Monkey Madness Part 1 OSRS Quest Guide

Monkey Madness Part 1 OSRS Quest Guide
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The Monkey Madness Part 1 OSRS quest is a long quest of master difficulty, taking part in the Gnome OSRS quests series. It also serves as the sequel to The Grand Tree, and sees players helping Narnode Shareen search for the 10th Squad.

In this guide, we will outline the following:

  • Quest Requirements
  • Quest Guide
  • Rewards

Before we get started on the quest itself, let’s first take a look at the requirements needed for Monkey Madness.

Monkey Madness 1 OSRS Requirements

To begin Monkey Madness, you must have first completed both The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village quests. You need to go in prepared from a combat point of view too, as you’ll need to be able to overcome a level 195 Jungle Demon.

There are a few item requirements as well. These include a gold bar, a ball of wool, and either the corpse of Karamja that you can get in the quest itself, or Monkey bones. You can expect to face off against many heavy-hitting enemies too, so it’s strongly recommended that you have at least level 43 Prayer, and you should take some potions with you too, or at least some healing foods. Anything that will cure poison will be very handy to you as well as will a lockpick and any weight-reducing clothing that you might have.

Monkey Madness 1 OSRS Step-by-Step – Chapter 1

To get started, go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and speak with King Narnode Shareen. You will be asked to check out Glough’s old shipyard to see if there are any clues as to the whereabouts of the 10th squad that are missing. You will be given the Gnome royal seal, after which you need to go to Karamja. Take the glider that you find at the top of the Grand Tree to Karamja, then go into the Shipyard and speak with G.L.O Caranock by the southern fence. You will notice that he’s acting shifty, and will suggest that you go back to the king, so do so with the glider.

Then, you will be told to take Narnode’s orders then speak to Daero, who is the new head tree guardian, and can be found on the 1st floor of the Grand Tree. If you are struggling to find him, head east near the Blurberry Bar. Once you find him, exhaust all of the chat options and inform him that you are ready to leave. You will then be blindfolded and taken to an underground hangar. Speak to Daero again, and you will be introduced to Waydar, before having to solve a puzzle. You can do so by clicking the south-eastern panel near the southern glider.

Solving the Puzzle

Firstly, move 1,2, and 3 into their right positions in the top-left corner. Then, move the 4 to the top-right corner, and move 5 under the 4. Next you should slide the 4 to the left and move the 5 up to complete the first row. Repeat this technique with the next row whilst maintaining the row above it. Finally, move the pieces that are in the final two rows, which need to be worked from the left to the right, which will lead the last two columns to be two tiles high.

It’s a simple enough puzzle to complete, especially if you’ve done Treasure Trails’ puzzle boxes. If you are struggling however, you can find Glough in the same place that he was in the Grand Tree quest, and pay him 200,000 coins. This will leave you with a single tile to slide to finish the puzzle. Whichever way you finish the puzzle, speak to Daero and Waydar, and you will land on the last known location of the 10th squad, known as Crash Island. Talk to Lumdo and ask him to sail to Ape Atoll, though he will refuse due to orders from Garkor. Speak to Waydar again before returning to Lumdo, who will now agree to take you to Ape Atoll after all.

Monkey Madness 1 – Chapter 2

After arriving at the Atool, head west along the southern coastline until the hit a mahogany tree. From here, go north but beware of the snakes, scorpions and jungle spiders that can poison you. Protect from Missiles is a handy ranged prayer to have here, since you will be bombarded with poisoned arrows once you get near the Ape Atoll gate. Once you do so, you will be knocked unconscious and imprisoned.

Once you wake up, you will be in a cell that’s guarded by the prison guards, Aberab and Trefaji. Talk to Lumo, but be careful not to stand too close to the northern cell wall, or you will take a punch. The pattern of the guards sees them patrolling a couple of times before leaving to switch shifts. Use your lockpick once the guard has moved away from the cell door, then follow the guard as he’s walking out to get to the exit.

Go to the north, then head east where you will find another member of the 10th squad, Karam, in the bushes by the crafting shop. Once you have found him, go south and head past the big door whilst staying in the grass. This will stop you from being hit by the monkey archers, so keep going this way until you pass the door. Then, head east around the castle until you find yourself between the castle and the white building. You will find the Sergeant of the 10th squad, Garkor, just past the building.

Get through all of the dialogue options with Garkor, until you are told to go and meet with Zooknock. Head to the west, going through the grass again until you get to the doorway. Go through the door that is marked with a blue square, which will take you to a closed off area guarded by a sleeping monkey.

Go through the door and stay on the ground that is dark brown, and be careful of the spiders who can poison you. You will find bananas in the crates near the ladder to the southwest. As for the guard, its not a threat to you provided you don’t speak to him, otherwise expect more guards to appear. Anyway, go to the south-east, and search the crate until you are prompted to drop down. Make sure you are healed up then head down. Once there, go to the north-west and check the crates to find the M’amulet mould inside.

Into the Dungeon

After you reach the dungeon, you will see a long path that you must follow. If you have it, but protect from melee on then go down the north passage. Remember to only use protect from melee when near enemies, so you are not wasting prayer. Try and avoid the rocks by taking shelter under the many overhangs you see along the way. There are claw traps too but you should be able to navigate around them easily, by stopping a square behind them then proceeding to run through.

