How to Obtain Powerful Destiny 2 Easy Exotics Effortlessly

Destiny 2 Easy Exotics
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Exotic weapons are some of the most powerful weapons in Destiny 2. Along with being strong, they are also unique and have their own signature perk. Players look forward to new Exotics each season, and each one comes with its own quest and/or drop chance. After encountering their first Exotic weapon in Destiny 2, new players often look for more, but there’s no specific location in the game where you can find them. Of course, we’d all be happy if there was an easy way to get exotics in Destiny 2.

There is a weekly vendor, Xur, who brings Exotic weapons, gear, and Engrams each week. Exotics weapons also occasionally drop from random missions when you meet the requirements, but it can often get hard to track those. You can find your Exotic weapon quests in the “Quests” tab in-game.

Destiny 2 Easy Exotics

Along with these methods, here are some powerful Exotic weapons that you can easily obtain in Destiny 2.


Riskrunner is an Energy submachine gun acquired through the “Pain and Gain” quest. The Exotic is pretty satisfying to use and comes with its perk “Arc Conductor” that boots damage and provides resistance towards incoming Arc damage. It also has a “Superconductor” Trait where shots fired during Arc Conductor’s active window have a chance to refund ammo and become chain lightning.

The Pain and Gain quest can be obtained from the NPC Banshee, and has a few pretty straightforward steps. It requires you to complete a Heroic public event, a Lost Sector in the EDZ, and a Nightfall.

Season Pass Exotics and “No Time to Explain”

The Season Pass in Destiny 2 costs 10$ and can be purchased with the Seasonal Expansion as a bundle. The purchase always comes with an Exotic Weapon each time. You can also earn a bunch of Exotics via the Season Pass progression, in the form of Engrams or even direct weapons. While it isn’t necessary by any means, it’s certainly a very easy way to get your hands on new and powerful Exotics.

The upcoming Beyond Light expansion is currently available for pre-purchase on Steam. The Deluxe version is also available, which comes with some cosmetic add-ons. You can obtain the “No Time to Explain” Exotic pulse rifle from the Beyond Light + Season purchase. The Exotic weapon has a slow fire rate and is an upgraded Stranger’s Rifle. If you play the game regularly and are looking to collect new Exotic weapons and gear, the Season Pass is always a great purchase.

Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Perfected is a Kinetic Slot Pulse Rifle with a perk called “The Corruption Spreads”. This perk makes the weapon create SIVA nanite swarms when you get precision kills or rapid hits. Acquiring Outbreak Perfected has four steps.

First you have to visit Titan (The Rig) and scan the device. Then, you have to go through six Lost Sector in order to obtain Fallen Transponder nodes. Once you are back at The Farm, you have to look for the quest NPC, following which you must complete the Zero Hour mission.

Whisper of the Worm

Whisper of the Worm is one of the best snipers in Destiny 2. It has its own quest that is infamous for its parkour that can be hard to get through. You also need team members who have done the quest in the past and are able to tackle the enemies within the mission easily.

Here’s how you can do this quickly: watch a few YouTube tutorials about how to get through the long, parkour section of the mission. Practice going through that part in-game. The mission doesn’t have matchmaking and you can take as many tries as you want to quickly master that part. Then, find teammates on Reddit or the Destiny 2 Discord, and complete the mission with them. Remember, this mission has a time limit and it is essential to know the shortcuts within the parkour zone and go through it quickly.

Bad Juju

Bad Juju is one of my favorite weapons due to its amazing utilities. It is an Exotic Pulse Rifle that can be obtained from a quest that requires you to give a bunch of resources in the Tribute Hall. Its perk “String of Curses” gives it an automatic reload, adds to the Super energy bar, and boosts damage. Unlike many other Exotics that have long-drawn quests, Bad Juju simply requires you to submit the required number of resources in the Tribute Hall.

That may require you to farm some of these resources, but that process is a pretty straightforward grind. The automatic reload is pretty satisfying to experience, and the Super bar filling quicker is a utility that no player will ever look away from. Bad Juju is also convenient to use for both long-range shots and close-range combat, where you can hip-fire to use it like a submachine gun. Here’s an extended guide on how to get Bad Juju.

Easy Exotics from Xur in Destiny 2

Xur appears every Friday with multiple Exotic items for the week. There’s always one Exotic weapon for 29 Legendary Shards, and an Exotic Engram (that can be a weapon) for 97 Shards. However, they have a Legendary Shards requirement that players aren’t able to meet for some time. Dismantling Legendary weapons is the best way to get Legendary Shards, and once you start getting the Legendaries, it’s pretty easy to rack up on Shards. Be sure to collect your Clan Rewards at the end of each week, complete your weekly challenges, and rank up various factions to get more Legendary Weapons that you can dismantle.

Endnote on Acquiring Destiny 2 Easy Exotics

A majority of my Exotic weapons came from random drops, Xur, or quests. You will have to go through some hard quests for some of the powerful Exotics, but you can surely bypass it and still have a great time with the game. Raids such as Leviathan also have an Exotic weapon reward. While raids aren’t easy, you can look for a Sherpa online or complete them with your clan. Good luck on your Exotic hunt! Keep playing the game and a lot of good ones will simply drop during missions.

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