Lost city OSRS

Lost City OSRS
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The Lost City quest is both coveted and hated by people who’ve had this game as a part of their youth. Once you see through the proverbial smoke though, this Lost City OSRS guide will show you just who easy the quest is—even on a low-level account. If you are after the coveted Dragon Dagger or quick quest point, it’s a must-do quest that should be taken up eventually.

Starting the Lost City OSRS Quest

This quest has no prerequisites to start, aside from having 31 Crafting and 36 Woodcutting. The main challenge you’ll need to prepare for is the fight with a level 101 monster without weapons or armor. You can bring along runes, food, potions, and jewelry, so prepare supplies accordingly. Tools used in this quest are simply an axe at the beginning and a knife towards the end.

You begin by speaking to the Warrior by the campfire in the East of Lumbridge Swamp. Simply go through the dialogues to fluster him and get him to blurt out the secret of Zanaris. This should end on the line: “looks like you don’t know either”.

After revealing that they are looking for a leprechaun hiding in a tree, go around chopping trees until he pops out. Simply ask him how to get to Zanaris and he’ll concede that you need a staff made from Dramen wood, which is found in the Entrana Dungeon.

Venturing to the Entrana Dungeon

Since the monks of Entrana don’t allow weapons or armor to be taken, you need to plan what you’re going to take. A common option is to take your best amulet and ring, food like shark or Karambawn, prayer potions and runes. The boss is undead, so crumble undead spells would be a solid option.

It is possible to take crafting and fletching supplies to make a full set of ranging gear, but this would take a significant amount of inventory space. The newly added Celastrus bark can also be taken to craft a battle staff, which would allow auto casting of some spells.

Once you have everything together, go to the eastern side of Port Sarim where you will see some monks. Talk to one of them and let them know you want to travel to their island. They will conduct a thorough search and, as long as you don’t have contraband, you will travel for free to Entrana.

The Entrana Dungeon is on the northwest part of the island and is marked with an exclamation point on the map. You will have to head east, cross the bridge, and head west to get there.

Click on the ladder and the nearby monk will give you a warning, but go down anyway. You should then find yourself underground with some Zombies visible to the west.

You will need a woodcutting axe to cut down the tree; the problem is you were not allowed to bring one with you. Bronze or iron axes are uncommon drops from zombies, so you will have to grind on the ones in the dungeon until you are lucky enough to receive one. Take note: For low-level players, this will potentially make you use a significant portion of your food.

The boss fight

Once you have an axe, make a run for the northern end of the dungeon, ignoring the Greater Demons on the way. You should now be brought to a room with a strange, ominous-looking tree in the middle. If you try to chop it, the Tree Spirit will attack you, so make sure you are prepared to fight before making an attempt.

If you are using magic, there is a way to safe-spot the boss using the mushroom to the south. It may be kind of awkward trying to trap it in the right position, so you may take a few hits along the way. Should you be in possession of the Protect From Melee prayer, just use that for the duration of the fight and cast spells or use melee. If your DPS isn’t high enough, you may need to use a Prayer Potion. Keep in mind, a ring of recoil won’t work if using a protection prayer.

Once the boss is defeated, you may cut branches off the tree. You are allowed to take as many as you wish, and it may be a good idea since Dramen Staves are useful in the future.

You may then teleport out using runes or jewelry you brought with you. If you came without teleports, simply use the Home Teleport or any of the minigame teleports to get out. Otherwise, you would have to use the switch near the Greater Demons, which will take you straight to the Wilderness.

Crafting the Dramen Staff

This is where the crafting portion of the quest comes in. Simply use a knife on a Dramen brand to craft it into a staff. No experience will be received, but you will finally have the item to complete the quest.

Take your staff to the empty storage shed in the center of the Lumbridge Swamp. Have your staff equipped, click on the door, and you will magically be teleported to the city of Zanaris. The quest will be completed at this point, without the need to talk to any NPC.

Rewards from the Lost City OSRS

Having access to the city of Zanaris is a reward in itself with multiple activities unlocked.

The market allows you to purchase Dragon Long Swords and Dragon Daggers. Their prices are more expensive than the GE, but they’re useful for ironmen.

This is also the most convenient location to access Puro Puro as you won’t need to hunt down its random spawn location. There is also a nearby bank that adds to the convenience. This quest will also allow you to progress down the Fairy Tale questline, which includes the ability to use the Fairy Ring network.

Wrapping Up

The Lost City quest is quick and easy even for low-level accounts, so hopefully, this Lost City OSRS guide will make it even more of a breeze. This is a stepping stone when going towards other high-level quests, but you can complete it at any point during your account progression.

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