Lunar Diplomacy OSRS Quest Guide

Lunar Diplomacy OSRS
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The Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest is one that sees players getting involved in the rivalry between the Fremennik and the Moon Clan. By completing this quest you will receive a number of rewards, including gaining access to the Lunar Isle, as well as a new spellbook.

In this guide, you will find the following:

  • Skill/Item Requirements
  • Quest Guide
  • Quest Rewards

There are several items that you will need going into this adventure, so let’s take a look at what you will need to get started.

Lunar Diplomacy OSRS Quest Requirements

Skill Requirements

As far as skills are concerned, you will need to be at these levels: 61 Crafting, 40 Defence, 49 Firemaking, 5 Herblore, 65 Magic, 60 Mining and 55 Woodcutting. You will also need to be capable of killing several monsters that are at level 111. Access to Earth, Water, Air and Fire alters are also required.

Quest Requirements

A number of OSRS quests require you to have completed other quests previously. Lunar Diplomacy is no different to this rule and you will have to have completed The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion and Druidic Ritual before advancing.

Item Requirements

As for items, there are several that you are going to need to take with you. Firstly, you are going to need a Tinderbox, around 1,000 coins, a Guam Leaf, a Marrentill, a Pestle and Mortar, and a Hammer. There are a few items that you can gain during the quest that you also require, such as two Spools of Thread, a Needle, an Axe, a Pickaxe, a Spade and Swamp Tar. You are going to need Air, Water, Earth and Fire talismans too, unless you have access to the Abyss. Finally, you will have to take a Dramen Staff and Combat Equipment.

There are items that you don’t necessarily need but you should consider taking with you also. This includes a form of teleportation to Rimmington, as well as a way to get back to Rellekka. You will need the Runes for the boss fight, and you can bypass travelling to Rimmington with an Emerald Lantern.

Lunar Diplomacy OSRS – Going to Moonclan Island

Starting Lunar Diplomacy OSRS

Starting off, you will need to take your Tinderbox to Rellekka and speak to Lokar Searunner at the western dock. Here you will learn all about the Moon Clan, which is the catalyst for the narrative for this quest. In the Longhall, you will want to gain the Seal of Passage by talking to Brundt the Chieftain. Its important that you have this on you at all times during the quest, otherwise you will be sent back to Rellekka. Head back to Lokar Searunner to begin sailing to Pirates’ Cove.

The Jinx on the Ship

You will find a naval vessel here called the Lady Zay, which you can get onto by heading to the top dock. Be aware that you will come across pirates and moss giants here to do battle with. Once you have dealt with them, speak to Captain Bentley. You will then begin sailing around in circles, so speak to ‘Birds-Eye’ Jack down on the lower deck. You will have to do a bit of back and forth here, so head back to Captain Bentley who will say that the navigator is at fault. Head back to Jack who will say that there has been a jinx put on the ship. Head back to the Captain once more who will then suggest you talk to other members of the ship.

One the same deck, speak to ‘Eagle-Eye’ Schultz who will give you more information on the jinxes. After that, head up one deck to talk to the Cabin Boy, then head to the bottom deck to find ‘Beefy’ Burns. Head back to where the Cabin Boy was to talk to ‘Lecherous’ Lee, then back to the Captain’s deck to find First Mate ‘Davey-Boy’. Finally, talk to the Cabin Boy once again, who will fess up about where the jinxes came from, having placed them himself.

Wiping the Five Symbols

If you have followed the requirements steps, then you will want to use a Tinderbox to light your Emerald Lantern. You can find Swamp Tar on the ship too, just past the ladder on the bottom deck. You will then need to wipe away the five symbols, the first of which is found on the cannon to the east of the Cabin Boy. On the Captain’s deck, you will find the second symbol on a wallchart to the northwest, where you will need to use your lantern. Head down to the bottom deck again and you will find the next symbol near the stairs. From here, the fourth symbol is on a crate on the same deck near the cook. The final symbol is also here, which you will find on a support column.

Lunar Diplomacy OSRS – Preparing for The Dream World

Once you have found all of the symbols and spoken to the Captain, you can finally set sail for Moonclan Island. Firstly, you will want to head to the southwest area of the island, where you will find Meteora, who will tell you to head to the Oneiromancer for help. There is also a general store and bank to get any items that you will need.

The Waking Sleep Potion

The Oneiromancer can be found by the Astral Altar, and you will be told to collect a number of items in order. Firstly, you are going to want to find the Waking Sleep Potion. For this part of the quest, you will need Marrentill, a Suqah Tooth, a Guam Leaf, as well as Pestile and Mortar. Find the chicken house in the village where you can talk to Baba Yaga. You will receive a bottle for a potion and given the list of items found above.

To start with, you will need to fill the vial with water, then head back to the south-east to kill a Suqah to gain the Suqah Tooth, and take their hides as you will need them further into the quest. You can now combine the items in the vial, and you can add the Suqah Tooth by using the Pestle and Mortal to make a Ground Tooth to add to the vial. To start the search for the next item, you will need to take the potion to the Oneiromancer, which will then see you searching for a Lunar Staff.

Obtaining the Lunar Staff

To get this, you will need your Dramen Staff and the four elemental talismans, or tiaras if you have them. Take the staff to the four elemental altars and use it on Air, Fire, Water and Earth in that order. Once you have done this, you have the Lunar Staff, which you can’t wield until you have the Ceremonial Clothes, which is the next item you will be hunting down. Take the staff to the Oneiromancer to begin the next part of the quest.

