PoE Heist League Guide

PoE Heist League Guide
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Path of Exile’s newest league has had… questionable reception. But if you’re looking to get into it, we’re here to help! There are some very confusing aspects to the new league, so hopefully our PoE Heist Guide can help smooth out your journey.

How Do I Get to Rogue Harbour?

Right off the bat, there isn’t a way point or a portal to get to Rogue Harbour. In fact, there isn’t even an NPC to talk to. Once you have gotten a Rogue’s Marker from killing monsters or opening the crates that contain them, you have your entrance point. Go back to a town or your hideout, open your inventory, and right click your stack of markers. One will be consumed, and a portal will appear that will transport you to the Rogue Harbour. Simply click the portal and enjoy the journey (loading screen).

What Do I Do in Rogue Harbour?

Once you’ve arrived, your first time you should just do a circuit around the area and talk to every NPC. Most will have exclamation points over them on the map, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find them all. Once you’ve done that, there’s one NPC in particular that you should go back to. Kurai, the Administrator stands at the top of the stairs to “The Planning Room,” right in front of where you spawn in after arriving. On your first arrival she will give you a beginner’s heist to start you off.

This leads us to the other important NPCs. Adiyah, the Wayfinder is located on the left hand side of the Harbour, close to where you enter. She is the one that you talk to in order to embark on Heists, both normal and Grand Heists. There are three types of heists which we will discuss below, but Adiyah will be your guide for all of them.

Faustus, the Fence and Whakano, the Barber are just below/left of Adiyah. Faustus, as his name implies, is who you will sell your stolen goods too. Since you need Rogue’s Markers in order to run Heists and Grand Heists, you’ll need to visit Faustus often to sell off your ill-gotten goods for more marks. He also acts as a normal vendor. Whakano is where you can purchase contracts for normal heist runs. These are purchasable for normal map prices (Orbs of Chance and Orbs of Alchemy), and reset occasionally. He also offers the ability to add wings to grand heists.

Lastly, you can talk to any of the rogues and click “show inventory” in order to give them equipment. Rogues have their own equipment that can be found during any type of heist, and will say their restrictions on the item.

How Do I Execute Heists?

Heists and grand heists both have different ways to start them. For heists, you simply take the heist and go to Adiyah. Give the heist to Adiyah and she will present a job. Click it and then select which member you want to take with you. The rogue must be a high enough level to complete the heist.

Grand heists are a bit different. In order to assign rogues to a grand heist you have to go down to the planning room and assign three rogues to each wing of the grand heist. A single rogue can be in multiple wings, so it’s not too difficult. Once you’ve assigned one to every wing, you can go to Adiyah and start the heist. In the starting area there will be three portals instead of one, and between wings you can leave the heist and stash loot – but be careful, there’s currently a bug that causes you to be put into a separate instance occasionally.

PoE Heist Guide – Kinds of Heists

There are three different types of heists. First there are quest heists. These ones appear differently in your inventory, and in order to execute them you must talk to the client NPC, then go talk to Adiyah. Since they are quest missions, you don’t need to spend Rogue’s Markers for them. These heists can only be found from the crates that you open. These heists are a single map with a quest item at the end – they award experience for the rogue you bring, but do not grant an item to sell for marks.

Second, you have normal heists. Normal heists can drop from the crates, or from killing normal mobs. These ones are a single leg, grant experience, and if you manage to bring back the item at the end you can sell it for marks.

Lastly, you have grand heists. These are obtained the same way as regular heists, but can also be found in regular heists. They have one wing by default, but by talking to several NPCs in the harbour, including Whakano, you can add wings, up to a maximum of three wings. Adding wings costs quite a few Rogue’s Markers, but will add an entire secondary wing to the grand heist. You also get a special item at the end, either a rare with a unique modifier, or a replica unique, which is an existing unique, but with an interesting twist. These rewards are great, and are totally worth the marks required. Grand heists are the goal of Heist so far.

Final PoE Heist Guide Notes

Heists have been a bit controversial so far, but you can get some great loot out of them, particularly the grand heists. It’s certainly worth your time to give them a try, and we hope our PoE Heist Guide helped you wade into them! Maybe you’ll find the next Replica Headhunter, if you’re lucky.

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    Thanks. Nowhere – but NOWHERE – else did I see the comment in help guides that told me I could sell items to Faustus for more markers – I have been going crazy trying to get more so I could afford to play more. Would have been so much easier if I had known I could cash stuff in to Faustus! 🙂

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