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The Warframe Helminth System is one of the biggest changes made to the game’s core gameplay in years, and every player must acquire it. The System allows you to change one of the four base abilities every Warframe has, replacing it with another one. Sure, not all abilities are open to being shifted to avoid creating game-breaking characters, but there’s one great combination out there for every Warframe.

The process for acquiring a Helminth System isn’t as bad as some of Warframe’s other grinds (hint: Khora). In fact, there’s barely any RNG involved and there is a definite step-by-step path you need to go through to acquire it and start using it. The reward is time-gated though, and you won’t be acquiring it quickly, but you can start making progress towards it with these easy steps. Today, we’ll be taking you through how to acquire and build your own Helminth System in your ship and

Prerequisites for Acquiring the Warframe Helminth System

First, you need to be Mastery Rank 8. Second, you need to complete the Heart of Deimos storyline quest. This one is fairly easy, and quite interesting too if you haven’t played the infested open world yet. The end of the quest also lets you use your own mech, which for many was the highlight of the Deimos update. The quest isn’t long-drawn and you can easily complete it in one sitting.

The Best Way to Grind Entrati Standing

Your next goal is to obtain the Helminth Segment blueprint from the NPCs. It  can be acquired from the NPC “Son” at Rank 3, meaning you have to rank up twice first, which requires Entrati Standing and specific resources for each rank-up.

Obtaining Entrati standing isn’t a tough job, but it’s time-gated. Like the previous open worlds, this one has bounties too that reward you with specific standing. You also have other factors such as trading fish, resources, or conserving animals for Tokens that you can obtain from specific NPCs. These tokens and resources can then be traded for extra benefits.

  • Mother Tokens – Mother offers you bounties, which are the best way to obtain Tokens. Go for the high-level bounties. They are also co-op missions on Deimos that reward you with plenty of Tokens.
  • Otak Tokens – Trade gems or alloys acquired via mining for Otak Tokens
  • Son Tokens – These can be obtained via contributing towards animal conservation missions.
  • Daughter Tokens – These can be obtained through fishing and trading specific fish. You don’t need to separately go into a mission just to fish; you can just do your bounties and catch fish whenever you see them. Note that Deimos has its own fishing rod and these fish are parasitic fish that float in the air.
  • Father Tokens – These can be earned by trading assorted resources with Father.
  • Grandmother Tokens – These can be obtained by trading lesser Tokens with Grandmother.

How to Rank up With Entrati Standing

Here are the three rankings and respective resources required to achieve that rank.

Neutral: This is where everyone starts, which stands for Rank 0. You are already at this rank when you finish the Heart of Deimos storyline quest, so you don’t have to do anything specific.

(Rank 1) Stranger:

  • 5000 Standing: Easy to obtain by grinding tokens from bounties from Mother.
  • 3 Spinal Core Section: This is a resource obtained from fishing. Look for “Vitreospina” and “Chondricord”, then go to Daughter to acquire the Spinal Core Sections.

(Rank 2) Acquaintance:

  • 22000 Standing: Easy to obtain by grinding tokens from bounties from Mother.
  • 1 Daughter Token: The best way to obtain these is to trade fish with Daughter.
  • 1 Father Token: Obtain these by trading resources with Father.
  • 1 Keratinos Gautlet Blueprint and 1 Keratinos Blade Blueprint: You obtain these for 500 Entrati Standing each from Father. They are already unlocked and available for purchase at Neutral rank.

Rank 3 and Hunting guide

Getting Rank 3 requires you to hunt a bit for specific animals. Make sure you visit son and pick up your Tranq Rifle for 500 Standing first. Also, having an invisible Warframe like Ivara helps a lot with these tasks, as the animals aren’t alerted.

(Rank 3) Associate:

  • 44000 Standing: You’re still doing bounties from Mother for these, but since the requirement is so high, you will have to wait for a couple of days to satisfy it because of the daily Ranking cap. Basically the game prevents you from ranking too quickly, so you can still get your Tokens from Bounties, but you can’t use them to gain Entrati Standing because of this cap.
  • 1 Mother Token: Completing so many bounties means you already have a few of these in your inventory.
  • 1 Son Token: When you talk to Son, you can find that he requires specific sets of animals from Deimos. If you satisfy a particular set (pick one that’s easy to work towards with the resources you already have), you can simply trade those for Son Tokens.
  • 5 Common Avichaea Tag: Purchase an Avichaea Lure for 1000 Standing for son; this will help you lure the Common Avichaea. Since this species isn’t rare, you don’t need any Lures. Go to the Cambion Drift, and track the sites using the Echo Lure. At the site, find the animal scat and then track the trail to find the nest. At the nest, use the Echo Lure and mimic the Avichaea’s call. Then, wait for it to arrive (it’s a flying species, so look up!) and shoot it with your Tranq Rifle.
  • 1 Medjay Predasite Tag: The process for obtaining this is almost the same as the Avichaea, except the Medjay Predasite: A) is rare B) can’t fly. You will need to obtain a Predasite Echo Lure (1000 Standing) and a Predasite Pheromone Gland from Son.Repeat the same process as you did for the Avichaea, and hunt down your final requirement.

Final Steps for the Helminth System

Following the above steps will get you to Rank 3, which will allow you to obtain the Helminth Segment right after you rank up. Head over to your Orbiter and install the segment, and wait for it to build itself.

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