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Shield of Arrav OSRS Quest Guide

Shield of Arrav OSRS Quest Guide
By | June 28th, 2020 | Categories: OSRS Quests

The Shield of Arrav OSRS quest sees players learning of a stolen shield from the museum of Varrock. You will be tasked with tracking the shield down and returning it to its rightful place. In order to do so, you are going to need a friend to help you complete this OSRS quest.

In this guide, we will outline the following:

  • Quest requirements
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Quest rewards
  • The solo method

So let’s take a look at what will be required for you to start and complete the quest.

Quest Requirements

There are usually a lot of cases in OSRS quests where a lot of items and skills are required. However, this particular outing only requires you to find a partner to player with using the official clan chat. You will also need 20 coins for Phoenix gang and two Phoenix crossbows for the Black Arm gang, the latter of which can be found within the quest.

As far as beginning the quest goes, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. You will need to find a member of the opposite gang of the one you decide to join to co-operate with you. If you have lower combat levels then you should join the Phoenix Gang, whereas the Black Arm Gang is better if you aren’t looking to increase your combat levels.

Shield of Arrav OSRS Quest Guide

If you are looking to join the Black Arm Gang, then you can kick off the quest without any requirements, as you can just speak to Charlie the Tramp and ask him what was in the alleyway. If you want to choose either, then head to Varrock’s Library in Varrock Palace and speak to Reldo. He will tell you of a book within the library, which you can find on a top shelf with a blue and white book. Once you have read it, speak to Reldo again and ask him where you can find the Phoenix Gang. Not knowing where to find them, Reldo suggests you speak to Baraek in Varrock Square.

If you have already spoken to Charlie the Tramp by the southern gate, then you can join the Black Arm Gang. If you want to join the Phoenix Gang, then head to Baerek.

Joining the Black Arm Gang

If you join the Black Arm Gang, then as mentioned earlier you will need to ask Charlie what is down the alleyway. He will inform you that it is the Black Arm’s hideout, so head down and enter the building. Speak to Katrine to let her know you are aware of the gang’s existence, though you can’t give your source away. With that said, you will be given a task to earn her trust.

What you will be instructed to do is steal from the Phoenix Gang, specifically asking you to get two of their crossbows. In order to do so, you are going to need to have your partner to be a part of the Phoenix Gang. Once you have achieved this, you will have to get them to give you the Weapon Store key that will be given to them by their respective gang. You can then take the key to the hideout to the south-east. You will find a small room just south of the rune shop, with a locked door. Use the key and climb the ladder inside.

You won’t be able to obtain the crossbow without killing the Weaponsmaster, so make sure you do so before trying to pick them up. After you have slayed him, take two Phoenix crossbows and head back to Katrine. Give her the crossbows to become a part of the Black Arm gang, then head upstairs in the hideout. Check the cupboard, and you will find one half of the Shield of Arrav, so take it.

Joining the Phoenix Gang

If you want to join the Phoenix Gang, then you will need to find Baraek in Varrock’s centre at the fur stall. Speak to him about the Phoenix Gang and though he will refuse at first, you can change his mind with 20 coins. He will then confess that its located in the south-east corner of Varrock. Keep asking him questions to get the most available information out of him.

Head to the red exclamation mark on your map to find the hideout, and climb the ladder once inside. Speak to Straven when you get there and ask if you can join. He will speak of the Varrock Herald Newspaper, but you will need to expose him by stating you know he is a member of the gang. He will then task you with killing Jonny the Beard, who can be found at the bar in the south of Varrock. By doing so, he will drop a report, so take it and give it to Straven. This will give you access to the hideout, and you will be given the Weapon Store key which you will be required to give to your partner in the other gang. Over in the south-west corner is a chest, which contains half of the Shield of Arrav, so take it.

The Varrock Museum

You now need to head to Varrock Museum and take your half of the shield to Curator Haig Halen. By doing so you will receive two copies of half the certificate, in exchange for half of the shield. Your partner will then receive the other half of the certificate, so trade with your partner the other half of the certificate. You should now both have a full certificate,  so you will need to take it to Varrock Palace and give it to King Roald to finish the quest.

Shield of Arrav OSRS Quest Rewards

Congratulations on completing the Shield of Arrav OSRS quest! For doing so, you will be given one Quest Point. You will also receive 600 coins, and you can also claim 5 Kudos if you speak to Historian Minas in the museum.

Shield of Arrav OSRS Solo Method

If you are going to attempt Shield of Arrav solo, then the only way to do so is to make a second OSRS account and use it to join the other gang. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to complete the quest by yourself, as you are required to trade the certificates with someone in order to complete the quest.

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