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Get Value for Your Game Now: The Account Value Calculator

Get value for your game now
By | May 13th, 2020 | Categories: Make Money Playing Video Games

One of the hardest parts of selling an in-game account would be determining the right price for it to make sure you get good value for your game time. That’s just how it is when you’re trying to put a price tag on something you spent time and energy on. Thankfully, there is a way to calculate account value before selling: the handy account value calculator.

What is the Account Value Calculator?

From the name alone, it’s pretty obvious what an account value calculator does. To use it, you simply input the certain values of the traits found on your account on the calculator and it will give you a recommended price. Because each online game varies in content, features, and mechanics, there’s no such thing as a universal account value calculator. Instead, there is an account value calculator for various games. There’s one for Old School Runescape, World of Warcraft, and loads more. There’s even one for Fortnite–and no, it won’t be wasted on Fortnite.

However, despite the differences these games have with one another, those that share the same genre will have a common thread. Thus, calculators of accounts under the same genre will ask for similar traits. For example, both Old School Runescape and Final Fantasy XIV calculators ask for level and amount of in-game currency. This doesn’t mean you can use them interchangeably–we’re simply explaining how account value calculators for two very different games can have similarities.

How do they calculate account value before selling?

Account value calculators use previous data of sellers’ prices on the site to come up with their computations. That means if the account price that you came up with differs greatly from the account value calculator’s, it means that you’re selling either higher or lower than the average. Mostly, for obvious reasons, it’s the former.

Not all sites have such a tool to help players calculate account value before selling: only those with better service and more customers do. Of course, PlayerAuctions is one of them!

What are the limitations of an Account Value Calculator?

Without a doubt, account value calculators are helpful. But like every helpful tool, it has its limits. One, because it relies on previous sellers’ pricing data, it cannot reflect very quick changes to the game value now. For example, if there’s a sudden rise or drop in gold prices, it will only be factored in once account sellers start adjusting their prices according to it. Even then, it will take some time before it’s reflected.

Another is that you’ll have to add to the calculators’ sum the price of the rare items found in the account. This is because account value calculators don’t compute for the individual value of rare items. This means you have to add the price of the rare items directly to the result the account value calculator will arrive at.

If you don’t know how much the rare items are worth, you can always check the offers on the same items. On the other hand, if the items in question are either recent additions, or are ones that have little to no deals on the site, you should first find out its price in in-game currency, and then it will adjust accordingly.

Last but definitely not least, the account value calculator only gives out an approximation, despite how seemingly precise as it seems. But to be fair, due to the unofficial nature of third-party online game trading, all pricings are approximations when you think about it. Better is an approximation that is the result of previous data than one out of pure guesswork!


When all is said and done, account value calculators are simply more convenient. You’ll still be doing the same thing if choose not to use it, so you might as well ensure you’re now getting good game value.

Thanks to the account value calculator, you’ll be spending much less time doing math trying to calculate account value before selling. That means you end up with more time for making money and gaming. Thus, we recommend that you use it often and use it well!

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