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Volanic Ash
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Mining is one of the best skills to learn in OSRS. It is the ultimate source of collecting ores, gems, and other upgrade materials from various rocks. If you’re looking to craft essential items or make a quick buck while stacking XP, you should invest a few hours mining Volcanic Ash. 

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Volcanic Ash, including the best spot to mine it.

What Is Volcanic Ash?

Volcanic ash is an upgrade material found in OSRS. It is obtained on the Fossil Island Volcano by mining the Ash Piles near it. Certain requirements need to be met before you are allowed to mine them, like Mining Level 22. Each Ash Pile also gives 10 XP when it is mined.

There are other sources of Volcanic Ash too which are explained later on.

Volcanic Ash Value

Volcanic Ash is worth 69 gold points (GP) each. The best part is that it stacks in your inventory, so no banking is involved. Generally, it is much easier to handle your gold in the form of resources like Volcanic Ash to avoid the need for banks.

How To Mine Volcanic Ash

There are mainly 2 requirements you need to fulfill before you can start mining the Volcanic Ash:

  • Mining Level 22
  • Bone Voyage Quest

When mining, the amount of Volcanic Ash you get depends on your Mining Level. It starts with 1 ash at level 22 and increases by 1 in quantity after every 15 levels. The maximum you can get is 6 ashes at Mining Level 97. This mining rate is not affected by mining-enhancing gears like Mining Gloves, Mining Cape, and the Varrock Armor.

Mining LevelNumber of Volcanic Ashes Obtained

If you’re mining at a high level, then it is possible to obtain more than 6500 Volcanic Ashes per hour. When you multiply it by 69, it translates to over 448k gold per hour (GPH).

Best Spot For Volcanic Ash Mining

The best mining spot for Volcanic Ash is the Volcanos on Fossil Island. Realistically, you can mine close to 1000 Ash Piles in the Fossil Island Volcano in one hour. So, we recommend having more than 67 Mining Level, netting you a total of 4000 Volcanic Ash and 10k XP per hour. Converting that into gold, that’s a grind of 276k GPH.

Recommended Gear

Generally, you should be using whatever best pickaxe you have at your disposal to efficiently mine. We strongly recommend using a Rune Pickaxe, which requires at least 41 Mining Level. However, if you don’t have it or you fall short of the level requirement, you can go with a Mithril pickaxe.

Also, make sure to carry the Digsite Pendant in your neck slot. It is obtained by completing The Dig Site quest. Furthermore, we recommend that you wear the gear with minimum weight and bring nothing in your inventory to preserve stamina and mine for a long time without having to use Stamina Potions.

Location – How To Get To Fossil Island Volcano

If you have the Bone Vogaye quest under your belt, you can directly travel to Fossil Island. Use the Digsite Pendant to travel to Fossil Island. Once you get there, use the Magic Mushtree to travel to the Verdant Valley, the place for doing birdhouse runs. You will see the white-colored Ash Piles of rocks.

Mining Strategy

You can do AFK mining of the Ash Piles if you want to do world hopping. Simply mine one Ash Piles rock with your pickaxe, change the world, and a new one will appear for you to mine. However, it is much faster to just mine the same 5 to 6 rocks in one world. It takes 30 seconds for an Ash Pile rock to respawn, so by the time you are done with 5, the first one will reappear.

While mining, you will also obtain Soda Ash, which you can bank. You could teleport out and teleport back in when banking, or you could make a quick detour to the nearby Volcanic Mine bank, north of the mining spot. You will also obtain a couple of emeralds while mining.

Sources Of Volcanic Ash

Aside from the Ash Piles in the Fossil Island Volcano, which have a 100% guarantee to drop Volcanic Ash, several other sources can be utilized to obtain them. Look at some of the mainstream sources of Volcanic Ash below:

Ammonite Crab25 Combat Level11/21.33
Ancient Wyvern210 Combat Level80-1201/22
Ancient Zygomite109 Combat Level21/36.87
Long-tailed Wyvern152 Combat Level20-601/61.5
Spitting Wyvern139 Combat Level20-601/61.5
Taloned Wyvern147 Combat Level20-601/61.5

Uses Of Volcanic Ash

Aside from its value in gold, you can use the Volcanic Ash as a component material for a variety of items. Following are the uses of Volcanic Ash in OSRS:

  • Volcanic Ash is used to make Ultracompost, which is the best compost you can use for farming. Fill any bucket with the Supercompost and enchant it with 2 Volcanic Ash to create Ultracompost.
  • You can also use Volcanic Ash to create Compost Potion. If you have 22 levels in Herblore skill and a Harralander potion, then enchant that potion with 1 Volcanic Ash to craft the Compost Potion.
  • If you have an infertile patch of soil on your farm, naturally, you want to treat it with Supercompost by using a Fertile Soil spell. However, you can improve the spell’s efficiency by using Ultracompost instead, which is crafted with 2 Volcanic Ash.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helped build up your understanding of the Volcanic Ash mining. We strongly recommend doing it as it’s one of the quickest ways to earn gold while farming AFK for the most part. Let us know in the comments what more OSRS guides you want to see!

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