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OSRS Portal Nexus
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Want to learn everything you need to know about the Portal Nexus OSRS has to offer you? Then you’re in the right place. There are many, many items that you will find across the wide world of Old School Runescape that can be very beneficial to you in different ways. The Portal Nexus is one such example, and today we will be looking at a few different aspects that will help you to use them yourself.

This guide will be looking at the following:

  • What is a Portal Nexus?
  • How Much Does it Cost?
  • How to Add a Teleport
  • Customising your Teleport
  • Portal Nexus Types

What is a Portal Nexus?

If you have a player-owned house, then you can take advantage of a Portal Nexus. This is a room that can be built in your house to teleport you to many different locations in Gielinor. To build this room, you will need to be up to a point where you have at least level 67 Construction and an orange spicy stew.

How Much Does it Cost?

If you would like to build it, this will cost you 200,000 coins and level 72 Construction. You have a choice of four hotspots available for the Portal Nexus. These include amulet space, curtain space, Portal Nexus space, and rug space.

How to Add a Teleport

The Portal Nexus works in a similar way to portals that you find in the portal chamber. You can add thirty different locations for you to teleport to. The amount that you are limited to depends on the tier of the Portal Nexus that has been built. If you are going to direct a portal, then you will need the same level of magic and relevant quest requirements as the cost of casting the teleport spell. You don’t need to have the same spellbook as the teleport spell that is being directed, either. However, you can’t use combination runes, or runes in a rune pouch. You also can’t use elemental staves.

You’re also out of luck if you want to use certain methods to increase your magic level. These boosts include magic potions, wizard mind bombs, and an imbued heart. Another tip is that you won’t need to be in building mode if you want to add a location you want to teleport to. If you do upgrade your Portal Nexus, then the destinations will be saved from previous versions of it. This saves you having to come up with the runes for it once more.

If you have finished the Medium Varrock Diary, you can select the Grand Exchange as a default destination via the teleport menu. You can do the same for Seers’ Village if you’ve finished the Hard Kandarin Diary. If you’ve completed the Hard Ardougne Diary, then you can select Yanille as a teleport destination too.

There are a number of teleports that can’t be added to your Portal Nexus that you should be aware of. These include Trollheim, Paddewwa, Lassar, Dareeyak, Ourania, Barbarian, Khazard, Ice Plateau and Respawn teleports.

The shorter version to all of this is to make sure that you are carrying the relevant amount of runes so that you can cast the teleport of your choosing a thousand times over. To add the teleport to your Portal Nexus, right-click on the desired teleport and you’re good to go.

Customising your Teleport

After building a Portal Nexus, you can customise how the teleportation interface works. You can do this via the configuration option, which you need to right-click on. You will see available slots and choose which is the left-click option for you. So drag and drop the teleports that you have available to you and put them in the slot you want them in. The order that they appear in the list of slots will determine the keyboard choices on the right-click interface for the teleport.

Whilst you are in the teleport interface, you will find a list on display. This will inform you of what teleports are available to you, and the keyboard options that are available for them. The first keyboard option is the left-click choice on your portal. You can also switch your interface to Scry Mode, where the scrying pool is used to look into areas that the player would be teleporting themselves towards. To do this, go into the interface and click on the Portal Nexus.

If you pay for a teleport then you will be able to use it permanently whenever you like, providing you have a Portal Nexus and you have them in the relevant slot in the list. You can also rearrange the teleports within the slots list if you wish, and can change the left-click option without being charged for it. If you do remove a teleport from the list of slots, or take out the Portal Nexus or even the whole room, then you will need to consume rune again to unlock the teleports when you rebuild the Portal Nexus. You will see a confirmation message if you try this.

Portal Nexus Types

You have three types of Portal Nexus that you can build. For each type, you need to meet a certain level of construction. You have the Marble Portal Nexus, which requires level 72 construction. Then there’s the Gilded Portal Nexus at level 82 construction, and the Crystalline Portal Nexus at level 92. Though this does require level 92 construction, you will also be able to add 30 teleports to it.

The Portal Nexus OSRS provides a great way for you to traverse the world of Old School Runescape. It proves to be a very handy investment on your part, especially when you have a bit of experience behind you and need to get around the map more fluidly. You do need to keep in mind expense and experience that’s needed for them of course, but when you consider what benefits they have, you will soon see for yourself what a positive effect it has.

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