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Jonathan has been an avid Runescape player since 2001 when classes were still a thing. He has thoroughly played all versions of the game, from Classic to RS3.

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    OSRS Prayer Guide

    OSRS Prayer Guide for PSP and F2P

    Prayer is quite a fast and easy skill that has absolutely no requirements to start. The downside is that it is an extremely expensive skill to reach Level 99, […]

    byJonathan G|14 Apr 2019|RuneScape

    OSRS Ironman Guide

    OSRS Ironman Guide for P2P and F2P

    Some players like the challenge of playing Oldschool Runescape on their own, which is why Ironman Mode was integrated into the game. Since you cannot trade with other players, […]

    byJonathan G|07 Apr 2019|RuneScape

    OSRS Melee Armor

    OSRS Melee Armor for P2P and F2P

    It is iconic to have the best-in-slot gear for any MMORPG, although it will cost plenty of GP in the case of OSRS. Unlike a typical MMORPG, armor can […]

    byJonathan G|26 Mar 2019|RuneScape

    OSRS Magic Guide

    OSRS Magic Guide for 1-99

    For most players, magic is considered to be a mundane skill involving repetitive clicking and very expensive runes. Fortunately, using the most efficient training routes, it is still a […]

    byJonathan G|18 Mar 2019|RuneScape