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The Gold Standard: Best Sites to Buy OSRS Gold Safe

Best place to buy OSRS gold safe
By | May 5th, 2020 | Categories: Make Money Playing Video Games

Let’s cut to the chase–after all, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t interested in buying OSRS gold. There’s more to buying OSRS gold than just finding any source. In fact, buying OSRS gold safe is just as important as to buying gold cheap. For that, here’s our guide on the best places to buy safe OSRS gold from.

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Why not eBay?

Because of the great reach and reliability Amazon offers, eBay is no longer the place to be when it comes to online shopping. It’s also not the place to be if you’re looking to buy OSRS gold safe. Nevertheless, gold can be bought on eBay. You won’t be able to do that in Bezos’s billion-dollar brand-turned-infrastructure due to its many rigid rules, and that’s why you go to eBay.

In eBay, save for the site itself, you practically cut the middleman. While it may sound like a good thing, it’s not always the case. Sure, you get to avoid having to sign up in sites you don’t and can’t trust, but at the same time, you get no safeguards, since eBay doesn’t intervene with its users’ transactions.    

Plus, there aren’t a lot of OSRS gold sellers over there in the first place. With little to no competition, they don’t feel compelled to have competitive prices or delivery times.

Forums: Not the best place to buy OSRS gold

If you want to buy OSRS gold without signing up to third-party sites, you can always go to forums. Yes, there are forums, or rather, sub-forums that are dedicated to this particular endeavor. Unlike eBay, there is some level of protection here, as moderators know and care for this stuff.

However, we should point out that forums aren’t scam-proof. Then again, no site is. However, it can’t be denied that some are riskier than others. Unfortunately, forums fall under the riskier side.

OSRS Gold Selling Sites

Perhaps, rather than going through some scrolling and haggling, you’d rather buy OSRS gold safe and real quick. Good thing there are lots of sites that let you do exactly that. However, not all of them work the same way. Even those that have similar methods of selling OSRS gold have differences among themselves—most likely because of their respective strategies to be the best place to buy OSRS Gold.

First would be gold seller websites. Perhaps the most common kind of OSRS gold seller sites, they buy gold from farmers and then sell it to buyers at a price that they decide upon. There are lots of sites like these, with MmoGah and RSGoldMine among the more popular ones.

The good thing about these sites is that you won’t have to worry about individual scammers on the site. However, if the site itself is into shady stuff, then the only escape is to go to another. Plus, with this setup, you’ll have to go to another site if you’re unhappy with the prices, rather than just looking for another seller within the same site.

Should you buy OSRS Gold from Gold Selling Marketplaces?

Of course! These are digital marketplaces where players buy and sell from one another all sorts of online gaming assets across a wide variety of games. This, of course, includes OSRS gold.

What sets these marketplaces apart from the others is the fact that they facilitate the exchange of money and ensure that the buyer receives what he or she paid for. For example, at PlayerAuctions, if a seller hasn’t delivered the OSRS gold yet, then the marketplace won’t give him or her the money yet. This way, scamming is prevented.

El Dorado, G2G, and yours truly, PlayerAuctions, all fall in this category. Now you can call it whatever you want but it’s simply honest, objective self-rating to say that we are one of those that are considered the best place to safely buy OSRS gold!

However, we won’t take it against you if you do think that way, so we encourage you to check our services out for yourself. Heck, even El Dorado has an article where they mention us as one of the best places to buy OSRS gold. We’re obviously not number one in their book, but when an up-and-coming competitor praises you in some way, it means something!

We have all sorts of systems in place to ensure that transactions are secure, and both buyers and sellers get what they deserve. That’s why we’re one of the oldest marketplaces that continue to run to this day.

The Top OSRS Gold Selling Sites

As there has been quite a proliferation of OSRS gold selling sites, the question that begs an answer is this: which site is truly the best place to buy OSRS gold? You don’t have to fret because we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of these sites.

Here are our top 4 picks:

1 – PlayerAuctions

At the top of our list is PlayerAuctions. Connecting buyers and sellers since 1999, we’re are the clear cut forerunners. Our wealth of experience and top-notch security are huge selling points. You can always count on us for top-tier game accounts, boosting services, and safe OSRS gold, along with a wealth of other currencies for a wide range of games.

2 – RSGoldmine

This site is definitely among the favorites of OSRS fans. With their loyalty program, you can get a chance to win

3 – El Dorado

Much like the fabled city of gold, this site is a treasure trove for OSRS gold. With decent prices on their gold, this isn’t a bad place to go on the search for OSRS gp.

4 – MmoGah

Offering service for a variety of titles aside from OSRS, MmoGah is a vetted platform for secure suppliers. This ensures the safety of elite gamers looking to buy and sell in-game resources.


There are many roads to OSRS riches, and many sites offering similar services. The one who stands out to us is PlayerAuctions due to fast delivery times, great prices, and top security. However, only you can decide which the best path to finding the best place to buy OSRS gold is. Hopefully, you choose the best–and we hope that for you, that it’s PlayerAuctions.

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