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Rahul is a freelance writer, travel instructor, and computer engineer who enjoys great stories in the form of books and video games. He loves a good cooperative looter-shooter and his favorite games are Warframe, Destiny 2, and The Division series. Warframe is his most played game and he loves nuking rooms full of enemies with his quadruple Forma Saryn Prime and Arca Plasmor.

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fortnite red v blue

Fortnite Red vs Blue Secrets and Strategies

Fortnite’s Creative modes offer some of the most unique game modes with lots of replay value. Since Team Rumble has declined in quality over the last few years (with […]

byRahul Abhyankar|23 Jan 2022|Fortnite

warframe orokin guide

Warframe Orokin Cell Farming Guide

A lot of people like to say that Warframe is more about its resources than it is about the actual Frames, and there’s a lot of truth to that. […]

byRahul Abhyankar|18 Oct 2021|Warframe

warframe nidus guide

Warframe Nidus Prime Guide

Nidus is one of those Warframes that Digital Extremes has absolutely perfected. Along with a super interesting ability kit, Nidus is also an excellent Warframe in himself. His DPS […]

byRahul Abhyankar|17 Oct 2021|Warframe

Warframe Gara Prime Guide

Warframe Gara Prime Guide – Mods, Abilities, and Acquiring Components

Gara Prime is a fantastic Prime Warframe, featuring excellent defensive capabilities that scale well with enemy levels. According to the Lore in Warframe, Gara is an ancient warrior known […]

byRahul Abhyankar|23 Jul 2021|Warframe

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Story Recap

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Story Recap

We’re now in the second half of Fortnite Chapter 2 and the game’s lore is kicking in. Season 6 gave us some of the biggest story updates to the […]

byRahul Abhyankar|18 Jun 2021|Fortnite


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Leaks: Everything We Know so Far

There’s something pretty exciting about the upcoming Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite. While there is no pre-season live event, Epic has done a lot this time to start […]

byRahul Abhyankar|06 Jun 2021|Fortnite

What is Venti Age

Warframe Helminth System Guide – How to Acquire and Build

The Warframe Helminth System is one of the biggest changes made to the game’s core gameplay in years, and every player must acquire it. The System allows you to […]

byRahul Abhyankar|03 Jun 2021|Warframe

Next New Legend

Warframe Nova Prime Guide: Abilities, Builds, and best Mods

In Warframe, Nova Prime (and Nova) is an anti-matter themed character with a pretty cool ability kit and crazy versatility. You can use Nova in pretty much any mission, […]

byRahul Abhyankar|23 May 2021|Warframe

Fortnite Save the World Best Heroes

Top 5 Fortnite Save the World Best Heroes

Fortnite: Save the World’s mission levels go up to 160, with 4-player 160 missions being the most difficult ones on the main map. Sure, the Storm King finale is […]

byRahul Abhyankar|25 Apr 2021|Fortnite

Fortnite Crafting and Resource Guide

Fortnite Crafting and Resource Guide to Get the Best Weapons

Fortnite Season 6 introduced one of the most meta-changing mechanics of all time. Since Fortnite’s launch in September 2017, acquiring weapons in the game has been all about looting: […]

byRahul Abhyankar|12 Apr 2021|Fortnite

Warframe Hydroid Guide and Build

Warframe Hydroid Prime Guide – How to Obtain, and the Best Build

When it comes to farming for resources, no one does it like Hydroid and Hydroid Prime. This Warframe is themed around a water-based playstyle that lets you do loads […]

byRahul Abhyankar|12 Apr 2021|Warframe

Warframe Volt Prime Build Guide

Warframe Volt Prime Build Guide to Maximize Potential

Volt is one of the first Warframes players get to know of when they start Warframe. It is one of the starter Warframes available through the tutorial – and […]

byRahul Abhyankar|06 Apr 2021|Warframe

Best Fortnite Exotic Weapons Chapter 2 Season 5

The Top 5 New Fortnite Exotic Weapons from Season 5 Ranked

Fortnite Season 5 introduced a bunch of new and fun weapons for us to use, and they kept the game pretty fresh for the entire season. We had a […]

byRahul Abhyankar|22 Mar 2021|Fortnite

Top 10 Best Fortnite Save the World AR Weapons

Fortnite Save the World Best Weapons – Top 10 Assault Rifles in STW

Fortnite: Save the World features some of the most creative and fun weapons I’ve ever tried in a video game. Assault Rifles are a fan favorite class of weapons […]

byRahul Abhyankar|18 Mar 2021|Fortnite

Best DPS Warframes

Top 5 Best DPS Warframes Every Player Needs to Have

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the five best DPS Warframes every player needs to have in Warframe. Now it’s hard to just take the term “DPS” […]

byRahul Abhyankar|16 Mar 2021|Warframe

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