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Valorant has certainly gained immense popularity ever since its release, with millions of players logging in each month to indulge themselves in this game. Due to its thriving community and widely followed Esports scene, there are many gaming enthusiasts who want to try their hand at Valorant, despite what rig they use.

Valorant doesn’t have very high hardware requirements to run the game. Due to this, many individuals, especially Mac users, are interested to know whether their hardware can run the game or not. So, can you play Valorant on your Mac? Read on to find out!

Can You Run Valorant On Mac?

Unfortunately, Valorant is not officially supported on the Mac OS and is not available to download on your Macbook. This is because the kernel-based anti-cheat system of Valorant, Vanguard, is incompatible with the Mac OS, making it impossible to run Valorant on this device.   

Running games has never been Mac’s forte, so it is not very surprising to know that the Mac is not capable of running a game like Valorant. With that said, if you really want to play Valorant on your Mac, you use third-party applications like Boot Camp and Parallels.

Should You Use Third-party Applications? 

At the time of writing, Valorant is only available on the Windows operating software. Therefore, if you want to run Valorant on your Mac, you must install Window, and that is where third-party applications like Boot Camp and Parallels comes into play. 

With that said, by using these applications, you run the risk of damaging your system. Plus, do not expect any performance, as the hardware used in a Mac is not really designed for any sort of gaming at all. There is a good chance that the game won’t even launch. And, even if it does, the game would be unplayed due to a lack of FPS. That is why it is not recommended to use these third-party softwares just to play Valorant. 

What Are The Requirements To Run Valorant?

The hardware requirements to run Valorant are pretty forgiving compared to your average AAA title game. This is because Riot Games have designed the game in such a way that almost all low-end PCs can run the game pretty smoothly at a minimum of 30 FPS. Here are the minimum specs you need to run Valorant:

Source: Official


Unfortunately, Macs are not built for any type of gaming. Therefore, if you want to play or dip your toes in Valorant, you’ll need to get your hands on a PC that at least meets the minimum requirements. 

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