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Poison Claw Pathfinder

By | March 9th, 2021 | Categories: Ranged Builds

While the Ranger is traditionally known for using a bow and arrow, many of its Ascendancy builds break that mold. Among them would be the Poison Claw Pathfinder. As her name suggests, she is a melee character, but that is not a bad thing.

Aside from melee classes getting buffs, the Poison Claw Pathfinder’s build simply works wonders, which means that ditching the bow makes perfect sense.

Pros and Cons of Poison Claw Pathfinder Builds


  • Very tanky
  • High DPS
  • Reliable in DPS farming
  • Uses Withering Step instead of Withering Totem


  • Flask-reliant
  • Vulnerable to heavy degen
  • Not starter-viable

Passive Skill Tree:

Passive Skill Tree and Gear and Gem Links

Here’s the passive skill tree.

  • Weapon:
    • Rare Claw with increased chaos damage, attack speed, gain onslaught for 4 seconds on kill, increased poison duration and poison damage dealt by weapon, chaos damage over time, and life gained per hit.
      • Malevolence; Herald of Agony with Enlighten support gem
  • The Wasp Nest (Unique) for increased physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, accuracy, poison on hit, poison deal by weapon has increased chaos damage affected by 3 poisons.
  • Body: The Perfect Form (Unique) for increased dexterity, evasion, life, cold resistance, 100% reduced reserved mana for Arctic Armour, phase acrobatics, and evasion.
    • Venom Gyre with Unbound Ailments, Added Chaos Damage, Greater Multiple Projectiles, and Deadly Ailments support gems.
  • Head: Rare Helm with increased Viper Strike damage, life, chaos resistance, reduced chaos resistance to nearby enemies, and elemental resistances.
    • Molten Shell with Increased Duration support gem; Blood Rage and Haste.
  • Gloves: Fenumus’ Weaves (Unique) for level 20 Aspect of the Spider skill, increased evasion and energy shield, increased damage on enemies affected by spider’s webs, 13 chaos damage for every spider’s web on enemy.
    • Withering Step, Wither with Spell Totem and Multiple Totems support gems.
  • Belt: Stygian Vise with increased life, elemental resistances, and either dual wielding damage or flask charges gained
  • Boots: Rare Boots with increased elemental resistances, strength, and movement speed.
    • Wither with Faster Casting, Spell Totem, and Multiple Totems support gems.
  • Accessories:
    • Rare Amulet with increased attributes, dexterity, damage over time, armor, life, resistances, and energy shield.
    • Rare Rings with increased life, elemental resistances, life, and accuracy.
  • Jewels:
    • 2 Rare Jewels with increase to life, attack speed, poison damage, damage with claws, and one-handed weapons.
    • 1 Rare Corrupted Jewel with increased critical strike chance, life, and damage with poison.
    • Watcher’s Eye (Unique) with increased energy shield, life, and increased damage over time while affected by Malevolence.
  • Flasks:
    • Panicked Eternal Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding recovery/immunity
    • Rumi’s Concoction (Unique) for +3000 armour and chance to block attack and spell damage
    • Chemist’s Silver Flask of Warding for increased movement speed and curse recovery/immunity
    • Alchemist’s Jade Flask of Reflexes for increased evasion
    • Witchfire Brew (Unique) for increased evasion, smoke cloud on use, and increased damage over time during effect.

This Pathfinder is no little kitty; it’s a big cat with sharp, deadly claws. So if you’re looking for a good build for Ritual League, this is a solid choice.

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