Warframe

    RuneScape Gold Farming

    RS Players in Venezuela Are About RuneScape Gold Farming for a Living

    Some may find this hard to believe, but there are video games out there with more value in their in-game currency than certain territories in real life. Economic collapse […]

    byJack Hamnett|09 Nov 2017|RuneScape

    Path of Exile Farming

    The Best Locations for Path of Exile Farming

    One of the key aspects of playing the popular ARPG Path of Exile (POE) is grinding, also often referred to as farming. This process involves taking your character to […]

    FIFA 18 Coins

    How to Earn Free FIFA 18 Coins Fast for Your Ultimate Team

    You may be aware of FIFA coins, which are considered by many as a controversial means of acquiring both new players and consumables in the Ultimate Team aspect of […]

    byJack Hamnett|27 Oct 2017|FIFA

    RuneScape Beginners Guide

    Let’s Go: RuneScape Beginners Guide

    Ever since the franchise’s inception back in 2001, RuneScape has been a mainstay popular choice of MMORPG for many fans of the genre. If you are late to the […]

    byJack Hamnett|18 Oct 2017|RuneScape