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Tears of Guthix OSRS Quest Guide

Tears of Guthix OSRS Quest
By | May 6th, 2020 | Categories: OSRS Quests

The Tears of Guthix OSRS quest sees players heading out on a journey that starts in Lumbridge Swamp. Players are tasked with helping a follower of Guthix known as Juna, where they must restore a cavern. The dungeons found here are flooded with tears, as a result of the God Wars’ destruction.

The tears are shed by Guthix, courtesy of Saradomin and Zamorak’s wars. Guthix’s tears are believed to have special powers which will help you to gain further knowledge of what has transpired. The cave you will be travelling to is guarded by a serpent known as Juna who we mentioned earlier. But Juna has become weary of guarding the passage for the past 3,000 years. She now wishes to hear stories of the world above.

The following guide will show you:

  • What skills and items are required
  • The two options on how to start the quest
  • What rewards you will receive

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Tears of Guthix OSRS Quest Requirements

This may be a very short quest, but there are some items and skill levels that you will need to get before doing so. Firstly, you will need to have 43 Quest Points before you are allowed to start Tears of Guthix in OSRS.

Skill Requirements

For skills, you are required to have 49 Firemaking, 20 Crafting and 20 Mining. Make sure you have these before attempting Tears of Guthix!

Item Requirements

As for items, there are five things that you will need to take with you. First, you will need a Lit Sapphire Lantern, which you can acquire by using a Cut Sapphire on a Bullseye Lantern. You will also need a Chisel, Tinderbox, Pickaxe, and a Rope. Keep in mind that you will only need the Rope if you haven’t entered the Lumbridge Swamp Caves before.

Starting the Tears of Guthix Quest

There is a way to access the caves via the Lumbridge Castle cellar, if you have progressed to a certain point in The Lost Tribe. However, if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, then you should take a Spiny or Slayer Helmet with you so you don’t take any damage from Wall Beasts. This isn’t mandatory, but its something that I would recommend before attempting the quest.

There are two different ways for you to begin the Tears of Guthix quest. If you have yet to complete The Lost Tribe quest, then continue reading for Option 1. If you have managed to finish The Lost Tribe, then skip over to Option 2.

Option 1 – Lumbridge Swamp

So if you haven’t completed The Lost Tribe, head to Juna through the Lumbridge Swamp. This is where you will need the Bullseye Lantern, which, given that it cannot be extinguished or broken, is going to come in very handy. Once you have this lantern, you should then use a Cut Sapphire on it to create a Sapphire Lantern in order to light up the caves.

To gain access to the cave via the swamp, you will want to head south until you come across a small river that you can jump over. Be wary on this route as there is a grey X on a wall around here, which is a room with swamp gas that will cause damage if you stay around there for too long. Keep heading south, then east until you find a slope. Head down and you will eventually come across Juna. Talk to her to start the quest.

Option 2 – Lumbridge Castle

 If you have managed to start The Lost Tribe quest, then there is another path you can take to this quest. This time, you can just head to the basement of Lumbridge Castle and climb through the hole in the wall. From there, head south and climb through another hole in the wall. This will lead you to the cave, though you will need to use your Pickaxe to clear the way first.

Head south from here and jump across the river. You will then want to enter the tunnel and head east, then speak to Juna at the bottom of the slope.

Tears of Guthix OSRS – Step by Step Guide

Meeting Juna

Whichever path you take to get to Juna, she will tell you tales of the Tears within the location. She’ll also mention that she has become tired of having to guard over the cave for such a long time. She will want you to tell her a story too, and will allow you entry to collect the tears providing you find a Stone Bowl for them beforehand

Finding a Stone Bowl

From Juna’s location, travel north-west and climb the rocks. Here you will find a dark area with Light Creatures. Take out your Sapphire Lantern and use it on them to be transported to the south side that would have been inaccessible earlier. Equip your Pickaxe to grab yourself a Magic Stone. Once you have done so, use your Chisel to turn it into a Bowl. Keep in mind to make the Stone Bowl, you will need to have told Juna a story earlier, otherwise you will be unable to progress.

Returning the Stone Bowl to Juna

One you have the Bowl, head back to the east and give the bowl to Juna. Once you have done so, your quest will be completed, and its time to reap the rewards.


For completing the Tears of Guthix quest, you will be granted 1 Quest point, and 1,000 Crafting experience. Perhaps more importantly, you will be able to gain access to the Tears of Guthix cave, where you can take part in the Tears of Guthix minigame once a week.

The Tears of Guthix Minigame

The Tears of Guthix minigame can get you additional rewards of experience in your lowest trained skill each time you take part. The amount of experence that you will gain increases per tear as you continue to level up. The minigame is definitely worth checking out for the experience alone, which makes the Tears of Guthix quest worthwhile in itself.

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Before starting this quest, be sure that you have the correct equipment that is required. Though the helmets aren’t a necessity, they are worth taking to avoid any potential damage. With that said, you are now equipped with the knowledge to head to Juna and complete the Tears of Guthix quest in OSRS!

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