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Bow Curse Support Champion

In Path of Exile, a support build doesn’t seem too fun or even viable, given how it’s mostly a dungeon crawler where players fend for themselves even when with other exiles. Fortunately, that’s not the actual case; you can go for a support build with the Curse Support [...]

Wielding Ancestral Warchief

The Berserk Dual Wielding Ancestral Warchief is a different kind of totem build. While others are focused on spamming spells, this one is more about the totem and dealing melee and physical-to-lightning damage. It’s a simple and effective build that doesn’t cost much to put up, so it’s [...]

Davinci 3D Printer to Print Your Favorite Gaming Characters

Have you ever wanted to have a miniature character figure(s) or weapon(s) to take with you because it's a dangerous world out there? Perhaps you need an important piece for a lucrative costume that you can't find in shops or online. Well, you're in luck; our giveaway involves [...]

by PlayerAuctions|01 Feb 2018|  11 |Others

Flameblast Totem Inquisitor

After Totem Marauder classes get much love, it’s about time the Flameblast Totem Inquisitor. It deals tons of damage in a massive area of effect, making it a walking nuke. However, much like a nuke, it takes its time when dishing out punishment, and it’s not as exciting [...]

Triple Flame Totem Chieftain

Totems and Marauder classes go well together, and can only get better with age. That’s why people can come up with builds like the Crit Triple Flame Totem Chieftain – an upgrade of the Double Flame Totem Blood Magic Chieftain.  It’s a huge improvement and a build worth [...]

Righteous Fire Totem

One of Path of Exile’s most popular builds is the Righteous Fire Totem Berserker, and for many good reasons. It works perfectly well with the current patch; it’s affordable, can serve various roles, and can take on anything in the game. Although it’s got a few downsides, such [...]

Life Essence Occultist

The Life Essence Occultist is a strange build. Instead of using a wand, it uses a sword. On the other hand, it’s anything goes in Path of Exile, but an occultist with a blade is still out there. Anyhow, it’s a solid build that can even kill the [...]

CI Whispering Ice

YES! Chaos Inoculation is once again viable in 3.1, and with that comes the return of the CI Whispering Ice Berserker. It’s not the same exact build it used to be since the game has changed. So without further ado, here it is, the new CI Whispering Ice [...]

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