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PoE Unique Gloves

POE Unique Gloves
By | October 2nd, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

There are a plethora of unique items in Path of Exile, items for every slot on your character, as well as your skill tree. Hell, there are even unique flasks and maps! It can be difficult to know if you’ve found an item that’s worth its weight in Chaos Orbs, or if you should just vendor it for Alchemy shards. Well today, we’re going over PoE Unique Gloves and will be making sure you know all the best gloves to keep on hand–pun intended!

What are the most expensive Unique Gloves that I can find?

These answers are specific to the Blight League, always be sure to double-check the price of the items you find by using the official trade site.

Minion builds are currently very popular, so gloves relating to minion skills are naturally in high demand. Aukuna’s Will are currently very expensive, as they enable several builds by making your minions also act as corpses. This can allow you to use Detonate Dead, Bodyswap, Volatile Dead, and several other abilities. It also works with Necromancer’s ascendancy beautifully.

By the same token, Grip of the Council is very strong for Zombie builds, making it nearly as expensive. It allows you to gain 20% more damage from your Zombies simply by putting on the gloves, clearly a massive boost. They have life, resists, and even some strength to benefit The Baron as well–all in one for Zombie lovers!

Which Expensive Gloves drop from bosses?

These gloves have their own section because they cannot be found in typical places throughout Wraeclast, they can only be obtained by defeating specific bosses and are then dropped as rewards.

Tombfist, two-socket – Tombfists drop from Abyssal Lichs within certain Abyssal Depths that you can find in your maps. If you find a depth that contains a Lich at the end, there is a decent chance that it will drop Tombfists. However, only the ones that drop with two Abyssal Sockets are worth money. If you find one that only has one socket, it’s unfortunately worthless.

Command of the Pit – Command of the Pit can only be found from Kurgal, one of the three Delve bosses (the green one). If you find him and are able to get a pair of these, you will have made a decent chunk of money in nearly any league. If you manage to find a pair with two Abyssal Sockets, you will have made quite a bit more! These gloves are best-in-slot for many spellcaster builds, so even in leagues where spellcasters aren’t popular, there’s a decent market for these gloves.

Fenumus’ Weave – Fenumus’ Weave can only be found by defeating the Bestiary boss Fenumus. This can be done by finding or purchasing the beast that allows you access to Fenumus’ domain, entering, and defeating him. If you manage this, there is a chance that these gloves will drop. These are particularly expensive this league because they work very well alongside minions, but they are always worth at least a small chunk, due to their inherent strength.

Atziri’s Acuity – If you find these gloves, you probably already know their worth. These gloves can only be acquired by defeating Uber Atziri, one of the endgame bosses in Path of Exile. They are extremely rare, and their price matches that. Before their nerf, they were often worth over 20 Exalts, but even after the nerf they are rarely worth less than four or five. They give Vaal Pact without having to path down to it, enabling much stronger leech on many spellcasters and other builds that can’t afford to path down.

Gloves to watch out for

While these are typically worthless, there are also several gloves that you should at least be aware of.

Lochtonial Caress These gloves are completely worthless at nearly all points in the league. However, they are also incredibly strong leveling gloves. Sure, you can grab a pair any time you want for a single Chaos Orb, but finding your own just saves time and money, and will make leveling a new character that much easier! The same can be said of Ondar’s Clasp if you’re looking for a different option.

Facebreakers – Facebreakers enable their own subset of builds, but this subset is very niche and in low demand. However, there’s one huge aspect of Facebreakers that you should be aware of: They have a massive range that they can roll. There’s only one stat that changes on Facebreaker: how much more damage you deal with unarmed attacks. This is the core of the build, so it’s important that it’s rolled well. And the range is a full 200 points! If you manage to find one close to the perfect 800%, it will sell for a pretty penny. And it’s always fun to play the guessing game with your friends when you find a pair!

Sadima’s Touch This is similar to Facebreakers, in that perfect rolls are always worth a small chunk of money. However, this time the roll is much smaller, so you will find perfect ones at a much better rate. If you find a pair that has a perfect 10% Quantity roll on it, turn around and sell it. Depending on your point in the league, it will likely fetch a few dozen Chaos Orbs.

Creating your own value

There’s one last thing you should be aware of when looking for valuable unique gloves. Oftentimes, you can find a pair of gloves that are used by a niche group of people, and if you use a Vaal Orb on them and get a highly-desired result, you can make quite a bit of money. For example, last league I was looking for Facebreakers that had the “Enemies you hit are cursed with Vulnerability” mod as a corrupted stat on them. I paid four Exalted Orbs for a pair of Facebreakers that normally would have cost me less than ten Chaos Orbs. If you’re able to identify popular gloves and have Vaal Orbs to waste, it’s a fairly reliable gamble that can make you a decent chunk of cash!


Once again, I have to reiterate that these values are specific to the Blight League, and that if you’re unsure you should verify any pair via the official trade site. However, these gloves are good ones to keep your eyes out for–particularly the boss drops. So, if you’re ever wondering which PoE Unique Gloves are worth hanging onto, this guide will have hopefully helped you out!

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