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Now that the false god has been overthrown and the Dendro Archon has returned, it’s time to move on to other matters. What do we do with the ego of the former god, and what will they do later? We’ll explore that and more in Genshin Impact’s version 3.3 update.

Read about everything revealed in the live stream and the preview site.

New Interlude Quests

These will deal with the immediate aftermath of the events in the previous Archon Quest. Mainly it deals with the fallen god who used to be Kunikuzushi and the Balladeer. Rumor has it that the player can give him a name (except what he used to be called).

New Characters

Wanderer (5-star)

Descriptions of him say that he is a mysterious figure. (Mild spoilers) Since the events of the last quest where somebody was deleted from everybody’s memories, something similar might be done to him. Of course, as they aren’t a part of Teyvat, the Traveler keeps their memory of him.

That is still speculation, though. We know his true identity as formerly Scaramouche, the Balladeer of the Fatui, and a failed puppet prototype of Raiden Ei.

He has an Anemo Vision and uses a Catalyst. His abilities let him hover in the air, allowing him to reach flying enemies or even gain higher ground against opponents. He gains buffs if he comes into contact with an element when activating his E. That is when you unlock his first ascension passive. His burst has a mild grouping effect, but for the most part, it’s the skill you’d want to use.

Faruzan (4-star)

She is a Haravatat scholar from a hundred years ago. While on an expedition to find and solve puzzles, she got trapped in one. Unknowingly, it had some time distortion powers, such that it took her a hundred years to solve.

She took it in stride, calling other students her juniors and saying that she was their senior, despite looking the same age or younger. Even if she’s not used to the sudden advancement of time, she’s adapting quite well.

She has an Anemo Vision and uses a Bow. Her most helpful ability is reducing the Anemo RES of opponents hit by her burst. Aside from a C4 Jean, no one else can do this. She’s a 4-star, too, making this ability more accessible than Jean’s constellations.

Character Banners in 3.3

For the first phase, Wanderer and Arataki Itto (rerun) are featured in a double banner. Faruzan will also be part of the rate up for the 4-stars. Next up are Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato’s reruns.

New Weapons

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance

It’s a 5-star catalyst and signature weapon of Wanderer. It will be featured in 3.3’s first Epitome Invocation along with Redhorn Stonetresher, Itto’s signature claymore. Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is in the shape of a bell said to have crisp echoes, even in the distance.

Toukabou Shigure

This is a 4-star sword in the shape of an umbrella. It’s also one of the events’ free weapons, like Albedo’s Cinnabar Spindle or Weinlesefest’s Missive Windspear. You can get it and its refinement materials when participating in Akitsu Kimodameshi.

New Artifacts

Desert Pavilion Chronicle

2-set Effect: Anemo DMG +15%

4-set Effect: When Charged Attacks hit opponents, the character wearing this set gets a +10% Attack SPD Bonus and +40% Normal, Charged, and Plunging DMG for 15 seconds.

While this is an upgrade to the usual Viridescent and Gladiator combination, Vermillion Hereafter is still better for Xiao. Still, it’s excellent for on-field Anemo DPS, such as Heizou or Wanderer.

Flower of Paradise Lost

2-set Effect: +80 Elemental Mastery

4-set Effect: The character wearing this set gets a +40% DMG boost to Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon reactions they cause. Triggering any of the mentioned reactions will increase the 2-set bonus by 25%, stacking up to 4 times and lasting 10 seconds. This can only happen once every second. Effects trigger even if the equipping character is not on the field.

 This set will make Bloom teams (with or without Nahida or Nilou) even more potent. As a note, the maximum damage bonus you can get from this set is 80%, not 140%. The stacks will only increase the damage bonus percent by the indicated value. 100% means double, and the double of 40% is 80%.

Genshin Impact Version 3.3 Events

Akitsu Kimodameshi

Remember those old games where you have to bounce a ball with a sliding bar to destroy blocks? That is this event. Of course, it won’t be that simple. The bricks have elements, and you control the ball’s aspect using your character. You can trigger reactions to clear blocks more effectively by switching characters.

There are also other challenges, as the preview page shows. This is the event where you can get Toukabou Shigure.

Across the Wilderness

Collect as many balloons as you can in this event. You’ll find them in several locales, which will test your traversal and movement abilities. Some balloons might reveal other ones or give more points. The more you collect, the better the rewards!

Anemo characters can be helpful in this event, especially Venti, Xiao, Kazuha, and Wanderer!


The hide-and-seek event is back! Don’t expect it to be just the same, though. This edition gives new abilities to the Hunters and the Rebels. They’re sure to make games more exciting, and every player’s strategies shift.

Have fun!

Misty Dungeon: Realm of Sand (Desert Version)

This is also a rerun event. Players enter a dungeon where they can only use a preset team. It will have randomly generated trials they must clear. Travelers can also use various boosts and buffs to help them. They must collect ‘ancient runes’ to unlock the final challenge. There are 7 dungeons, and each has a unique theme. Set up teams according to the effects of the Ley Line Disorder and finish the dungeon as fast as possible!

New Permanent Content

Genius Invocation TCG

This is the long-awaited TCG that has been teased for a long time. Itto is a player, and so is Cyno. With this feature’s release, Travelers can battle all sorts of NPCs with this card game. Who knows? Maybe, later on, we can play against other playable characters. Other than the two mentioned, Kaeya, Ayato, and Yae Miko also play the game. This feature lets you play against friends, though you wouldn’t get any rewards.

In the game proper, you use character cards as the primary way of dealing damage to the opponent. The battle ends when one side’s character cards run out. Abilities and actions cost elemental dice, which you roll at the beginning of each round. After casting the dice, you have one chance to pick some of them to reroll.

The TCG also has the same battle system as the main game: elemental reactions and character abilities. Aside from the character cards, there are also item cards and other support cards that can give various boosts.

Build your deck with strategies to make the most out of your cards! HoYoVerse has mentioned that all cards can be collected without having to pay. If you want some premium skins for the cards, you might have to shell out for those.

Looking Forward to Version 3.3!

There are so many things to be excited about in the next patch. Akitsu Kimodameshi seems like an interesting event, and Windtrace is always fun. Depending on your preferences, Across the Wilderness can be fun or boring. Misty Dungeon is a way to test those characters you don’t have yet, as you’re only given specific ones to choose from.

The TCG, however, is a permanent addition. That means we can play it if we find someone to duel with. Whether that’s an NPC or another player, it promises to be an enjoyable experience.

Keep enjoying Genshin Impact!

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