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Stephen has a degree in English from Brock University. He grew up playing video games and card games, always having an affection for strategy. He picked up League of Legends in early Season One and has since achieved Diamond rank multiple times. He also picked up Hearthstone in Beta and has since achieved Legend consistently. Recently he picked up Path of Exile and now it consumes his every waking minute. When he isn’t reading, writing, or gaming, he’s probably watching other people game.

Written by Stephen Draper

What You Need to Know About the PoE Incursion League for Patch 3.3

The new Path of Exile incursion is finally coming out! Here we’ll cover the short version of most of the major changes coming along with Incursion and 3.3. We’ll cover the PoE Incursion League, skill balance, skill mechanics, and other small tidbits. Enjoy! Incursion Mechanic With every new [...]

by Stephen Draper|31 May 2018||POE

Consuming Those PoE Map Mods for Rewards

If you’ve played Path of Exile and beaten the story, you’ve likely run into PoE Map Mods. If you haven’t, they are fairly self-explanatory. You consume maps in order to run them. Before you consume them, you can change the modifiers in a variety of ways. The more [...]

by Stephen Draper|29 May 2018||POE

Discover What Lies within PoE Bestiary League & War for the Atlas

Recently there has been a lot of discussion over whether or not Bestiary will be added to the core game or removed entirely. It comes down to a question of what the core of Path of Exile (PoE) is, and whether or not Beastcrafting is the direction that [...]

by Stephen Draper|15 May 2018||POE