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Path of Exile Currency Guide 1: Vaal Orbs

The word corruption doesn’t have a pleasant definition, except when you’re a Path of Exile (POE) player. For some strange or rather good reason, corruption in Wraeclast can be a good thing if done right. The question is, how do items in the game become corrupted? Simple: with [...]

by PlayerAuctions|16 Nov 2017|  0 |POE

Path of Exile Gameplay: Finally in Act 2

Good morning and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee!” After a long time, I finally got a chance to continue with some Path of Exile Gameplay. Long story short, I’ve made it to Act 2! It’s about time I got here, but I’ll tell you, it [...]

by PlayerAuctions|14 Nov 2017|  1 |POE

Explore the Features in Warframe Plains of Eidolon

Warframe Plains of Eidolon just brought many new features to the game, the most significant first open area for players to explore and discover. It’s filled with mysteries and enemies, and it’s up to the player to uncover all these things. Among the other new features are fishing, [...]

by PlayerAuctions|05 Nov 2017|  0 |Warframe

Platforms for Free Video Games

Playing video games can be an expensive hobby. There's the price of the console, individual games (at least there are bundles nowadays), and the prices of peripheral devices (controllers and accessories) so that players could make the most of their gaming experience. On the other hand, sometimes, gamers only [...]

by PlayerAuctions|01 Nov 2017|  0 |Others

New Games Added October 2017

Hey, gaming community! You’ve made it through the month. High-five! We hope that everyone is doing well. We’ve enhanced our blog site, and we would like to share it with you. We’ll keep you gamers in the loop with what’s going with online games. Check out the articles, [...]

by PlayerAuctions|01 Nov 2017|  0 |News

Sounds Good: Our Top Picks for the Best Video Game Soundtracks

Ever since games got past its 8-bit chip tune limitations, video game soundtracks have gotten better. Now, they’re arguably just as good as movie soundtracks. Now, the question is which games have the best ear candies? Well, there’s no objective answer to that, but here’s our picks for [...]

by PlayerAuctions|26 Oct 2017|  0 |Others

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017: The Return of Witch Mercy

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event has returned! For a limited time only (between 10/10 and 11/1), you’ll start receiving special Halloween themed loot boxes upon leveling, which contains lots of Halloween-themed skins, sprays, highlight intros and more! More importantly, Halloween Terror 2017 marks the return of a lavish and [...]

by PlayerAuctions|24 Oct 2017|  0 |E-Sports

Free to Play Steam Games You Should Try

Free to Play Steam Games You Should Try A common misconception some gamers have is that free games are bad, or they end up as pay-to-win. Obviously, that’s not completely true for every MMO. Here are some Free to Play Steam Games that prove they’re just as good [...]

by PlayerAuctions|23 Oct 2017|  0 |Others

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