OSRS Optimal Quest Guide for Dragon Slayer

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In this OSRS Optimal Quest Guide for Dragon Slayer, we will show you the easiest and most efficient method for completing one of Old School Runescape’s most difficult quests.

We will start by listing the quest requirements. After that, we’ll provide a step by step guide you can follow to get the quest completed as quickly as possible.

In the end, we’ll have some notes and details about the quest rewards you can expect.

How long does it take to complete our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide for Dragon Slayer?

It will take roughly 1 to 2 hours of your time to complete Dragon Slayer if you follow our guide. Keep in mind that if you’re more familiar with OSRS and know how to make your way around the world without looking at the world map, you may be able to complete it quicker.

Once you’ve started the quest, you can come back to it at any point, so don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to complete it straight away.

What are the requirements?

To start the Dragon Slayer quest, you’ll need the following requirements:

  • 32 quest points (Gives access to the Champions’ guild)
  • 8 Crafting
  • High enough combat level to defeat a level 83 dragon

To complete the Dragon Slayer quest, these requirements are recommended, but not necessary:

  • Level 33 magic
  • 1 hammer
  • 3 planks
  • 1 unfired bowl
  • 90 steel nails
  • 1 lobster pot
  • 1 piece of silk
  • 1 anti-dragon shield
  • Wizard’s Mind bomb (Purchased from Rising Sun Inn for 3gp in Falador)
  • 2,000 gold
  • If Magic is 33 or higher, a magic weapon, an air rune, and a law rune
  • If Magic is lower than 33, 10,000 extra gold
  • 1 combat bracelet (For Edgeville teleport)
  • The Chronicle (For Champions’ Guild teleport)
  • Antifire potions

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How do I get started?

To start the Dragon Slayer quest, you must first have 32 quest points. Once you have this amount, you can visit the Guildmaster in the Champion’s Guild and ask if he has a quest available.

The Guildmaster will then tell you to speak to Oziach in Edgeville. He’s right next to the Wilderness wall.

Oziach will tell you that he wants you to kill a green dragon called Elvarg, located on Crandor island.

After speaking to Oziach, you must return to the Champion’s Guild to speak to the Guildmaster again. If you have the Chronicle, use it to teleport straight there.

The Guildmaster will tell you that you must find three pieces of a map to locate Crandor island, as well as a boat to travel there and a shield to protect you from Elvarg’s fire damage.

Make sure you ask the Guildmaster every question available, otherwise the quest will not be progressed.

You can get a free anti-dragon shield from Duke Horacio in Lumbridge. Find him on the 1st floor of the Lumbridge castle. Alternatively, just purchase one from the Grand Exchange.

Part 1 Summary

  • Speak to the Guildmaster in the Champion’s Guild to start the quest.
  • Speak to Oziach in Edgeville.
  • Go back to the Guildmaster and ask him every question.
  • Go to Lumbridge or the Grand Exchange to find an anti-fire shield.

How do I find the 3 map pieces?

For part two of our optimal quest guide for Dragon Slayer, you must locate three map pieces.

We have provided quick guides for finding each of the three map pieces below. You can complete these guides in any order.

Lozar’s Map

  • Go to the Port Sarim jail.
  • Speak to Wormbrain and pay him 10,000 gold for the map piece.
  • Alternatively, kill Wormbrain and use telegrab (33 Magic) to steal the map piece.

Melzar’s Map

  • Before you start, make sure you have the Maze Key from speaking to the Guildmaster.
  • Next, go to Rimmington and enter Melzar’s Maze.
  • Kill the zombie rat with a long tail to get the next key.
  • Open the door at the north of the maze and go up the ladder.
  • Next, kill the ghost with a tube top and no cape to get the next key.
  • Open the second North door on the Eastern side of the maze wall and climb the next ladder.
  • Kill a skeleton with a round shield to get the third Maze key. Go to the furthest south-west door.
  • Open the door and climb down the ladder 3 times.
  • Next, kill the zombies to get the next key. Enter the blue door.
  • Kill Melzar the Mad to get the next key and go through the purple door.
  • Kill the lesser demon, then open the green door.
  • Open the chest and search it. You will then find the map piece.

Thalzar’s Map

  • Go to the Ice mountain North-west of Barbarian village.
  • Speak to Oracle.
  • Go into the Dwarven mine and right click > use on; silk, unfired bowl, lobster pot, and the wizard’s mind bomb then click on the magic door at the North-east.
  • The Magic door will open. Enter it and search the chest to find the map piece.

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How do I get a boat?

After you get the three map pieces, you will need to find a boat to travel to Crandor island. Getting the boat will be easier than the map pieces, especially if you already have the recommended items we mentioned earlier. If not, you can purchase them from the Grand Exchange.

Follow the steps below to get the boat for the Dragon Slayer quest:

  • Put 90 steel nails, 3 planks, 2,000 gold, and 1 hammer into your inventory.
  • Go to the Port Sarim dock and speak to Klarense.
  • Choose the fourth speech option, then the first.
  • You must pay 2,000 gold to Klarense for a boat.
  • Enter your new boat and go down the ladder.
  • Repair the hole three times.

How do I fight Elvarg?

Once you have the map pieces in your inventory and your boat is fixed up, you will need to speak to Captain Ned in Draynor.

Before you do, make sure you have your anti-dragon shield, armor, and food/equipment to fight Elvarg.

You can find Captain Ned in a small house on the Eastern side of Draynor village. Speak to Captain Ned and you’ll be able to ask him to be your captain.

Once he agrees, return to your ship in Port Sarim. You’ll find Captain Ned on the boat. Speak to him again. A cutscene will play and you’ll watch your ship travel towards Crandor.

To kill Elvarg once you land on the island, follow the steps below:

  • Climb to the top of the volcano on Crandor.
  • Enter the hole at the top of the volcano.
  • Move south and you will find Elvarg.
  • Make sure you have your anti-dragon shield equipped.
  • If you have Antifire potions, use them periodically to minimize the fire damage further.

What quest rewards do I get for completing Dragon Slayer?

Once you kill Elvarg, you can visit Oziach in Edgeville to claim your rewards. Oziach will give you the following:

  • 2 Quest points
  • The ability to wear Dragon and Rune platebodies
  • 18,650 Defense and Strength XP


That wraps up our summary for our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide for Dragon Slayer. Hopefully, this guide has proven to be useful.

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