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Sins of the Father OSRS Quest Guide

Sins of Father quest in OSRS
By | June 8th, 2020 | Categories: OSRS Quests

The Sins of the Father OSRS quest has recently been added to the game, and presents a lengthy and difficult adventure for those who choose to attempt it. Following its announcement back at RuneFest last year, we can now take a look at what the quest entails following its recent launch.

With that in mind, the following OSRS quest guide will detail the following:

  • Quest Requirements
  • Quest Guide
  • Rewards

There is a lot for us to get through here, so let’s start by taking a look at what requirements you need to start the quest.

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Sins of the Father OSRS Quest Requirements

Skill and Quest Requirements

Before you start the Sins of the Father OSRS quest, you will have to have completed the following quests: Vampyre Slayer, A Taste of Hope, Darkness of Hallowvale, In Aid of the Myreque, In Search of the Myreque, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, and The Restless Ghost. There are also a number of skill requirements that you’ll need too, which includes 62 Woodcutting, 60 Fletching, 56 Crafting, 52 Agility, 50 Slayer, 50 Attack, and 50 Magic.

Item Requirements and Recommendations

As far as items are concerned, for starters you will need an Axe. Then you’ll need an Ivandis Flail, a Ruby, a Knife, a Chisel and a Vyrewatch Outfit. If you don’t have the outfit on your person, you will need 1950 coins to buy it during the quest. Finally, you are going to have to take Runes for level 3 Enchant, which includes a Cosmic Rune and five Fire Runes.

There’s several items that are recommended that you take with you also, though they aren’t necessarily required. You should take at least an extra 10,000 coins so you can pay Andras to get to Slepe, which will become apparent. A Teleport to Haunted Woods, Fenkenstrain’s Castle or an Ectophial should also be taken. Be sure to take Stamina, Energy and Antipoison Potions. Morytania Legs 3 and Drakan’s Medallion will also come in handy.

Sins of the Father OSRS Step-by-Step Guide

To begin this OSRS quest, Sins of the Father, you will want to head to the church in Slepe, and speak to Veliaf Hurtz. In order to reach Slepe you can use the Drakan’s Medallion to teleport yourself to Ver Sinhaza, then simply head upwards to the desired location. You could also use the Ectophial to teleport, and use Andras’ rowboat and head north, which is why we recommend taking the extra gold, since you may have to fork out 10,000 coins to do so. Alternatively, you can use it to teleport and head through Port Phasmatys, where you can find Slepe to the south.

However you choose to get there, start by speaking to Veliaf Hurtz. Here he will tell you that the Sleeper Plague has overcome the town, in which residents are not awakening from their sleep. You will then be tasked with finding out what’s causing the illness, and checking out the church.

The Church

Inside the church, you will need to speak to Hameln the Jester, who will inform you that his partner fell ill from drinking at the pub, so that’s where we will be heading next. Head southeast of the church to the pub, and speak to Carl about the beer. Carl won’t be very useful in giving out the information we need, so head outside and inspect the barrel behind the pub to trigger a cutscene. This will see you following Carl to the dungeon near the centre of town, and you will need to be careful not to get caught. He will turn around on occasion, so make sure to find a hiding place each time he does so. If he does spot you, then you’ll have to start again from the beginning.

Following Carl to the Dungeon

If you want to avoid getting spotted, then firstly head through the church and hide around the doors to the north until he passes. Keep heading north and hide behind the trees that you come across, then again by the trees at the gallows when reaching the town centre. Hang around until he enters the graveyard, and hide behind the plants at the entrance.

After you manage to get to the dungeon without getting caught, another cutscene will play that takes you into a fight with Kroy. Be sure to stick close to him when fighting, and he will switch between melee and magic when attacking, as well as throwing vials at you that can weaken your abilities, so be careful. Pray protect from magic as the magic has a higher damage output, and avoid him as best as you possibly can whilst staying close. Whilst you are here, destroy the lab tables to save you time before leaving, otherwise you will have to enter the dungeon again afterwards. To find the lab, simply head along the western wall and it will soon appear.

