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How to Make Supercompost

How To Make Supercompost OSRS

Compost is a pretty useful item in OSRS if you’re looking to farm. While some consider it to be a necessity, it is super useful especially if you’re on […]

byPlayerAuctions|14 Nov 2022|OSRS

OSRS Tithe Farm Guide

OSRS Tithe Farm Guide

One of the best skills to max out in OSRS is farming, as it allows you to unlock items such as vegetables, herbs, and many other eatables that can […]

byPlayerAuctions|14 Nov 2022|OSRS

Elite Void

How To Get Elite Void In OSRS

OSRS gives its players plenty of opportunities to grind for tactical gear, which can be pretty useful in both PvP and PvE. Elite Void is another one of those […]

byPlayerAuctions|13 Nov 2022|OSRS

Sand Crabs

How To Get To Sand Crabs In OSRS

Sand Crabs are sandy monsters in OSRS who may look like harmless little rocks in disguise. But when you walk by them, they start attacking you. They are accessible […]

byPlayerAuctions|13 Nov 2022|OSRS

Blood Fury Amulet

Blood Fury Amulet: Is It Worth It?

Amulets are strong neck slot gears in OSRS that grant players multiple bonuses. Aside from their stat boosts, most amulets provide special passive effects to the players through enchantment. […]

byPlayerAuctions|13 Nov 2022|OSRS

Soul Wars

Soul Wars Guide OSRS: Rewards And How To Get

Amidst monster hunting quests and tasks, OSRS provides its players with several minigames that they can play for various rewards. These games can be played repeatedly to earn experience […]

byPlayerAuctions|13 Nov 2022|OSRS

Volanic Ash

Best Spot To Mine Volcanic Ash OSRS

Mining is one of the best skills to learn in OSRS. It is the ultimate source of collecting ores, gems, and other upgrade materials from various rocks. If you’re […]

byPlayerAuctions|13 Nov 2022|OSRS

how to get looting bag

How To Get Looting Bag OSRS

OSRS has an enormous number of items for players to collect. Sometimes, inventory management can overwhelm the players when you’re dealing with heaps of gear items, craftable components, and […]

byPlayerAuctions|13 Nov 2022|OSRS

Viktor Lore

Viktor League of Legends Lore

Release date: December 29, 2011 Class:  Battlemage Legacy: Mage Positions: Middle Range Type: Ranged Difficulty Level: 3 Viktor’s Early Life A child born in Zaun, Viktor was a child […]

Fastest Way to Duradel

OSRS Fastest Way To Duradel

If you’re looking to upgrade your Slayer skills in the game, there’s no better way to do it than through Duradel, the highest Slayer Master in OSRS. However, going […]

byPlayerAuctions|08 Nov 2022|OSRS

Volanic Ash

OSRS Vorkath Guide

Vorkath is considered one of OSRS’s most straightforward and consistent moneymakers. Yet most of the player base seems to be apprehensive about him since his arsenal of attacks has […]

byPlayerAuctions|08 Nov 2022|OSRS

OSRS Rune Dragon

OSRS Rune Dragon Guide

While OSRS is a game of constant grind and dedication, killing off Rune Dragons is a great way to speed up the process of getting GP (in-game currency). Not […]

byPlayerAuctions|02 Nov 2022|OSRS


OSRS Bryophyta Guide

Bryophyta is an ancient and mystical Moss Giantess boss. Being one of the Sporadic bosses, she requires a special item to access. Unlike most bosses in OSRS, Bryophyta is […]

byPlayerAuctions|02 Nov 2022|OSRS

OSRS Kurask

OSRS Kurask Slayer Guide

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) challenges its players with some of the most intimidating and unnerving slayer monsters. Without the required slayer level and special gear, you’ll barely be able […]

byPlayerAuctions|02 Nov 2022|OSRS


Best Valorant Crosshair

When it comes to competitive first-person shooting games, your aim is the most powerful skill you can improve on. It is more relevant in Valorant than in most games […]

byPlayerAuctions|26 Oct 2022|Valorant

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