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Jonathan has been an avid Runescape player since 2001 when classes were still a thing. He has thoroughly played all versions of the game, from Classic to RS3.

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OSRS Economy

The Ins and Outs of OSRS Economy

As with any other MMORPG, Old School RuneScape and RuneScape both have economies that somewhat reflect real life. Although Jagex has the power to add or remove gold, they […]

byJonathan G|23 Oct 2019|RuneScape

OSRS Combat Guide

OSRS Combat Guide

Combat in Old School RuneScape is simple yet unique from most other MMORPGs. It doesn’t involve button mashing, but rather clicking and having your character automatically do the fighting. […]

byJonathan G|04 Oct 2019|RuneScape

Lost City OSRS

Lost City OSRS Quest Guide

The Lost City quest is both coveted and hated by people who’ve had this game as a part of their youth. Once you see through the proverbial smoke though, […]

runescape weapons

OSRS and RuneScape Weapons

Weapons are a vital part of combat in any video game and OSRS is no different. When RuneScape decided to activate the Evolution of Combat update, people noticed the […]

byJonathan G|21 Sep 2019|RuneScape

OSRS Vorkath Guide

The definitive OSRS Vorkath Guide

Since Zulrah was nerfed, many veteran players started to consider Vorkath to be the new replacement as the steadiest combat-based money maker. While it has significantly higher requirements to […]

byJonathan G|16 Sep 2019|RuneScape


An In-Depth OSRS Gear Progression Guide

Gear progression in Runescape isn’t as linear as other games within the same genre. Whether one is playing restrictive a build (like a pure), lacking wealth or attacking certain […]

byJonathan G|25 Aug 2019|OSRS, RuneScape

OSRS Zalcano Guide

OSRS Zalcano Guide

Zalcano is a new non-combat skilling boss that came with the Song of the Elves update, and it’s already being hailed as one of the best moneymakers in the […]

byJonathan G|15 Aug 2019|RuneScape

OSRS Firemaking Guide for 1-99

Firemaking is one of the original skills in the game from Classic, and it is quite fast to train. The main downside is that there is almost no reward […]

OSRS Raids Guide

Instanced raiding was never really a thing in Oldschool Runescape until the addition of Chambers of Xeric and the Theatre of Blood. Unlike other MMORPG’s, there is no linear […]

byJonathan G|22 May 2019|RuneScape

OSRS Barrows Guide

OSRS Barrows Guide – How to Defeat the Barrows Brothers Easily

The Barrows Brothers were a band of six legendary warriors who conquered Morytania during the God Wars, but most players know them for their epic armor sets. In RuneScape, […]

byJonathan G|16 May 2019|RuneScape

OSRS Herblore Guide for 1-99

Herblore, which was originally named Herblaw, is a skill in which the player may create potions using herbs and other peculiar ingredients. Many players only choose to level up […]

OSRS Demonic Gorilla Guide

Demonic Gorillas came out with the Monkey Madness II quest and are comparable to the Tormented Demons from Runescape 3. In case you didn’t know, these monsters are the […]

byJonathan G|01 May 2019|RuneScape

OSRS Mining Guide for 1-99

Mining is one of the original skills that came with the original launch of Runescape and goes hand-in-hand with Smithing. Unlike other gathering skills like Woodcutting or Fishing, Mining […]

OSRS Prayer Guide for 1-99

Prayer is quite a fast and easy skill that has absolutely no requirements to start. The downside is that it is an extremely expensive skill to reach Level 99, […]

byJonathan G|14 Apr 2019|RuneScape

OSRS Ironman Guide F2P & P2P

Some players like the challenge of playing Old School Runescape on their own, which is why Ironman Mode was integrated into the game. Since you cannot trade with other […]