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ESO Factions Guide

ESO Factions Guide
By | July 5th, 2020 | Categories: ESO

Factions are a huge part in defining your character when playing Elder Scrolls Online. ESO Factions will determine a lot of different aspects of your experience in the online title, so here is a guide on what Factions are and which you can choose from.

This guide will explain the following?

  • What are ESO Factions?
  • The Factions and their Aims
  • Which Faction should I choose?

So without further ado, let’s dive into the practice of Factions in Elder Scrolls Online.

What are ESO Factions?

So factions are a way for you to decide where you character’s allegiances stand. Depending on the faction that you choose, it will give you a specific starting area, and you will choose a Race that will start in that particular zone. It won’t prevent you from completing certain quests or limit your exploration, but it will give you an allegiance that won’t alter in the PvP aspect of the game. The three alliances to choose from are the Daggerfall Covenant, the Aldmeri Dominion, and the Ebonheart Pact.

Each of these factions are then divided into races, so let’s take a look at what the factions are, and what races can you choose from.

The ESO Factions and Their Aims

The three factions differ in a number of different ways. Aside from their individual races, there is also a difference in their goals.

The Daggerfall Covenant

Starting with the Daggerfall Covenant, this faction has its capital as Wayrest, and unites the Hammerfall regions, as well as High Rock and Orsinium. Their goal is to bring peace to Tamriel by making a member of the Daggerfall Covenant the true emperor.

The Breton race hail from High Rock, a mountainous area who serve as descendants of Altmer and Nedic. They have the ability to wield magic, so if healing and spellcasting is your bag then you should feel right at home here.

Meanwhile, Orcs are Tamriel natives who formed the city of Orsinium where equality is preached despite their brutish appearance. Said appearance also contributes to their traits of being hardened warriors, so go with them if a tank character is what you desire.

Finally, the Redguard hail from Hammerfell, and are considered one of the most powerful races in Tamriel. These will be your best option for warrior or thief characters that you want to create.

The Aldmeri Dominion

The Aldmeri Dominion are up next, who oversee the Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr, with their capital being Elden Root. Their main goal is to protect their beloved continent from any danger.

As for their races, we start with the high elves known as the Altmer. These are inhabitants of the Summerset Isles, and are steeped in history with prominence in art and culture. Those who wish to create a magic character would do well to choose the Altmer as their race.

If archery is more your thing, then you could choose the wood elves known as Bosmer. Inhabiting Valenwood, the Bosmer are a more informal race compared to others, though don’t mistake their ability of being effective in the shadows with their stealth abilities.

Then there’s the Khajit, who you may notice from their catlike appearance. They are renowned for their speed and intelligence, making them an excellent choice for thieves.

The Ebonheart Pact

The third faction is the Ebonheart Pact, who reside in Skyrim, Morrowind and Black Marsh, with their capital being in Mournhold. The Ebonheart Pact believe that they are the rightful rulers of the empire, since they have shielded Tamriel from the Second Akaviri invasion.

The first race to discuss here is the reptile race of the Argonians. These highly intelligent characters are also able to showcase resistance to disease, and are able to breathe underwater.

Then there’s the Dunmer (Dark Elves) who inhabit the north-eastern part of Morrowind, who work alongside the Argonians and Nords to take control of the Ruby Throne.

Speaking of Nords, these are the other race in the Ebonheart Pact, and are presented as tall, mountainous dwellers who have all the traits of a true warrior. Native to Skyrim, they are often considered to be one of the physically strongest races across Tamriel.

Which Faction should I Choose?

As you will have read above, there are some quite distinct differences between the three ESO factions. Ultimately, you will want to choose the faction that is the best fit for you. There are a wide variety of playstyles, backstories, and more to consider, and there is bound to be a faction and race that suits your fancy.

There is one piece of advice that I could give that could help you get the best out of this part of Elder Scrolls Online. If you are unsure about what choices to make, then you could use the following method to get a better idea of how you want to proceed.

Firstly, make a character for each of the three factions. Then, you will want to level these characters up as much as you can, to at least past level 15. Once you have done so, participate in both PvE and PvP aspects of combat. This will give you an idea of how each faction and race plays out, and how it can be moulded to your style of play.

Conclusion – ESO Factions Guide

At the end of the day, the game is all about having fun. And to make the most of this, you are going to want to find the best possible route to do this. Each faction has its advantages over the other, but the differences are distinct enough to give you a varied experience depending on the faction that you choose.

Whether you want to choose a tank character, wield magic, or adapt stealth, there is something for everyone in ESO factions. Such is the attraction of the popular online game, in that you are able to be the character that you want to be. It can be a tough decision, but if you happen to try out each faction and raise a character with them, you are bound to find which one will suit you best and will be the most fun to play.

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