Bad Juju: The Easiest Exotic to Obtain in Destiny 2

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Bungie just released their newest exotic this month: a unique Pulse Rifle called Bad Juju—any Destiny 1 players here? The weapon, which was was pretty popular in the original Destiny, manages to retain its specialty in its most recent incarnation. Bad Juju still recharges Supers on kills, which is an extremely useful ability for any in-game activity. Having that Super Bar finally notify you that it has filled up is one of the most satisfying things in Destiny 2, isn’t it?

Bad Juju requires you to own the Annual Pass and has its own quest, so you do not have to pray to the RNG gods for a lucky drop. But despite its unique abilities which will be covered in this post, Bad Juju managed to come with its own indirect grind. Regardless, players have found a fantastic loophole in the method which will allow you to get the weapon without paying the heavy resource prices.

This workaround potentially makes Bad Juju the easiest Exotic to obtain in Destiny 2.

Bad Juju: Weapon Stats and Perks

Bad Juju is an Exotic Primary Weapon.

It is a Pulse Rifle that requires the character to be at least Level 40. It has an Attack of 135/155, a Magazine of 24 rounds, and has the following possible perks:

  • Primary – Kinetic Damage (the weapon deals kinetic damage), Hip Fire (grants bonus accuracy while hip firing), Full Auto (turns the weapon into a full auto weapon). The most important Primary Perk is String of Curses, which helps recharge your Super with each kill you get using this weapon. This perk also grants an instant reload for each kill along with a temporary damage buff.
  • First Selected Perk – Perfect Balance (low recoil), Armor Piercing Rounds (penetrating rounds, but at the cost of weapon handling), and Send It (increases accuracy and range at the cost of total ammo capacity and weapon handling).
  • Second Selected Perk – Smooth Ballistics (nerfs recoil and buffs range), Soft Ballistics (buffs recoil and nerfs Impact), and Smart Drift Control (buffs recoil and nerfs range).

How to Obtain (Regular Route)

I hope you’ve been logging in enough hours playing Season of Opulence, because you’re going to need a lot of resources for this route. This method will cost you copious amounts of Glimmer and planetary material. The mission to unlock Bad Juju is hidden inside a new location called “Tribute Hall”.

Here are the steps to acquire the Bad Juju, the regular way:

  1. Go to Nessus.
  2. Go to Werner 99-40 (located at Watcher’s Grave).
  3. Open the new chest right next to him to gain access to the Tribute Hall.
  4. Visit the Tribute Hall. This location is accessible through the Nessus map. The icon is located near the Leviathan and Menagerie icons at the bottom part of the map.
  5. Talk to the Visage of Calus statue.
  6. Obtain any Champion bounty (you only have to do one).
  7. Complete the bounty you just acquired and talk to the Visage of Calus again.
  8. Trade in your bounty to receive an item that you can place next to the main door to unlock the Tribute Hall.
  9. The quest will now require you to fill the hall with Tributes.

Tributes can be earned by completing Triumphs under the new Tribute Hall section. Most of these Triumphs require you to complete normal activities wearing Opulence gear.

Tributes can also be bought directly from Calus. This method, however, is an expensive process for most players and will require plenty of resources such as Glimmer, legendary shards, or planetary material. As you can probably expect, this might require a few trips back to the Spider on Tangled Shore.

  1. Every three Tributes you obtain will allow you to place a Hound in the Tribute Hall. Placing all Hounds unlocks the chest. You will need 18 Tributes to complete this process.
  2. Once you have completed 18 Tributes, you will then be directed to a mission on the Ascendant Plane. Completing this mission will finally earn you the exotic Bad Juju.

This last mission isn’t too difficult in itself. It just takes you to the Leviathan area which is filled with Taken enemies that get progressively harder through the mission, so we would still recommend getting a teammate. There are no penalties for being knocked out at this stage. A Triumph also requires you to complete this mission solo, if you’re a “completionist”.

How to Obtain (Easier Route)

Most of the steps in this method remain the same. The main part that changes is actually acquiring the Tributes. This exploit helps you completely ignore the heavy resource prices required to obtain the Tributes. Instead, it will ask for a short albeit mindless grind.

Here are the steps to acquire the Bad Juju, using the loophole:

  1. Perform Steps 1-7 as given in the Regular Route.
  2. Trade in your bounty to receive an item but do not place the object at the main door.
  3. Change your character to one that hasn’t started this quest yet.
  4. Go to the Tribute Hall (it will still be accessible).
  5. Place the object at the door to receive one Tribute.
  6. Return to the Orbit.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you get 18 Tributes.

Note: Getting 50 Tributes will also reward you an Exotic Emote (“X Marks The Spot”). You can track your progress via Triumphs.

  • Return to your main character and complete the rest of the steps mentioned in the Regular Route section.

Final Thoughts

Bad Juju is a fantastic, well-rounded weapon.  While it doesn’t have the most satisfying shooting sounds or effects, the fact that you can recharge your Super by killing enemies with this exotic is already a huge bonus in itself. It is an outstanding weapon suitable for all kinds of activities and is so darn good at what it does.

Thanks to the loophole, you can get it within an hour and a half at most! The mission is also pretty easy compared to some other Exotic weapon missions. So what are you waiting for? Start grinding for Bad Juju, The Easiest Exotic to Obtain in Destiny 2, before the loophole is patched!

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