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Rahul Abhyankar


About Rahul Abhyankar

Rahul is a freelance writer, travel instructor, and computer engineer who enjoys great stories in the form of books and video games. He loves a good cooperative looter-shooter and his favorite games are Warframe, Destiny 2, and The Division series. Warframe is his most played game and he loves nuking rooms full of enemies with his quadruple Forma Saryn Prime and Arca Plasmor.

    Written by Rahul Abhyankar

    Fortnite How to beat Mythic Storm King

    How to get Mythic Weapons to defeat Mythic Storm King

    In my two years of playing Fortnite: Save the World, I have never heard players rage so hard and so often until now. Over the several hours that I’ve […]

    Fortnite Challenges

    Fortnite Chapter 2: W 5&6 Challenges Guide

    It’s strange to think that half of Chapter 2 has already passed by. Epic is still strong on their no-communication policy and we’re quickly passing updates without patch notes. […]

    Fornite Parental Controls

    Fortnite Parental Controls: Setting Boundaries

    Fortnite is a social game, rated 12+ due to its mild violence and gunfights, even though there is no real gore per se in the game. With voice communication […]

    how to get wardens law in destiny 2_PA Blog

    How to get Warden’s Law in Destiny 2

    With Destiny 2 having plenty of valuable weapons locked behind long quests and complicated treasure hunts, it’s always refreshing to see a two-step procedure to get a solid Legendary. […]

    byRahul Abhyankar|04 Nov 2019|Others

    Top 4 Expectations from Fortnite Chapter 2

    Top 4 Expectations from Fortnite: Chapter 2

    Every time people begin to say “Fortnite is past its prime”, I will scoff and show them a screenshot of the 13th of October 2019, when the game eclipsed […]

    Fortnite Creator Codes

    Fortnite Creator Codes

    Fortnite: Battle Royale has made a meteoric (no pun intended) rise in the last year or two, and the game has proven itself to be one of the most […]

    Where is XUR

    Destiny 2- Where is Xur?

    Where is Xur? Everyone’s favorite exotic item merchant is back! Being one of the most iconic characters in the Destiny world, Xur is the merchant everyone waits for, because […]

    byRahul Abhyankar|23 Sep 2019|Others

    Warframe Index Guide

    Warframe Index Guide

    You’re low on Credits. Baro is arriving soon and you want to stock up on funds so that you can get the Primed mods you want. You’ve heard how […]

    Destiny 2 cross save

    Destiny 2: Cross Save

    After Bungie officially parted ways with Activision, Destiny 2 was destined (pun intended) to move away from, a platform owned entirely by Activision. This shift from officially […]

    byRahul Abhyankar|10 Sep 2019|Others

    Fortnite Season X Week 4 Challenges

    Fortnite Season X: Week 4 Challenges

    Oh boy, these challenges are surely getting interesting with each week this season. When I first saw the new format of the Season X challenge list, I was pretty […]

    The Big Warframe Updates

    The Big Warframe Updates are Coming

    2019 is looking to be a huge year for looter shooters. Warframe is finally getting its story update by the end of the year. With the next part of […]

    destiny 2 exotics

    Bad Juju: The Easiest Exotic to Obtain in Destiny 2

    Bungie just released their newest exotic this month: a unique Pulse Rifle called Bad Juju—any Destiny 1 players here? The weapon, which was was pretty popular in the original […]

    byRahul Abhyankar|02 Aug 2019|Others

    Biggest Fortnite Season Ever

    Fortnite Season 10: The Biggest Season Ever?

    Time travel, Save the World going free-to-play, old locations returning, and a player versus monster mode: these are but some of the expectations of the Fortnite community heading into […]

    Warframe Leveling Guide

    Warframe Leveling Guide: Proven Methods to Optimize the Process

    The great thing about Warframe is that a new player and an experienced player can do a mission with the same difficulty at the same time, without either of […]

    Warframe Mastery Rank

    Increasing Your Warframe Mastery Rank

    Progression-based games generally have a “player level” attached to every account. Players progress through the game and raise their level as their characters or weapons get stronger, and these […]