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SCUF Gaming Controller: The Right Way to Make One

With E3 loaded chock full of games that have been revealed (some even with release dates) for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, you wouldn’t think things could get any better; but it did. Enter the SCUF Gaming Controller in all its glory. The company itself, SCUF Gaming has always [...]

by PlayerAuctions|14 Jun 2018||News

A New Royal Contender: Paladins Realm Royale

The Battle Royale shooter subgenre is in a good but strange place right now. While Fortnite is currently the king of the proverbial hill, how long it will stand atop such a lofty vantage point is anyone’s guess. When you’re at the top, you’ve got a target on [...]

by PlayerAuctions|14 Jun 2018||Upcoming

E3 Developers: 2018’s Movers and Shakers

With the hoopla surrounding the soon-to-be-concluded E3 2018 reaching fever pitch, it’s only natural for us here at PlayerAuctions to give it the coverage that’s due to it. And boy, can we say that this year’s installment of the annual convention is as good as it gets! Running [...]

by PlayerAuctions|13 Jun 2018||News

The Silent Awesomeness of 2018’s Microsoft E3 Conference

Despite being mocked as the weakest of the big three, Microsoft’s Xbox One continues to maintain a foothold in the eighth console generation. While the Microsoft E3 Conference isn't fresh with new IPs, it continues its homegrown franchises with exciting new sequels in the form of Halo Infinite, [...]

by PlayerAuctions|13 Jun 2018||News

Play to Win: Sony E3 Conference 2018

For many years E3 has been some sort of arena between the big three – Nintendo, Microsoft, and of course, Sony. Going by that long-running metaphor, it seems as if Sony has once again won in the biggest gaming expo for 2018. To prove that they’re once again [...]

by PlayerAuctions|13 Jun 2018||News

Highlights from the Nintendo E3 2018 Press Conference

This year's E3 brought a good balance between sequels and new IPs. No matter what game publisher or console you follow, there's always something new to get hyped up on. Since bringing up highlights for all would make this article too long, we'll just focus on Nintendo E3 [...]

by PlayerAuctions|13 Jun 2018||News

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Sony Blocks Cross-Play and Progression

A rumored leak that not’s much a secret at this point in time, the much-anticipated coming of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch was announced during the 2018 E3. This being marked as one of the first free online competitive games on the system, the upcoming one being Paladin, is [...]

by PlayerAuctions|13 Jun 2018||Others

Tetris Heat Changing Mug: An Iconic Game to Level Up Your Cup of Joe

Take a piece of gaming history to pour your coffee or tea into! An all-time classic created by Alexey Pajitnov, a computer programmer, at his modest workstation in the Soviet Union, Tetris is what made the game industry boom back in the 1980’s. With a classic game’s d [...]

by PlayerAuctions|10 Jun 2018||Geek Stuff

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