King’s Ransom OSRS Quest Guide, Requirements, and Rewards

King's Ransom OSRS Quest Guide
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The King’s Ransom OSRS quest is the last quest in the Camelot series, in which players are tasked with unveiling the plot made by Morgan le Faye and the Sinclair family to decimate Camelot. As time runs low and clues are few and far between, you need to solve the case before Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table are destroyed.

In the following OSRS quest guide, we will be discussing:

  • King’s Ransom Quest Requirements
  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Quest Rewards

King’s Ransom OSRS Quest Requirements

For this quest, you are going to need to meet a number of requirements. Before we get started on the items you need, you will first need to be at level 45 Magic, as well as level 65 Defence. Meanwhile, you will need to have completed the following quests: Black Knight’s Fortress, Holy Grail, Merlin’s Crystal, Murder Mystery, One Small Favour, Rune Mysteries, Druidic Ritual, Shilo Village and Jungle Potion.

As for the required items, you will need Granite, Telekinetic Grab, and certain armour to take with you. This includes full black armour, a bronze med helm, and an iron chainbody. You will also need an animate rock scroll, though you will get this during the quest.

Quest Guide for King’s Ransom OSRS

To get started with the quest, you firstly need to speak with Gossip outside of the Sinclair Mansion, which is just to the north-west of Camelot Castle. Here you will be told that the Sinclair’s have left and are pointing the finger at Anna as the killer of Lord Sinclair. Gossip will continue to explain that evidence was shown by one of the family members that shows that Anna was guilty. He will continue to mention that King Arthur has vanished along with his knights around the same time as the Sinclair family had left.

Once you have agreed to investigate what has been going on, talk to the suspicious guard who believes the Sinclair family are involved with the disappearance of King Arthur and the Knights. He believes that it may all be part of a bigger plan to take over Camelot. You will be handed the investigation after being told that no-one is allowed to enter either Camelot or the Sinclair Mansion.

Investigating the Mansion

To gain access to the mansion, smash the window on the eastern side of the building. Once you are inside, you are going to need a few items as evidence. Firstly, grab the scrap paper from the ground floor dining room. Head up to the 1st floor next, and get the address form from the library, as well as the Black Knight helm from the bookcase to the west.

Take the three pieces of evidence back to the guard, who will agree that something is suspicious about the disappearance of King Arthur. As he takes the evidence, you will be told that you need to wait a month for the procedure to be carried out. For now, go back to Gossip to learn all about the family history of the Sinclair family by choosing all three options.

After hearing the three stories, our next stop is the courthouse in Seers’ Village. Talk to Anna here who will explain that she has been set up by the actual killer, though no one is going to believe her. Ask the whereabouts of her family, after which she will tell you she doesn’t know. Before you leave, she will strike a deal with you in which you will have to help her get a not guilty verdict in exchange for help getting into Camelot. You will then be given the criminal’s thread, and suggest that you can get testimony from the servants.

As for getting the testimony, you can skip a large part of the quest by simply going down the stairs of the courthouse to start the trial. You can ask the servants questions to figure out who the murderer was if you want to crack the case yourself. The six servants can be found back at the mansion, so head back there if you wish and exhaust all dialogue options with them.

Anna’s Trial

As the trial rolls on, you will start to call witnesses by speaking to the judge. To get the verdict we are looking for, you need to rebut the evidence of Anna’s fingerprints on the dagger, as well as the unused poison Anna bought and a thread from her clothing being found at the scene of the crime. You will also need to rebut the evidence of her being at the scene at the time.

As for calling witnesses, call the butler and question him about the dagger. Then, call the dog handler to enquire about the poison, then the maid to see what she was on the night in question. Finally, you can call anyone to ask about the thread to finish the defence’s case. The judge will then end the trial and ask for a verdict, which will be not guilty.

Click on the gate to exit the courtroom, and speak to Anna in the cells. She will now tell you how you can get into Camelot. Go to the eastern side of the castle, then check out the statue by the temple. This will trigger a cutscene between Anna and David, which will reveal that they have set you up and were in fact responsible for the death of Lord Sinclair. Morgan le Faye will suddenly appear before you and knock you unconscious.

Waking Up in Jail

As you come to, you will be in jail along with Merlin and the King’s Knights. Talk to Merlin, who will explain that King Arthur has been transformed into a granite statue. Meanwhile, the Sinclair family has teamed up with Morgan Le Faye to reclaim Camelot, with the latter stealing the Holy Grail.

Ask Merlin what you should do. Go through the conversation the click on the vent that you find opposite the gate. Merlin with then escape with the knights’ help by making a human pyramid. Then you can speak with the knights and see if they know any ways in which they can escape. If you have been given a lockpick, then you can use it on the metal door. If not, then use Telekinetic Grab to get the hair clip as a makeshift way of escaping.

You will then have to solve the lock puzzle. The best way to do this is to set each number at 0 before trying the lock. Increase them accordingly then leave the ones that show up with a green circle. Once you are out, you will find yourself on the ground floor of Keep Le Faye.

The Holy Grail

Start making your way to the top floor and look on the table that you find in the northern section of the room. You will need to take a look at the riddle and solve it by choosing the right container. Select the second to last purple box on the right to find the grail.

Finding King Arthur

Next, we need to free King Arthur so head over to East Ardougne to go to the Wizard Cromperty. He will explain to you that King Arthur needs to be freed, so you will need to solve Morgan’s spell. You will receive the animate rock scroll to be used on the King with the Holy Grail and the granite that you should have on you. Make sure that you have the armour and items equipped that we mentioned in the requirements, then head into the Black Knights’ Fortress to the north of Ice Mountain.

Head through the guards’ door and put on your black equipment as well as the helm and chain, then push the wall behind the door. Head down the ladder and click the Free option on the King Arthur statue. Speak with him and give him the bronze med helm and iron chainbody to serve as the guard uniform.

Head back to Camelot and with King Arthur back in his castle, speak to him to complete the quest.

King’s Ransom OSRS Quest Rewards

For finishing this quest, you will receive 1 quest point, plus 33,000 Defence experience and 5,000 Magic experience. You will also receive an Antique Lamp, plus access to the Knight Waves Training Grounds. You will also now be able to use the Chivalry and Piety prayers once you have finished the Knight Waves Training Grounds.

Congratulations on completing the King’s Ransom OSRS quest, and the Camelot quest series!

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