OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 – Cure of a Queen Quest Guide

OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest Guide
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The OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 quest continues the story of the Fairy Queen and the strange goings on in Zanaris. The Fairy Godfather has yet to leave the throne and Fairy Nuff is gone. It is up to you to restore order as this trilogy plot thickens.

In this guide, we will be looking into the following:

  • Quest requirements
  • OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 Step-by-step guide
  • Quest rewards

Firstly, there are a few requirements that we need to meet before starting, like most OSRS quests.

OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest Requirements

Firstly, you will have needed to have completed Fairy Tale Part 1 – Growing Pains to access this quest. To gain access to that previous quest, the Lost City, Nature Spirit, The Restless Ghost and Priest in Peril will all need to have been completed.

As for your skills, you will need to be at 40 Thieving, 49 Farming, and 57 Herblore. Meanwhile, the items that you need include either a Dramen or Lunar staff, a vial of water, and a Pestle and Mortar. You should also take some decent food and restoration potions with you just in case.

OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 Step-by-Step Quest Guide

Head over to Martin the Master Gardener at the Draynor Market. You will be told to return once his crops have grown, so you need to wait until your quest menu informs your that his crops have had time to grow. It should only take around 5-6 minutes to do so.

After this, speak to him once again and he will tell you that there’s still issues with the crops, and looks in your direction to place the blame. Agree to check out the situation for him then head to Zanaris.

Zanaris and the Grotto

Once you have made your way to Zanaris, go to Fairy Nuff’s grotto, which you can find to the north of the bank. A cutscene will take place, then on the ground near the shelves with the potions is Fairy Nuff’s certificate, so grab it then study it. This will show some odd fairy symbols on the back of it, so head south of the bank to speak to the Fairy Chef. You will be told that they are similar signs found near the Cosmic Altar ruins, next to where you would have fought Tanglefoot in the previous quest.

You will find the inscriptions to the south of the altar near a tree, with the symbols saying Cosmic Rune Altar. Translating the back of the certificate revealed that the Godfather attacked the fairies who fled to safety, along with co-ordinates of where to find them.

The Fairy Rings

Confront the Fairy Godfather on the Queen’s disappearance in the throne room. He will then begin to panic and plan to send out a search party to look for her. Ask him the questions that you are given as options, then agree that you will return after the Queen has been located. You will be given permission to locate her using the fairy rings, so talk to the Co-ordinator outside of the throne room to learn more.

After that, go south-west to the fountains, and speak to Fairy Fixit and a fairy ring. You can now use the fairy rings whilst you have a Dramen staff equipped. With the certificate still in your inventory, use the fairy ring four times, after which the sequences comes up as an option at the bottom of the list of teleports. Using the co-ordinates you found before, you should be able to locate the new area of the Queen. If you end up on an island with penguins, then you have either put the order in wrong, or you haven’t got the certificate with you.

Once you are in the right place, head up the path and go into the room to the north-east. Talk to Fairy Nuff and Fairy Very Wise, who will reveal that the Queen has been hurt by the Godfather as a result of the Magic Secateurs not being returned to her. Your mission is to now bring them back to her.

Go back to Zanaris, find the Fairy Godfather and pickpocket him. To do this, you will need level 40 Thieving, otherwise you will find yourself teleported outside. Doing so should give you the golden Queen’s secateurs.

Making the Magic Essence

Head back to the fairies, and speak to Fairy Nuff to hand over the Secateurs. These are used on the Queen, but do not finish the job, as you need to find a particular magic essence potion to complete her rejuvenation. To make it, you are going to need gorak claw powder and some star flowers.

Back at the fairy ring, use the code CKP to get to the cosmic plane. Simply walk around for a couple of minutes to allow the star flowers to grow. Once they are ready, pick some then add them to your vial of water. Go back to Zanaris, then take out any weapons or armour to take out the Gorak. Use the fairy ring at Zanaris and input the sequence DIR where you will be sent to a plane inhabited by Goraks. Keep killing the until you get a gorak claw and crush it using a pestle and mortar to make gorak claw powder. Mix it with the vial of water and star flower to get the magic essence.

Back to the Hideout

Return to the hideout once more and use the magic essence on the Queen, who will be revitalized. She will then vent her frustrations and plans to retrieve her throne, though she is warned by fellow fairies of the Fairy Godfather’s superior army. She will concede that the Fairy Godfather should remain the ruler for now, thus completing your quest.

OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest Rewards

For completing this quest, you will receive 2 Quest points. There is also an Antique Lamp offering 2,500 XP to your chosen skill above level 30, as well as 3,500 Herblore XP and 2,500 Thieving XP. On top of that, you now have access to the fairy rings network, as well as Fairy Fixit’s Fairy Enchantment shop.

And so the story continues with the OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2, as the plot for the throne continues to unfold. This part shouldn’t take too long to complete, though you will need to make sure you follow the requirements for both skill and items in order to progress with ease.

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