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With how many Path of Exile races have been going on, leveling has never been talked about as much as now. We’re going to throw our hat into the ring with our own PoE Heist Leveling Guide, which will be aimed at newer players looking to speed up.

Should I Do the League Mechanic?

Every league it’s a question of whether or not you should do the league mechanic while leveling. Most leagues the answer is typically “yes if you’ve fallen behind in experience, but only until you’ve caught up.” However, in Heist the answer is a resounding “no.” Heists take a very long time, particularly the first one, and they give virtually no experience, and no loot that is worth spending the time for. For Heist league, completely ignore the mechanic. The marks don’t even vendor for scrolls in any quantity.

What Are Good Leveling Builds?

The first step to planning out your leveling is to pick a strong leveling skill. This league, Chaos Spellslinger is very strong and fast, but it’s certainly not the only option for fast leveling. Caustic Arrow, most miner builds, Bladefall/Blade Blast, and Storm Brand are all very strong options for league starters, among many others. The point is that you pick one ahead of time, and know what you’re doing.

Once you’ve picked a skill, if you really want to level fast, practice with it a few times. It doesn’t take a ton of runs to be familiar with a particular skill, but if you go in blind, you’ll likely regret it.

PoE Heist Leveling Guide – How Should I Plan Ahead?

This section is mainly aimed at people who are trying to speed up their leveling process. Once you’ve decided on what skill you’re going to play, familiarize yourself with it. Plan yourself a skill tree, and either have it on a second monitor or know it well enough that you don’t need to check it often.

Know which colours you need, and check the vendor for them religiously. Don’t go back to town without taking a quick check for a three-link with your colours. On the same note, make sure you check for boots with movement speed until you find a pair. Ten percent movement speed doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a huge difference over a 5-8 hour leveling session.

If you’re playing in a trade league, know which unique items you’ll need and have ‘whoops’ up for them. If you don’t know what a whoop is, it’s when you have a live search running on the trade site – it makes a whoop noise when one is found. Grab your essential items early before they become too expensive – or be willing to overpay early if it’ll push you further into maps.

But the most important thing for faster leveling is to practice running the zones. Every zone has a set number of layouts that it can be. If you know how to get from A to B fastest, you’ll speed up considerably. This is half practice and half research. There are tons of guides out for every layout, if you’re struggling with one then look it up! This can be done with absolutely any build, at any pace. Just practice where you’re going. On the same note, know which missions are necessary, and skip the ones that aren’t. Doing The Den is great if you don’t have a second Quicksilver, but if you do, don’t waste your time. Little things like that. Just practice.

What Resources Should I Use?

One of the best way to get better at racing, apart from just doing it over and over, is to watch streamers and YouTubers who create racing content. As Tytykiller said recently, the first step is to not re-invent the wheel. Make use of the content available to you.

Incidentally, in today’s racing environment Tytykiller is the best content producer regarding leveling guides. He has his own YouTube channel full of videos to help you, as well as having guest spots with other streamers such as Zizaran, ZiggyD, CuteDog_ and mbXtreme. Watching all of these can give you a massive leg up, and as stated, is probably the biggest thing you can do to improve outside of actual practice.

Why Should I Care About Speed?

There are several big reasons to care about leveling faster. First, there are races occasionally in which you can win prizes, or just be able to compete and enjoy yourself. Second, leveling kind of sucks, and being able to blast through it a lot faster can lead to enjoying Path of Exile a lot more.

Lastly, and most importantly to myself and many others, the first people to level to maps are the first ones to break into the economy. If you’re not a tryhard like myself, you might not know that Exalts start the league around 20 chaos, and rise exponentially over the first few days. Nearly every incredibly expensive unique starts out very low because that’s all the market can support at that moment. If you’re looking to get rich and have fun with a ton of currency, playing a crapload the first weekend, efficiently, is the way to do it. Being the first one to maps means you’re the only one with maps up for sale, or bases, or a variety of uniques that only drop in maps. Being first means you can do whatever you want.

Last Comments

A lot of this PoE Heist Leveling Guide is aimed at those who want to get better at leveling, and potentially want to compete against the existing racers for the fastest times. Hopefully these resources and comments helped you achieve that goal! And even if you’re not into that, there’s quite a lot to learn from these tips, and the racers that they point to. Getting faster at Path of Exile leveling makes you more knowledgeable about the game as a whole, and leads to more money and more fun!

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