After this, you will need to return to Veliaf, and then head to Drezel over at the Paterdomus. Then, from Fenkenstrain’s Castle, head to the south where you will find Ivan Strom. Another cutscene will take place in which Vanescula Drakan turns up and suggests that Myreque congregate with their members to meet in the Icyene graveyard, which brings us onto the next part of the quest.

Trekking with Ivan Strom

Head over to the west of Canifis, where you can perform the Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame with Ivan. Make sure you have the Ivandis Flail weapon with you, then speak to Ivan to begin.

Firstly, you are going to need to use either your Axe or Knife in order to cut down the three vines from the tree on the first stage. Combine these to make a long vine to be used on the tree branch, then swing across the water. You will then have to fight off three nail beasts, so make sure to protect Ivan at the same time, and heal him with food if needed. You’ll then come across a broken bridge which you will need to fix. Use your Axe to cut three dead trees down and use the logs to fix the broken bridge, before heading across. Finally, you will face off with 2 level 119 Vampyres. Here is where you should use our Ivandis Flail, and also make sure to keep Ivan away from taking damage.

To the Icyene Graveyard

Once you have reached the docks, speak to Ivan so that you get the option to sail to the Icyene Graveyard. Talk to Ivan and the crew to start a cutscene, after which you need to start a puzzle by clicking on the mausoleum door.

This puzzle requires you to have the active numbers in each row add up to the number in the column. The active numbers are in the blue and yellow squares, and you can use the red flags to help you mark squares you don’t think that you’ll need. The numbers differ for every player, so there is not one out and out method of doing it, though you can look for a column where it has numbers below 5 to get an idea of what possibilities you can get rid of.

Speaking to the Myreque Members

After finishing the puzzle, its revealed that Vanstrom Klause is the Vampyrified father of Safalaan. You will need to speak to a number of Myreque members after this, which includes Ivan, Kael Forshaw, Polmafi Ferdygris, Radigad Ponfit, Veliaf, and Vertida Sefalatis. The order in which you need to speak to them is: Ivan, Vertida, Kael, Radigad, Polmafi and Veliaf. Once you have gotten them to agree to help, head over to Meiyerditch.

Talk to one of the flying Vyrewatch, and ask to be sent to the mines. Once you have done so, mine 15 Daeyalt Ore and put it into the cart. You can then speak to a Vyrematch so you can leave the mines. Once you are out search the houses for a staircase, which you should find over by the eastern side. Head down the stairs and speak to Safalaan to start a cutscene, where you will have to fight a Mutated Bloodveld at level 123. Once you have defeated it, talk to Safalaan. After this head to the next room over to the west and check the bookshelf between the cages. Once you have the book, take it back to Safalaan to move on.

The Vyre of Noble Disguise

Your next task will be to fight Damien Leucurte, who is a level 204 Vampyre. Make sure that you are geared up and ready for battle, and take some Prayer, Combat and Antipoision Potions with you. After that, head back to the boat to take to Icyene Graveyard. Once you arrive, talk to the Myreque members, before heading to Meiyerditch. Talk to Trader Sven near Old Man Ral’s house to purchase a Vyrewatch disguise for 1950 gold.

Under Old Man Ral’s house is an underground lair, where you can speak to Polmafi Ferdygris to turn your disguise into a noble disguise. After that, head back to the Icyene Graveyard and talk to Vanescula Drakan, then Veliaf Hurtz to the west of the church in Slepe.

Damien Leucurte can be found in the Crombwick Manor in Slepe. You will notice in the fight that he uses both ranged and magic attacks, and will litter the room with fire that you need to get rid of before it makes him less vulnerable to attack. Your antipoision potions will also come in handy as he can poison you. Once more, equip your Ivandis Flail and be wary of his attacks. If you manage to keep his fires down then you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

After the fight, speak to Veliaf, then head back to the Icyene Graveyard to talk to Vanescula. It’s time to head back to the mines in Meiyerditch once again.

