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Genshin Impact Noelle Character Bio
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Name: Noelle (no last name given)

Vision: Geo

Birthday: 21 March

Constellation: Parma Cordis

Title(s): Chivalric Blossom, Maid of Favonius

In Genshin Impact, Noelle is a guaranteed pull from new players’ first wish on the Beginner Banner. Her Elemental Skill, Breastplate, summons a shield around the active character. This shield can take damage for the character, based on Noelle’s DEF. While it is active, her Normal and Charged attacks may heal the party’s HP, also based on her DEF. Her Burst, Sweeping Time, gathers the Geo element onto her weapon, dealing damage. Her attacks will deal Geo damage as well for a few seconds after activation and attacks scale off her DEF.

She’s a defensive character in a game where players value offense over defense. She can heal, but other characters do that better than she can. Though players might ignore her for other characters, she can be incredibly useful in certain situations. With the right build, she can steamroll through a majority of content.

About Noelle in Genshin Impact

Noelle isn’t a Knight of Favonius, yet. She’s doing the best she can to be one, though. In the meantime, she’ll do her duty as a maid. There’s a saying in Monstadt that when you need help, you can call out “NOELLEEEE” at the top of your lungs. Then she’ll appear and sweep all your problems away.

Her dedication to good service even unwittingly saved Mondstadt! A Snezhnayan merchant once took a trip to Mond to secretly dismantle the country’s wine industry. Noelle was the one who welcomed him and his family. In the beginning, he was delighted by the warm reception the young maid gave. However, Noelle started predicting his schedule, preparing the family’s favorite dishes, and even made his daughter a ragdoll. That instilled a feeling of paranoia that his mind and plans were being read. Unable to confirm whether that was true or not, he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs. It left Noelle dejected for some time, thinking she had done something wrong to drive him away.

Noelle can do many things. She once saved a freezing adventurer trapped in Dragonspine in the middle of a bad snowstorm. She did lie in bed sick for three days after, but she never regrets doing so. Her dedication to her work as a maid led to her knowledge of many things such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, laundry, and more. Whatever you need her to do, she can do it perfectly.

After the incident with the adventurer, the Acting Grand Master Jean and Cavalry Captain Kaeya do their best to keep Noelle from overworking herself. Even the Knight of Favonius’ Handbook (5th edition) says that pushing their work onto Noelle will incur heavy punishment. When Stormterror threatened Mondstadt, she wanted to deal with it at the source. Kaeya kept her busy enough to prevent her from doing so until it was resolved.

Her petite stature belies her immense strength. From lifting bookcases with nary a tremor to hurling several full carts of merchandise*, her strength serves her well when serving others. It caused Wagner, the local blacksmith, a little bit of grief when her claymores ended up getting ruined with a few uses. He made a custom one for her, strengthened by her Geo Vision that barely passed the test. Noelle is a pacifist at heart, so don’t worry about her using her strength or claymore for hurting others.

*The carts were burning after brushing by some Pyro Slimes on the road. Noelle hurled them into the lake to put them out and then swam in to retrieve everything.

Her only weakness would be festivals like the Ludi Harpastum. As a maid, one of her duties is to check if the food is up to standards. Besides that, she also volunteers to cook and serve the food. She’ll end up tasting each and every deliciously fatty dish due to her dedication. Despite liking the smiles on the festival-goers’ faces, she frowns at her bulging belly. She takes the night patrol for a whole month afterward.

Roses of Discretion

Maids of Favonius are privy to several secrets. How many eyepatches does Captain Kaeya have? What exactly is inside Amber’s Baron Bunny? How many bomb caches does Klee have? We’ll never know, as maids would never, ever tell. Roses are a symbol of discretion in Mond, as it means ‘my lips are sealed.’

Noelle took a whole bolt of red cloth to make a great many of these roses, even fixing one onto her gauntlet. It is a reminder to keep everything in strict confidence. Asking her for information about the knights is a fruitless endeavor, as she’ll never tell.

She does get flustered when the Traveler tells her that roses mean something else in their homeworld.

How Did Noelle Get His Vision in Genshin Impact?

Noelle received her Vision when, after failing the Knight’s selection test for the 7th time, she saluted Acting Grand Master Jean and the latter returned it.

She had been in despair, thinking that all the effort in studying bladework, etiquette, and everything else was for naught. When she saw that Jean answered her salute, it was like receiving recognition for her hard work. The Acting Grand Master and a god had recognized and appreciated everything she had done for moving toward her dream.

From then on, she treated her Vision as a promise that she’ll reach her dream someday. She’s a little perplexed as to why she received a Geo Vision (it is the opposite of Anemo, after all), but treats it as precious all the same. One possible explanation is that the Geo Archon is also called the God of History. He is known to have a good memory, so information and knowledge are within his domain. He must’ve noticed Noelle’s pursuit of knowledge, as well as her stubborn attitude (which she denies).


That’s all for the Knights of Favonius’ most capable maid! Watch this space as there are more Genshin Impact Character bios to come. And if you ever need a game account, feel free to browse the Genshin Impact Account marketplace.

Have fun playing Genshin Impact, and make sure to appreciate Noelle!

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