How Did Beidou Get Her Vision?

Genshin Impact Beidou Character Bio
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‘Its fins formed the ocean deep, its tail the mountain high.’ Those were the lyrics to one fishermen’s song. Beidou grew up listening to it as a lullaby. Along with the legendary tales of how Rex Lapis defeated monstrous sea gods, she got the idea to see and later defeat one such creature.

On one journey across the open waters, she sang it differently. With her crew singing along, they sailed with Haishan in ignorance. Rising from the deep, a creature with the features of both dragon and fish bore at them with waves it created. The time to fulfill her dream and defeat the beast was upon her.

She had tried and failed many times before, but she’ll make sure to get it this time. The battle raged for four days with her best greatsword and a crew of the best crack shots. As harpoons, cannon fire, ropes, and arrows rained down on the leviathan, Beidou battled the monster. Even through the night, when Haishan had the advantage, she and the crew sat in vigil.

She only needed one strike.

As dawn arrived, Beidou felt a shift in the waters. Thirsty, hungry, and tired, she took up her claymore and slashed at the approaching threat. A crack resounded from the slash, one that seemed could split the moon or cleave a mountain in half. That slash severed the head of the giant sea monster cleanly off in one move.

A clap of thunder followed a lightning strike that split the ocean, and a Vision descended onto Beidou’s hands. It was a gift worthy of one who defeated this monster without the aid of a god.

The Electro Archon is also called the God of Eternity. A story about the hero who slew a monstrous beast without any kind of Vision is worthy of being told unto eternity, don’t you think? The legend will persist for a long time, even if the characters are eventually forgotten.

Although the eyepatch, love for alcohol, and sailing are common markers for pirates, we can’t tell if Beidou is one. We, as players, will never know how exactly she gets the merchandise she procures, whether through honest trade or other means. At any rate, Beidou can be a valuable ally to your team, with the right artifacts and weapons, of course.

Enjoy Genshin Impact!

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