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Soul Wars
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Amidst monster hunting quests and tasks, OSRS provides its players with several minigames that they can play for various rewards. These games can be played repeatedly to earn experience and unique items. Soul Wars is one of the many minigames in OSRS that you can play for fun and exclusive perks.

This guide will explain how you can experience Soul Wars and what rewards you acquire by playing it.

What Is Soul Wars?

Soul Wars is a minigame in OSRS that P2P members can only access. It serves as a remake of the original Soul Wars minigame from Runescape 2009. It is a team-based game played between two teams, each consisting of 10 members.

The main objective for each team is to collect the Souls Fragments and offer them to the Soul Obelisk. Doing so weakens the opposing team’s Avatar, which must be defeated through combat to win the game. Each game of Souls Wars lasts 15 minutes and rewards the players with Zeal Tokens.

Hard Requirements For Soul Wars

Before we dive deep into the minigame explanation, let’s look at the hard requirements that your account must meet to play Soul Wars.

  • Total level of 500
  • Combat level of 40
  • Membership is needed to access the Isle of Souls island

How To Get To The Soul Wars?

Soul Wars is played at the Nomad’s camp on the Isle of Souls island. Aside from playing the minigame, you can exchange Zeal for rewards or learn how to play Soul Wars at the camp. You have to go through the Souls Wars portal to get to the Nomad’s camp. There are 2 such portals; one is in Edgeville while the other is in Ferox Enclave Dungeon.

  1. Edgeville

There are a number of ways to get to the Soul Wars portal in Edgeville. Let’s look at each to see which method suits you best.

  • You can use the Amulet of Glory to teleport outside the Edgeville bank.
  • You can use the Combat bracelet to teleport to the Monastery near Edgeville.
  • You can use the Paddewwa Teleport to get into the Edgeville Dungeon. It requires you to use the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
  1. Ferox Enclave Dungeon

Getting to the Nomad’s camp through Ferox Enclave Dungeon is a relatively shorter run. You need a Ring of Dueling to teleport to the Ferox Enclave. Then run north to access the Dungeon and the yellow Soul Wars portal.

How To Play Souls Wars?

Now let’s walk through the Soul Wars minigame to learn the rules and objectives of the game. Knowing what activities you need to perform to contribute to your team and maximize your rewards is essential.

Before Starting The Game

When you get to the Nomad’s camp, you first want to talk to the Nomad in the camp and run through the Soul Wars tutorial. It is required to complete the tutorial before you can actually join a team to play. The tutorial explains the objective of the game. 

Objective Of Soul Wars

The main aim of Soul Wars is to defeat the enemy team’s Avatar by dealing more damage to it than the damage it does to your Avatar within 15 minutes. Each Avatar has a 100% damage reduction, which needs to be depleted by players to deal damage.

Collecting Soul Fragments

You have to collect Soul Fragments by killing ghosts in Soul Wars. Then you can offer those Souls Fragments to Soul Obelisk to nullify the damage reduction of the opposing team’s Avatar. Furthermore, the team with more players around Soul Obelisk has control of that area, with their Souls Fragments contribution resulting in increased damage reduction to the enemy’s Avatar.

Gathering Bones

You can also increase the damage reduction percentage of your team’s Avatar by collecting Bones and burying them in the graveyard. Make sure your team has control of the graveyard to maximize the damage reduction with the Bones. It is essential if your Avatar is low on health.

Maintain The Activity Bar

You are required to maintain your activity bar to receive the Zeal Tokens. Hence you’re not allowed to sit idle while your team does all the heavy lifting. If you’re inactive for 3 minutes, your activity bar will drain entirely, and you will get kicked out of the game. It also results in an AFK penalty that makes you wait 10 minutes before joining another Soul Wars game.

Other Activities To Maintain Activity Bar And Earn Zeal Tokens

You can do the following activities to keep earning the Zeal Tokens and maintaining your activity bar:

  • Killing players 
  • Healing teammates
  • Burying bones
  • Sacrificing soul fragments
  • Dealing damage to the opposing team’s Avatar
  • Capturing graveyards or the Soul Obelisk
  • Killing NPCs (No Zeal Tokens rewarded)
  • Destroying barricades (No Zeal Tokens rewarded)

Rewards Of Soul Wars

Rewards in Soul Wars are granted in the form of Zeal Tokens depending upon the activities of the players. The winning and the losing teams earn these tokens, with the winning team members taking up to 60 Zeal Tokens, while the runner-ups get 40 of them. In case the game results in a draw after 15 minutes, each member of both teams takes home 50 Zeal Tokens.

Combat Experience

You can spend these Zeal Tokens in the Nomad camp for rewards like combat experience, upgrades, and loot. Combat experience can only be purchased if you have at least 30 levels in the relevant skill. The higher the level in that skill, the more XP you get by spending Zeal Tokens.

Item Upgrades

Upgrading or imbuing an item grants it extra bonuses. A list of items that you can imbue with the help of Zeal Tokens is given below:

ItemZeal Tokens Required
Black mask (imbued)500
Slayer helmet (imbued)500
Salve amulet (imbued)320
Ring of the gods (imbued)260
Ring of suffering (imbued)300
Berserker ring (imbued)260
Warrior ring (imbued)260
Archers ring (imbued)260
Seers ring (imbued)260
Tyrannical ring (imbued)260
Treasonous ring (imbued)260
Granite ring (imbued)260

Loot Rewards

More loot that you can obtain by spending Zeal Tokens is shown below:

ItemZeal Tokens Required
Soul cape2500
Spoils of war30
Blighted bind sack (x300)10
Blighted snare sack (x150)10
Blighted entangle sack (x70)10
Blighted teleport spell sack (x50)10
Blighted vengeance sack (x50)10
Blighted ancient ice sack (x30)10
Blighted manta ray (x15)10
Blighted anglerfish (x15)10
Blighted karambwan (x12)10
Blighted super restore(4) (x4)10

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the complete guide to playing Soul Wars and the rewards it grants you. Minigames in OSRS can be enjoyable and rewarding, with Souls Wars being the prime example of that. Comment to let us know your favorite minigames in OSRS!

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