The area is inhabited by spiders, monkey zombies and skeletons, at levels 1, 98 and 142 respectively. When you reach the end, you will find squad members Zooknock, Waymottin and Bunkwicket, so use your M’amulet Mould on Zooknock after speaking to him, as well as your gold bar and monkey dentures. Do this to get the enchanted bar, and make sure you don’t leave without it.

You now need to head down the trapdoor that you will find to the east. Once you are there, use protect from melee again to shield yourself from the monkey guards. Heading upstairs is the best route to take overall, then climbing down the ladder to get you as close to the trapdoor as you can.

Make sure you are clear of any guards before going down. Keep your protection prayer on as you head down the trapdoor, go past the monkey zombies then use the enchanted bar on the wall of flames. Go back up the ladder to get away, then use the ball of wool with the amulet to create the M’speak amulet. Now go west to find a banana garden with a Monkey Child, which is being guarded by the Monkey’s Aunt. Make a note of her pattern and make sure you don’t go into the garden whilst she is there as she’ll call for the guards.

Once she leaves, speak to the Monkey Child and tell him that you are his uncle. He will then tell you he needs to collect 20 bananas, but don’t worry as five will actually do. Go to the nearby trees and pick five bananas, then hide away once again if the Aunt returns. Speak to the Monkey Child again and ask if you can lend his Monkey talisman. Drop the talisman, then tell the Monkey Child that you have lost it and won’t be replacing it, prompting him to start crying. You can also purchase the talisman from Tutab’s Magical Market if you have 1000 coins spare. Gather a talisman for every greegree you’d like, at least four if you wish to carry on to do Recipe for Disaster, then head out of Ape Atoll.

This is a good time to bank any items you wish, then you need to go back to Zooknock via the tunnel. Go through and use the monkey talisman and the monkey bones on Zooknock. You will then get a greegree reacting to the bones that you used, so repeat this process to make another.

Monkey Madness 1 OSRS – Chapter 3

Now that you have to monkey greegree, use it to become a monkey. This will stop you from being attacked by the wildlife that you come across. In monkey form, go and speak to Garkor, before equipping the M’speak amulet to speak to the Elder Guard nearby, who will tell you to talk to Kruk. Next head west past the main gate and go into the village of Marim until you hit the water. Go south down the path until you reach a hill, then head up the ladder and cross the bamboo bridge. Go down the eastern ladder to talk to Kruk who will escort you to King Awowogei.

Talk to Awowogei to suggest the forming of an alliance. You will then be tasked with rescuing a monkey from the Ardougne Zoo. So our next step is to travel to Ardougne and go to the zoo. Take the form of a monkey once more and speak to the monkey minder, who will put you in a cage. Talk to the only monkey with the option to “Talk” and he will be added to your inventory. Now unequip your greegree and talk to the rather bemused monkey minder who will release you. Our next destination is the Gnome Stronghold, so head there and up to the first floor to speak with Daero, before once again travelling back to Ape Atoll.

Equip the greegree when you arrive, then talk to Awowogei again. Here you will notice the monkey leaving your backpack, encouraging Awowogei to think about an alliance. To get the next chapter started, speak to Garkor.

Monkey Madness 1 OSRS – Chapter 4

Garkor will hand you a 10th squad sigil, so when you are ready to take part in the final battle, be sure to equip it. Before you equip it, it might be worth your while banking to prepare yourself for the fight with the Jungle Demon. Be sure to have plenty of potions, prayer points, and health before diving in.

When you are ready to begin, equip the sigil which takes you to the Jungle Demon’s arena. You will have the 10th squad gnomes to aid you in battle, but it will need to be you that deals the killing blow, otherwise it will regain a quarter of its health. A good method is for you to focus on ranged attacks, and even lure the demon to where the gnomes. Protect from Magic is a must, so make sure you have that equipped before heading to the arena. Around the edge of the arena, there is actually a safe spot across the bridge. From here, you can use ranged attacks, or run up to it and use a melee attack before running back again. If you do want to use melee attacks, then rings of recoil will help when he uses heavy attacks.

After you have killed the Jungle Demon, talk to Garkor who will suggest speaking to Zooknock to teleport out of there. This will take you to Ape Atoll, or you can choose to stay and look around the banana plantation. Once you are ready, escape from the island by using a teleport or going through the main gates in monkey form, then head back to the Gnome Stronghold. #

Once you have arrived, go to the Grand Tree and talk to King Narnode. This will complete the quest, and you will be directed to Daero to start your training as a member of the 10th squad.

Monkey Madness 1 OSRS Quest Rewards

For completing the quest, the player will receive three quest points, 10,000 coins, and three diamonds. If you talk to Daero once the quest is over, you will be given the choice of having 35,000 experience in attack and defence, plus 20,000 experience in strength and hitpoints, or you can have it the other way around. If you do want to return to Ape Atoll at any point after the quest, you will need to start Daero’s training as mentioned earlier. There you have it, you have completed the Monkey Madness OSRS quest. It is a long haul, and one that is not easy to complete, with many tough foes to face along the way. But with this guide you should be well equipped to deal with the monkey antics that awaited you.

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