Max Block Lacerate Gladiator

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There are many things that makes Path of Exile’s Gladiator shine. One of them is its remarkable balance of offense and defense. Among its many builds, one of them that shows this trait is the Max Block Lacerate Gladiator.

Pros and Cons of the Max Block Lacerate Gladiator


  • Can run all content
  • High survivability
  • Affordable


  • Slower clear speed compared to other builds
  • Limited damage cap
  • Endgame bosses take time to kill

Max Block Lacerate Gladiator Gem Links and Passive Skill Tree

Passive Skill Tree:

Core Skill: Lacerate with Awakened Melee Physical Damage, Awakened Brutality, Awakened Multistrike, Awakened Deadly Ailments, and Fortify support gems.

Movement: Leap Slam with Lifetap and Faster Attacks support gems.

Aura: Divergent Pride and Anomalous Flesh and Stone with Maim and Enlighten support gems.

Shield: Brutality, Pulverise, and Life Gain on Hit support gems.

Defense: Molten Shell with Cast When Damage Taken and Increased Duration support gems.

Utility: Ancestral Warchief, Enduring Cry, and Blood Rage; Blood Sand with Enlighten support gem.


Weapon: Rare Axe with increased physical damage, bleeding damage over time, strength, and attack speed; socketed gems are supported by level 16 Ruthless

Shield: The Surrender (Unique) for level 30 Reckoning skill, increased life, armor, chance to block, increased armor after blocking; recover 250 life after blocking.

Head: Rare Helm with increased strength, armor, life, and elemental resistances.

Body: Rare Armor with increased armor, life, mana, and elemental resistances.

Gloves: Rare Gloves with increased damage over time, mana, chaos resistance, life, and Culling Strike.

Belt: Ryslatha’s Coil (Unique) for increased strength, increased strength, armor during Fortify, stun duration on enemies, life and maximum but reduced minimum physical damage; gain 50 life for stunning enemy.

Boots: Rare Boots with increased movement speed, life, attributes, armor, evasion, and elemental resistances.


  • 2 Rare Rings with increased life, attack speed, elemental resistances, physical damage, evasion, and curse enemies with Vulnerability on hit.
  • Rare Amulet with increased attributes, physical damage, damage over time, and life.


  • Large Cluster Jewel with increased the following passive skills: Axe Attacks deal 12% increased damage with hits and ailments, +4 to Strength. Heavy Hitter, Run Through, and Wound Aggravation.
  • 2 Medium Cluster Jewels each with 4 passive skills, increased damage over time, increased dexterity and mana recovery, and the following Passive skills: Rend, Aggravation.
  • 2 Rare Crimson Jewels with increased life, attack speed, damage over time, and Corrupted Blood immunity.
  • Watcher’s Eye (Unique) with chance to avoid being chilled, increased life, mana, Onslaught on kill for 4 seconds during Haste, increased attack physical damage during Pride.
  • Intuitive Leap (Unique)
  • The Red Nightmare (Unique) for chance to block 35% of attack damage, chance to gain Endurance Charge on kill, passives granting fire or all resistances on radius.


  • Lion’s Roar (Unique) for +3000 armor, knockback enemies on use, and adds knockback to attacks.
  • Ample Quartz Flask of Warding for chance to dodge attacks and spells and curse recovery/immunity.
  • Ample Basalt Flask of Heat for physical damage reduction and reflection; chill/freeze  recovery/immunity.
  • Perpetual Jade Flask of Iron Skin for +3000 evasion and 100% increased armor
  • Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding recovery/immunity.

It is rare to find a build that is as tough as the Max Block Lacerate Gladiator build. So if you are looking for a defensive Exile, this is the one.

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