How did Jean Get Her Vision?

Genshin Impact Jean
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The game remains vague on the actual circumstances when Jean received her Vision. She had just been promoted to Master of Knights, giving her a huge burden to do what’s right for Mond. The Fatui were milling about, exerting diplomatic pressure. Then, from within, traitors and allies of the former Inspector were still in the Order. Judging from the timeline, the same Inspector covered up the accident of Crepus’ death, leading to Diluc’s resignation.

Yet, Jean was determined to succeed, and succeed she did. With one hand, she fended off the Fatui, and with the other, she led the knights in successful skirmishes against the Abyss Order. She also weeded out the Inspector’s allies, though this likely came about later. These events established the Order’s authority, repairing the broken trust the former Inspector had perpetuated.

When she received her Vision, it seemed the world was silenced before she felt the breeze through her hand. Her family’s motto echoed in her head, “For Mondstadt, as always,” and there her Vision is.

Who did Jean Lose?

Since the reveal that the Archons do not choose who gets a Vision, Jean’s Anemo Vision stems from her ambition. That is to protect the freedom and security of Mondstadt. Curiously, all Anemo users have ‘lost’ someone they loved. Kazuha, Heizou, Xiao, and Sucrose all lost friends and comrades. Sayu’s master disappeared after completing her training. As for Jean, she lost a sister and a father.

Though she is making amends with her sister, there’s nothing in the story about reconnecting with her father. Then again, as leaders of the knights and the church, they could be too busy. While she technically hasn’t lost anyone, she still endured that pain.

And that’s everything about the ever-responsible Dandelion Knight of Mondstadt! She’s a definite workaholic (especially with Klee around), but the people respect and admire her for it. The Acting Grand Master is a paragon of the best kind, and she deserves a good long rest. Hopefully, she can fit that into her schedule lest she gets sick again.

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