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Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide and Rewards

Destiny Prophecy Dungeon Guide and Rewards
By | July 1st, 2020 | Categories: Destiny

Bungie recently launched its Destiny Prophecy Dungeon, which is a kind of mini-raid with unique mechanics and great rewards to look forward to. The basic concept is that Darkness is awakening in the Destiny world, and Guardians are reaching out to the Nine to seek advice. The Prophecy Dungeon happens in the Drifter’s ship at the very back, and requires you to have a Power of 1040, which is the Power of enemies you will encounter at the beginning of the dungeon. Their level will ramp up to 1060 as the mission progresses.

The Prophecy Dungeon was released on June 9, and is a long mission with plenty of nuances for players to understand. The mission will be much harder without knowing these mechanics, and this Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide will take you through everything you need to know about the various strategies required, the unique mechanics, and the available rewards.

Light and Dark Motes in the Destiny Prophecy Dungeon

The first part of the Prophecy Dungeon introduces you to the unique concept of Motes of Light and Motes of Dark. There will be two pillars at the end of the hall: Light and Darkness. There will be Taken Knights in the vicinity carrying these Motes. The kind of Mote that the Knight will drop will depend on where you’re standing in the shadows or if you’re standing out in the light. Your HUD will have an indicator for the same to help you understand what kind of Mote you’re battling for. To complete the objective for each pillar, players will have to collect five of the respective Motes, and then hit the trigger on top of that Pillar. You have to repeat this procedure two times before you climb over the rubble in the hall and meet the first boss of the Dungeon.

The Phalanx Echo boss fight

Phalanx Echo will be your first boss encounter in this mission, and the objective requires you to first cleanse the plates. Make sure you carefully pick your cover in this area, since it’s a pretty small zone and requires positioning. There are four plates in all that act as an immunity shield to the boss. Collect the Light and Dark Motes just like you did in the first part of the Dungeon, standing in the light or in shadows.

This works well when the squad is coordinating and focusing their attention on acquiring the same mote charge. After you’re done with the four pillars, the boss will lose its shield and become vulnerable again. Now you can deal damage with anything you want. Retreat to a defensive position and complete the cleansing procedure again – repeat the cycle till the boss has been defeated.

Navigating the Wasteland

Once you have defeated the boss, your team must stand on the plate in the middle to proceed to the next area- The Wasteland. Here you can use your Sparrow to scout the desert looking for Taken Blights. Note that there is a secret chest in this area to the left as soon as you enter the Wastelands. It’ll require you to cross a few hills and find a ruin with gold sand in front of it.

Once you have defeated the Blights, you can hop into the floating light and transport to the next area. After you have found the light thrice and have retrieved the special chest, you will find a door that will take you to the next zone.

The Hexahedron Encounter

In the Hexahedron encounter, players have to follow the Toland orb around the room. This can be done by switching the environment via plates. Selecting the right plate (Dark or Light) will help you achieve this switch. To switch correctly, figure out where the orb is, and cleanse the plate below it. Note that the Hobgoblins will be a big threat in this mission while you handle the Knight Echoes. In fact, eliminating a Hobgoblin will spawn a Knight Echo too, so you will need to pay attention to that aspect as well.

Once you have resolved the Toland orb plate part, the team has to go in the middle of the room and make the room switch again. If your team finds itself in the wrong area, you can simply flip it back by following the same procedure but with the right motes.

The six sides of the floating cub in the middle of the zone will need to be illuminated by reaching the Toland orb six times. Once you have finished the encounter, you can travel to the Wasteland back via a route in the wall.

Wastelands and the Singularity Area

Follow the Kell Echo through the Wasteland with your sparrow to reach the Singularity area. This area has diamonds and ribbons that players have you move past. I recommend using your Sparrow to do the same, and don’t miss out on the chest by the last diamond! Standing on the platform at the end will take you to the Kell Echo boss fight.

Kell Echo Boss Encounter

In this encounter, three types of Kell Echo will be shooting at you, along with Ogres and Knight Echoes as before. This arena requires you to again cleanse plates. There will be three plates in the main hall, where collecting motes will change the Light/Dark effect on the plate. Clear the room and stand in the middle to transport to the main boss fight.

In this long area, you have to chase the Kell Echo through the hallway while being mindful of its attacks that can teleport you can to square one. There will also be Hobgoblins spawning around you that you have to deal with simultaneously. Note that the Kell Echo has an area beyond which you will get a Dark Entropy de-buff effect, which will kill you at the count of ten.

The Kell Echo will stay at the end of the platform for twenty seconds, which is the window your team needs to damage it before you return to the main room. This is where the team uses its most damaging moves and Power weapons must be spammed to damage it. Repeat this process after twenty seconds until the boss has been defeated.

At the end, you can find the Nine in the treasure room, as well as Pinnacle gear.

Endnote on the Destiny Prophecy Dungeon

These are all the strategies you need to complete the Prophecy Dungeon in Destiny 2. Make sure you coordinate with your team and every member understands the mechanics of the Dungeon well, as missing out on certain details can slow your team down quite a bit.

Following the strategies listed in this Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide will definitely take your fireteam through smoothly. Good luck!

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