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PlayerAuctions is a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of gaming products. Founded in 1999 by gaming enthusiasts, we have grown to become a leading eCommerce platform for trading virtual gaming products.

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TF2 Hat Simulator

The Complete TF2 Hat Simulator App

Who better to create a spinoff of Team Fortress 2 than a bona fide fan of the game itself? Thanks to the deep appreciation for TF2 that a promising […]


Surviving the Open World with the SCUM Map

If you can’t find something that caters to your needs, make it. It’s a simple, yet effective, way to go about things and it’s precisely what MD_Reptile, a seasoned […]

Division 2 Raid

The Division 2 Raid: Where’s the Matchmaking?

Last week, Ubisoft unleashed a rather massive update for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. What made it even more special was the fact that it included Operation Dark Hours—the […]

byPlayerAuctions|21 May 2019|Others

The Division 2 Brian Johnson Figure

Hitting the Bullseye: The Division 2 Brian Johnson Figure

Being a sniper specialist who dons a lethal McMillan TAC-50C rifle, Brian Johnson is quickly gaining recognition from The Division 2 players who have a deep affinity for long-range […]

PoE Build Browser

PoE Build Browser: It’s All About the Builds

Thank goodness for forums. With tight-knit communities that converge in them, hardcore fans of practically any game can share a wealth of resources and tips so that everyone can […]

Apex Legends Havoc (Assault Rifle)

There’s only one word to describe the amazingness of this peculiar weapon, that is “Exceptional.” From the start, one of the main drastic characteristics is that even though the […]

Apex Legends Wingman (Pistol)

Even though this firearm belongs to the “Pistol Family,” the potential can be devastating for any enemy’s Squad. Due to its overwhelming damage, a critical shot can produce a […]

Apex Legends G7 Scout (Sniper Rifle)

One of the virtues that this particular Sniper Rifle possesses is the versatility of its functions. In other words, even though the Apex Legends G7 Scout has the capability […]

Apex Legends RE-45 (Pistol)

Like any other pistol in the Battle Royale genre, these weapons work best in the early stages of any match. Most noteworthy, their damage and attachments slots, are minimal […]

Apex Legends Triple Take (Sniper Rifle)

There are some unique attributes that this particular Sniper Rifle possesses. First of all, the Apex Legends Triple Take, like its name, shoots three “bullets” every single time you […]

Apex Legends R-301 (Assault Rifle)

Due to the fantastic characteristics that this weapon owns, everyone that gets the opportunity to find it, they never want to let it go. First of all, the Apex […]

Apex Legends Cosplay

Total Apex Legends Cosplay with the Bloodhound Costume Mask

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rather large rock over the past few months, chances are you’ve already been bitten by the Apex Legends bug. The sensational release by […]

Digimon Links Guide

Learning the Ropes with the Digimon Links Guide

What separates great apps from so-so ones is their ability to make the games they were intended for so much simpler. Simply put, simplicity works! When you sift through […]

Escape from Tarkov Quests Guide

The Ultimate Escape from Tarkov Quests Guide App

Escape from Tarkov is as hardcore as an FPS game can get. With a rather steep learning curve, it takes quite some time before you get to master its […]

The Division 2 Tips and Tricks

The Division 2 Tips and Tricks to Supercharge Your Way Through

No longer in the shadows of Bungie’s widely successful shooter-RPG Destiny, The Division 2 was released by Massive 3 weeks ago as a glaring improvement over the first one. […]

byPlayerAuctions|11 Apr 2019|Others

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