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PlayerAuctions is a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of gaming products. Founded in 1999 by gaming enthusiasts, we have grown to become a leading eCommerce platform for trading virtual gaming products.

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Apex Legends Mozambique (Shotgun)

The Award for the LEAST effective weapon of the game goes to the Apex Legends Mozambique. First, you’ll probably wonder why this shotgun is so unique that it earns […]

Apex Legends App

Drop Roulette: The Essential Apex Legends App

To drop or not to drop? That is a question that has beleaguered way too many Apex Legends players in recent days. Finding the perfect drop zone can be […]

Rocket League Hot Wheels

Crash, Boom, and Bang with the Rocket League Hot Wheels Playset

Having burst into the gaming scene way back in 2015 (via Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4) with the impact of a blazing rocket, Rocket League has since cemented itself […]

Apex Legends Devotion (LMG)

When you have a beautiful theme like the one established on Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment, is not unfamiliar to see Energy weapons here and there. Therefore, in the Apex […]

Apex Legends Wingman (Pistol)

This powerful revolver has the potential to destroy the hopes and dreams of your adversaries. First, a well-aimed shot in the head with the Apex Legends Wingman can almost […]

Apex Legends Hemlock (Assault Rifle)

This weapon has interesting gaming mechanics that differentiate it from the rest of the Assault Rifles. Due to its three-round burst, with the Apex Legends Hemlock, you have the […]

Pantheon Game

The Pantheon Game: Old School Dynamics Meet Modern Sensibilities

Greetings and salutations! For this week’s upcoming title, we will be looking at the much-anticipated Pantheon Game. Having been in the works for a couple of years now, it […]

byPlayerAuctions|14 Mar 2019|Upcoming

Castle Clash Guide

More Epic Clashes with the Ultimate Castle Clash Guide

In a game like Castle Clash, familiarity of mechanics and overall mastery of subtle nuances is vital. They are the basic ingredients you need if you are to become […]

Apex Legends Kraber .50-Cal (Sniper)

Send “goodbye” letters from a long distance with this fabulous Sniper Rifle. If you’re able to land one perfect headshot to one unfortunate fellow, it can mean that he/she […]

Apex Legends Prowler Burst DPW (SMG)

in those tricky situations (especially on the early stages). Its uniqueness comes with the “burst” of five shots every time you press the trigger button. As a result, it […]

Apex Legends Mastiff (Shotgun)

This weapon is the top of the food chain when it comes to close encounters. If your opponents were unlucky enough to receive a full blast from this Shotgun, […]

Outlaws of the Old West Game

Smoke ‘Em in the Outlaws of the Old West Game

Billy the Kid, Pat Garret, and Jesse James. These are but some of the names from the Wild West whose fame (or infamy) has been forever etched into the […]

byPlayerAuctions|05 Mar 2019|Upcoming

Artifact Cards

All Artifact Cards on Deck

In life, you must make the best of whatever hand you’re given. In a game like Artifact, though, you have the power to choose the cards that make up […]

City of Titans Review

City of Titans Review: A First Look

Riding the massive tidal wave that City of Heroes created, City of Titans is set to be by Missing Worlds Media upon the gaming public soon. Developers must work […]

byPlayerAuctions|27 Feb 2019|Upcoming

Utilizing Apex Legends Hitboxes to Your Advantage

Since the release of the game, there have been news tidbits all over Reddit about Apex Legends Hitboxes. With some legends in the game having a bigger Hitbox compared […]

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