Getting the Ceremonial Clothes

The Helm

To get the Ceremonial Clothes, there are eight different items you will need. Starting with the Helm, you need to travel to the dungeon to the north-east part of the island, and you will need to take your Pickaxe and Hammer with you. You can get Lunar Ore here by mining Stalagmite, before heading back to the furnace and anvil back in Rellekka. If you have the Seal of Passage, then you can destroy it to get back to Rellekka. Be sure to speak to Brundt to get another seal after you have done so.

The Cape and Amulet

Next, you will need a Cape, which you can get from Pauline Polaris to the north-west side of the village. You will be required to guess her name, for which your first guess will be Pauline. You will then be given a clue, and you will need to choose Jane Blud-Hagic-Maid. After this, go back to Meteora. She is willing to trade you her Amulet for a Tiara she lost to a Suqah. Find the Suqah who will eventually drop the Tiara, and gather four hides whilst you are doing so. You can then swap the Tiara for the required Amulet.

The Torso, Gloves, Legs, and Boots

If you have followed the item guidelines, then the next four clothing items should be fairly straightforward to get. The Torso, Gloves, Legs and Boots can be acquired by speaking to Rimae Sirsalis in the clothes shop. With your gathered hides, you can have them tanned for 400 coins. Ask her to do so, and use your Needle and Thread with the Suqah Leather to create the four items.

The Ring

The final item you need can be found at the center of the village, where you will be given a riddle by Selene. After this, take your Spade to the bottom of the village and go to the left where you will find a bridge. There are blue flowers found here, so dig on them to find the ring. Once you’ve found it, take all the items back to the Oneiromancer to get your items back. Keep in mind you will need to have 11 slots free to get them all back, plus the additional Kindling that you will receive.

Entering the Dream World

Head back to the village and go to the bank. Take the Runes that you will need, as well as your Tinderbox, an Axe and some Food. Equip all of the Lunar items head to the building in the west. You will notice a staircase inside as well as a ceremonial brazier. Now, you are about to enter the Dream World, so make sure you have the items that you will require to face the boss. You can use a Waking Sleep Vial on your Kindling that you just received, then light the brazier using your Tinderbox, and finally the Kindling on the brazier to start the next part of the quest.

Lunar Diplomacy OSRS – The Dream World

Once you have entered the Dream World, head to the middle and speak to either the Ethereal Man or Ethereal Lady, where you will be informed that you need to solve six puzzles. Each of these puzzles are found in portals in the area, and you will need to speak to either of the two characters in the center once you have completed each.

Puzzle One – Ethereal Fluke

The first game, found in the south-west, is a dice game known as Ethereal Fluke. You will find that the dice only have two different combinations, with the centre dice being 1 or 6, the eastern dice at 4 or 3, and the west dice at 5 or 2. Your goal is to get the dice to add up to the numbers given to you by the dream guide. After you’ve completed the task, head back to the Ethereal Man or Lady to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle Two – Ethereal Numerator

Next, head on over to the south-east platform for the Ethereal Numerator challenge. Here you are required to press floating numbers in the correct order. You need to press the number that is missing from the sequence, so you could see the numbers 1,4,2,5 which would leave the number 3, and then the number 6.

Puzzle Three – Ethereal Perceptive

To the northeast, you will find a Woodcutting game. To beat the Ethereal Perceptive, you will need to chop more wood than them. The first to get 20 logs in the Deposit Log Pile will be declared the winner. If you are struggling with the inventory space, simply chop a few logs and deposit them before continuing to cut.

Puzzle Four – Ethereal Guide Memory Test

Over in the north-west side, there is a challenge from the Ethereal Guide with a memory test. You will need to hop between the platforms in order to complete the challenge, and avoid any fake platforms where possible.

Puzzle Five – Hurdle Race

The eastern yellow platform offers a straightforward agility test, which should be simple enough especially if you have an Agility Potion to hand. Simply leap over four hurdles to win the race, though it might be worth taking food with you too, as failing a hurdle does cause damage.

Puzzle Six – Copying the Ethereal Mimic

The final challenge involves copying the Ethereal Mimic. All you have to do is copy the emotes that the mimic does in order to complete the challenge. After you perform each emote, the mimic will either nod to indicate you are correct, or shake to tell you that you’ve got it wrong.

The Final Boss

After you have overcome the challenges, head back to the center to speak to the guide. Here, you will be asked if you are ready to face the ultimate challenge, which will be “Me.” This is a level 79 enemy, who will be geared to the stats that you have. Aside from being transported around different parts of the arena, the battle is pretty simple to finish.

After defeating “Me” speak to the guide once more then head out of the Dream World. Speak to the Oneiromancer to finally finish the quest.

Lunar Diplomacy OSRS Quest Rewards

For completing the quest, you will receive a number of rewards. Two Quest Points will be awarded to you, as well as 5,000 Magic and Runecrafting experience, plus a Seal of Passage and 50 Astral Runes. For finishing Lunar Diplomacy you will also gain access to Lunar Isle and the Lunar Equipment, and the Lunar Spellbook. Access to Astral Altar is also rewarded to you.

Well done, you have managed to complete the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest!

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