The Arboretum

You won’t need to mine any ore this time, just speak to a Vampyre to be taken out. Once you have done so, you should head up to Darkmeyer. Now that you have the Vyre Noble Outfit, you won’t have to worry about any hostile Vyrewatch either.

Where you can see the tree icon to the southeast, that’s where you need to be heading for the Arboretum. You will be halted by a Vampyre when trying to enter, after which you need to find Mordan Nikazsi back near the Darkmeyer entrance. You will see a house by the eastern outer wall, where there is a water symbol by a furnace for more of a landmark. Mordan he ask you to head out to find slaves, which are in the prison between the Food store and the Arboretum. Speaking to Maria Gadderanks after this will start another cutscene, after which you will enter the Arboretum.

Search the shelves for a note, before cutting 8 logs from the Blisterwood tree will be your next objective. Beforehand, use the note to find out how to restore the water flow, which can be done using the valves to the north and south and getting the right combination. Once you have done so, you can then cut the trees to get the logs. Take these logs back to Iceyene Graveyard and talk to Veliaf and Vanescula to continue.

The Blisterwood Flail

Next, we are going to head back to Old Man Ral’s house in Meyerditch to gain access to the underground lair. You are going to need your knife and chisel here, so be aware of what’s in your inventory. Speak with Vertida to give him 7 Blisterwood logs and he will show you how you can make a Ruby Sickle. A Silver Sickle is in a nearby box, so you can then use your chisel to combine the Silver Sickle and your Ruby to make the Ruby Sickle. You then have to enchant it and combine it with a Blisterwood log and your Knife to make the Blisterwood Sickle. Use it on the Ivandis Flail, which makes a Blisterwood Flail. Then, head back to the Icyene Graveyard.

Speak to the Myreque over by the Mausoleum, where Veliaf will ask you to chase up Safalaan to the north of the graveyard. Find him and speak to him by the water, before returning to the graveyard. Safalaan will speak to you of regrets he has, before you go into the final chapter of Sins of the Father in OSRS.

Boss Fight: Vanstrom Klause

Watch the cutscene then begin the fight. Vanstrom has two phases to his battle, and you should make sure that you have high-magic defence with you, as well as food and the potions we discussed earlier. A rapid ranged weapon is going to help you here too, as well as the ability to use protection prayers, so keep these factors in mind.

The First Phase

His first phase predominantly revolves around the use of magic, so prepare your defences appropriately. Vanstrom can be unpredictable at first, with the use of three special attacks coming off at random, so its best to keep your distance early on. After that, it will take around 10 normal attacks for him to perform one of his specials again.

Your ranged weapon will come in handy for his first attack, in which he summons bloodvelds to attack you. If they explode near you they will cause damage from acid, so have that ranged weapon at the ready. Be careful not to walk on any of the acid too, so you don’t take further damage. His next special attack sees him turning the screen dark, so you need to make sure you turn away from him to avoid taking damage. Finally, his third special summons a blood orb which regenerates Vanstrom, so you can either destroy them which will damage yourself, or lure the boss into them so he takes damage.

The Second Phase

For his next phase, switch to pray melee and make sure you have healing items left. Vanstrom will now hit you with a barrage of lightning bolts that can cause a fair amount of damage. You will receive notice via circles on the ground as to where the bolts are going to strike, but they don’t appear for long so you’ll need to be quick in avoiding them. Stick to these evasive methods and you will take him down before long.

After you have beaten Vanstrom Klause, you will have finally completed the Sins of the Father quest.

Sins of the Father OSRS Quest Rewards

For completing Sins of the Father in OSRS, you will receive two Quest Points. You will also be granted access to Darkmeyer, as well as Blisterwood weaponry. You can now travel via boat between Slepe, Burgh de Rott and the Icyene Graveyard too. There’s now new teleport options for Drakan’s Medallion, and finally you’ll receive a tome of experience to add 15,000 xp to three skills of your choosing.

Congratulations on beating the OSRS quest Sins of the Father!

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