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The Throne of Miscellania OSRS Quest Guide

Throne of Miscellania OSRS Quest Guide
By | June 3rd, 2020 | Categories: OSRS Quests

The Throne of Miscellania OSRS quest is an adventure surrounding the Fremennik island, where King Vargas has had the misfortune of becoming a Yeti. Because of this, Vargas is looking to find someone who can rule his kingdom whilst he’s somewhat incapacitated. The quest itself is of experienced difficulty, and its length is classed as medium.

In this guide, we will outline the following:

  • Quest, Skill and Item Requirements
  • The Quest Guide
  • Quest Rewards

So before we get started on the quest guide, let’s take a look at what requirements you’ll need to meet before we can begin.

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Quest Requirements – Throne of Miscellania OSRS

There are a number of quest requirements that you must meet before starting the Throne of Miscellania. You will need to have completed the following quests: Heroes’ Quest, Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin’s Crystal, Dragon Slayer, and the Fremennik Trials.

Skill Requirements

For skills, you will need at least one or more of these skill levels: 45 Woodcutting, 10 Farming, 30 Mining, and 35 Fishing.

Item Requirements

As for your items, you are going to need to take an Iron Bar, Logs, and certain items depending on where your levels are at. If you are at 30 Mining, then you’ll need to take a Pickaxe. At 10 Farming and 35 Herblore you’ll need a rake, or an Axe if you are at 45 Woodcutting. If you are at 35 Fishing, then you’ll need either a Harpoon or a Lobster Pot. There are a couple of items that you must be willing to lose too, including Flowers and a non-silver Ring, though the former you can purchase in Miscellania. Finally, there are items you will need depending on what gender you have chosen, with females needing a Cake, and males needing any kind of Bow.

There are some items that are not required but I would strongly recommend you take with you. These include Weight-Reducing Clothing, a Lunar Staff, and Fremennik Sea Boots 2.

Quest Guide – Throne of Miscellania OSRS

To begin the quest, you will need to take the longboat from Rellekka to Miscellania. You are going to need the Flowers shortly, so if you don’t have any already, you can head to the Flower Girl once you arrive at the castle in Miscellania. You can find her in the courtyard if you do need to purchase them.

Head into the castle and go upstairs. To the southwest you will find King Vargas, where you can begin the quest by speaking to him. Vargas will give you the opportunity to rule over the kingdom if you agree to marry either his son or daughter, build bridges with Etceteria, and win over the population.

Marrying Princess Astrid

If you have chosen a male character, then head north of the throne room to speak with Princess Astrid in her room. She will offer you the chance to impress her, which is where the Flowers come in. Also, be sure to agree to everything that she is saying. Once you’ve handed her the Flowers, show off your moves by using the Dance emote.

Keep speaking to her and respond positively, until there are no more options to do so, after which you can use the Bow on her. Continue to speak to her until she calls you “Dear”, to which you will respond with “Darling”. Use the Blow Kiss emote on the princess, then hand her the Ring. She will then agree to marry you, though there will need to be a priest present first. Either way, you can let the King know that the princess has agreed to marry you.

Marrying Prince Brand

If you have chosen a female character, then you will want to head south of the throne room to Prince Brand’s room. As the princess does for the male character, Prince Brand will give you a chance to impress, after you tell him of your intent to rule over the kingdom.

It is a similar premise regardless of what gender you choose. With Prince Brand you will need to give the most favourable answers, until he asks you if you would like to hear him recite his poem. Tell him you’d love to hear it, after which you should choose the “Be still, my heart” option and use either the Clap or Cheer emote. After he thanks you, hand over the Flowers.

He will then ask if you want to hear his saga once you have continued giving the most positive responses. Continue to do so, then give him the Cake. Once he refers to you as “my darling”, use the Blow Kiss emote on the Prince. After this, hand him the Ring and tell him its for him. He will then agree to marry you if you ask him, though you will be informed you’ll need to find a priest first. Either way, head to the King to tell him the good news.

Peace with Etceteria

Head over to the King, and you will notice Advisor Ghrim nearby. He will inform you that you will need to speak with Queen Sigrid to restore peace with Etceteria. To do this, head to the east and cross the bridge. You will now be in Etceteria, and you will need to head over to the east where you will find a large building, where you can find the Queen in the central room upstairs.

There is going to be a bit of back and forth work to do here. Tell the Queen that you have been sent by King Vargas to make peace and form a treaty, which she will agree to if the King will recognise Etceteria as a sovereign nation. Head back to the King and give him the news, and he will agree to do so as long as the Queen agrees to change the national anthem. Head back to the Queen, who will reluctantly agree to change the anthem, though she tasks you in writing a new one.

To do this, head back to Prince Brand in Miscellania, who will agree to write a new, albeit awful, anthem for you. Once you receive the awful anthem, head to Advisor Ghrim again, who will make a few changes to make it into a good anthem. Take it to Queen Sigrid, who will exchange it for the signed treaty. Head back to the King, who is willing to sign, but is going to need a special pen for his signature.

To find this pen, go to the northern shore in Miscellania and speak to Derrik. Hand him your Iron Bar for him to make you a Giant Nib. By using this on your Logs, you can then create a Giant Pen. Take the newly formed pen to King Vargas, who will sign the treaty.

Gain the Support of Miscellania

Your final task is to gather the support of the people of Miscellania. To do this, you will be required to get at least 75% support. As long as you haven’t killed any of the villagers or stolen from them, then you will start off with 25% support. You will gain 0.33% support for each action you perform, and you can check your progress with Advisor Ghrim if you want to know what your current approval rating is.

There are a number of ways for you to gain support. You can use the Rake on the herbs and flax located around the walls of the palace. You could also head north to mine coal, chop down maple trees in Miscellania’s centre, or fish for lobsters, swordfish or tuna by the docks. Once you have done these tasks to reach 75%, speak to King Vargas to complete the quest.

Throne of Miscellania OSRS Quest Rewards

For completing the Throne of Miscellania OSRS quest, you will receive 1 Quest Point. There is also the Management of Miscellania, which is a task where your subjects will gather resources. There’s 10,000 coins inside the Miscellania coffers too, plus you’ll be able to use the Ring of Wealth to teleport to Miscellania.

And that’s it, you have completed the Throne of Miscellania OSRS quest. Enjoy!

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