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Temtem Alpha

Is Temtem Alpha More Than Just a Pokémon Clone?

For Pokémon fans of all ages, there’s an upcoming game that may very well be worth checking out. We’re talking about Temtem, an MMO that’s all about collecting and [...]

by PlayerAuctions|10 Dec 2018||Others, Upcoming

Fortnite Six Shooter (Uncommon/Green)

The Fortnite Six Shooter (Uncommon/Green) will get you killed, but you will die feeling cool, and for that, this frustrating weapon deserves commendation. Packing less firepower than a Deagle [...]

Fortnite Heavy Sniper (Legendary/Gold)

The Fortnite Heavy Sniper (Legendary/Gold) is a weapon that even highly skilled players dread. Despite its slow rate of fire, this bolt-action sniper packs a serious wallop. A single [...]

Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun (Legendary/Gold)

The Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun (Legendary/Gold) is hated by some and loved by the few who use it excellently. Though it has an enormous reticle and puts out incredible [...]

Dragon Hound

Dragon Hound: The Lovechild of Monster Hunter World and World of Tanks

Dragon Hound is an upcoming Nexon title that’s centered on monster hunting. Previously known as Project DH, the game made its first appearance way back in 2016. This year’s [...]

by PlayerAuctions|02 Dec 2018||Others, Upcoming

Saga of Lucimia

Saga of Lucimia: Breaking Through the Norms

With so many MMORPG titles proliferating in the market today, the task of standing out from the rest of the pack can be a rather daunting one for game [...]

by PlayerAuctions|25 Nov 2018||Others, Upcoming

Fortnite Heavy Sniper (Epic/Purple)

The Epic/Purple Fortnite Heavy Sniper is perhaps one of the best snipers available in the game. A slow-loading, bolt-action sniper, its trademark krakboom sound spells death for nearly anything it hits, [...]

Fortnite Six Shooter (Epic/Purple)

The Epic/Purple Fortnite Six Shooter is the easiest way to feel like a cowboy from the Old West. It’s classic design mimics that of the more iconic gunslingers, meaning [...]

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