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PlayerAuctions is a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of gaming products. Founded in 1999 by gaming enthusiasts, we have grown to become a leading eCommerce platform for trading virtual gaming products.

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Bascis of developing your ESO

The Basics of Developing Your ESO Character

Video games are interesting in the way that they can cater to people. Although some games may be stricter than others, you can still say that there’s a game […]

byPlayerAuctions|26 Aug 2019|Others

Winter Orb Witch

With Cold spells, you get the best of both worlds: utility and damage. That is why lots of players choose to build elementalists whose core skills are of that […]

Gamer Gloves

Gamer Gloves EPG Review: Amazing or Overhyped?

Do you have sweaty hands that cause you to miss important shots and fail to dodge enemy attacks? Do people call you “Butter Fingers” due to your slippery handle […]

Tornado Shot Raider

While Path of Exile’s Legion league paved the way for a lot of solid new builds, it also retained some rather old but very much great ones. A good […]

Gamescom 2019 dates

What we can expect from Gamescom 2019

Gamescom, E3‘s younger (but bigger and less popular) brother, has quite the interesting lineup this August. As a major gaming event, it’s sure to deliver the biggest news and […]

byPlayerAuctions|18 Aug 2019|Others

Fortnite Turret

Techno Drama: Season X’s Fortnite Turret Vaulting And Mech Nerf

It’s been a few days since the launch of Fortnite’s Season X and the changes have already caused quite the hubbub. So, what’s getting hit with the nerf bat […]

byPlayerAuctions|14 Aug 2019|Fortnite

EVO 2019

Quite the Match: EVO 2019

Fighting may be a universal language, but the fight game genre embodies it best. One-on-one fights may seem overly simplistic, but the complexities of varying combos, from diverse rosters […]

byPlayerAuctions|12 Aug 2019|Others

ffxiv shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers 5.05 Update

Not a lot of MMORPGs get better with age, and that’s why Final Fantasy XIV stands out. In fact, its latest expansion, FFXIV Shadowbringers, has been hailed as exceptional. […]

byPlayerAuctions|11 Aug 2019|Others

Best Gaming Setups

Personal Preference and The Luxury of Best Gaming Setups

Different gamers require different gaming setups. That’s why you’ve got a plethora of consoles and rigs available in the market. We live in an age where there are choices […]

byPlayerAuctions|09 Aug 2019|Others

osrs song of the elves

OSRS Song of The Elves: Swansong for an Elven Quest

OSRS Song of the Elves is the culmination of one of the most enduring quests (the Elven one) in the history of Old School Runescape. Sprawling a massive 17 […]

Path of Exile on Switch

Path of Exile on Switch: Is It Possible?

Free-to-play games on the Nintendo Switch are thriving. Path of Exile is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and of course on PC, meaning the game’s on enough platforms […]


Is EverQuest Dying? : What Made EverQuest So Great

EverQuest can be thought of as the godfather of all MMORPG games. It is a franchise that defined an entire genre even when it was still considered a niche […]

byPlayerAuctions|06 Aug 2019|Others

Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters: The Next Move in Mobile

The Pokémon franchise has always been a handheld affair. From its humble, monochrome beginnings in the original Gameboy to its upcoming eighth-generation release in the Switch, the long-running, monster-catching […]

byPlayerAuctions|05 Aug 2019|Others

ESO Review

ESO Review: Why ESO succeeded where Fallout 76 Failed

All things considered, Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 are pretty similar. They have the same premise (an MMO of a wildly popular game franchise), the same problematic beginnings, […]

byPlayerAuctions|05 Aug 2019|ESO

Ancestral Warchief

There’s no better time to shine as a melee class in Path of Exile than right now. And since the melee craze is still sizzling hot, why not go […]