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About Stephen Draper

Stephen has a degree in English from Brock University. He grew up playing video games and card games, always having an affection for strategy. He picked up League of Legends in early Season One and has since achieved Diamond rank multiple times. He also picked up Hearthstone in Beta and has since achieved Legend consistently. Recently he picked up Path of Exile and now it consumes his every waking minute. When he isn’t reading, writing, or gaming, he’s probably watching other people game.

Written by Stephen Draper

PoE Heist League Guide

PoE Heist League Guide

Path of Exile’s newest league has had… questionable reception. But if you’re looking to get into it, we’re here to help! There are some very confusing aspects to the […]

PoE Heist Leveling Guide

PoE Heist Leveling Guide – Level Faster and Get Rich!

With how many Path of Exile races have been going on, leveling has never been talked about as much as now. We’re going to throw our hat into the […]

PoE 3.12 - Path of Exile Heist League

PoE 3.12 – What’s Coming in Path of Exile’s Heist League?

As Harvest winds down, PoE 3.12 is right around the corner, bringing with it an all new league for us to discover. The initial announcement earlier this week has […]

PoE Harvest Leveling Guide

PoE Harvest Leveling Guide – Should You Speed Through Leveling?

Path of Exile Harvest League is now about a month old, and there have been many tweaks to the Harvest crafting systems making them extremely rewarding in the late […]

PoE Harvest Crafting Guide

PoE Harvest Crafting Guide – Are You Ready to Make Mirror Tier Items?

Path of Exile’s newest league, Harvest, has introduced so many new ways to create the best items that most players have ever had. Personally I’m wearing gear I could […]

Path of Exile Harvest League

Path of Exile Harvest League

Introducing Path of Exile Harvest league! The newest Path of Exile league is nearly upon us, and there is a ton of incredible stuff in the teasers already. While […]

Path of Exile Classes

Path of Exile Classes – The Strongest for New and Returning Players

There is quite a bit of variety when it comes to Path of Exile classes. There are six base classes, and five of those can advance into three separate […]

PoE Endgame

Farming the PoE Endgame

The PoE Endgame is one of the main reasons that many players stick around as long as they do. Sure, there’s an expansive story and quite a lot to […]

poe acts

PoE Acts Guide

The PoE Acts system can be confusing to newer players, so we’re going to go over all the parts that can be confusing – focusing on which acts have […]

poe delirium league

Path of Exile Delirium League

The new Path of Exile Delirium League is dropping on March 13th. In traditional fashion, the final days leading up to the much-anticipated league will be filled with spoilers […]

PoE Essence Guide

The Complete PoE Essence Guide

Why should you be reading a PoE Essence Guide? Well, Essences have been a niche part of crafting in Path of Exile since the Essence challenge league several years […]

POE New Metamorph League

How to Make Money in Metamorph, PoE’s New League

PoE’s New League, Metamorph, has been out for just over two weeks now. The new league comes with a full atlas rework, lots of new and changed abilities, and […]

POE Sextant Guide

PoE Sextant Guide

Sextants are an incredibly powerful tool for optimizing your income in Path of Exile. They are used on maps and give additional mods that stack with the other modifiers […]

PoE 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas

Path of Exile 3.9: Conquerors of the Atlas

Path of Exile 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas comes out on December 13th and brings with it the new Metamorph challenge league. There’s an absolute truckload of new information […]

PoE Syndicate Cheat Sheet

Your handy POE Syndicate Cheat Sheet

The Syndicate has been in Path of Exile since its launch back in Betrayal League. It was quickly established that if you could farm Syndicate, you could make lots […]

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